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real reason astralis is ass.
African Union Hated_by_the_baited 
they dont have a good support player rn, if they got someone like roeJ they could do some damage
2020-06-07 09:12
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Who tf is roej?
2020-06-07 09:17
Brunei Not_StriK 
2020-06-07 09:18
MAD lion's support
2020-06-07 09:18
I don't think Astralis need any new player...just give em xyp9x and gla1ve they'll be back on track
2020-06-07 09:19
yes but they are on a break
2020-06-07 09:20
and thats why Astralis will not play next tournaments until at least eas3tag enjoy in squad
2020-06-07 09:24
my penis cockkk ahh
2020-06-07 09:25
2020-06-07 09:45
Indonesia rezrex 
2020-06-07 09:18
Brunei Not_StriK 
2020-06-07 09:18
Indonesia rezrex 
WTF it shows s1mple
2020-06-07 09:20
Lmao XD
2020-06-07 09:21
its his ID, you can change the name as it is a variable
2020-06-07 09:23
2020-06-07 09:19
Sweden Lagge15 
Actually decent take on it. But Snappi should be able to do that. He had a similar role about a year ago. I think it is more or less just timings being off. Take Dupreeh who can pop off some times now but also disappear other maps. That barely ever happened in the "real" lineup. Because he had his back covered. He knew where the enemy would come from and therefore only focus on that clash point. With new players and some structural changes he now misses where some people could come from and therefor get taken out without any impact, or his focus is on more clash points which means he got less probability to hit the timings
2020-06-07 09:44
Nt roej
2020-06-07 09:52
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