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Disband a team
Netherlands Armipotent 
Disband a team and fix other teams using the players! Rules: Only disband one team Max of 3 players of the disbanded team to a new team Try to keep language barriers in mind Feel free to destroy any good team. Mine: Mousesports disband, ChrisJ -> FWRD (chilling with the Dutch guys, -Anyone) Karrigan -> North (-MSL / -Kristou) Ropz -> Complexity (-Rush) W0xic -> Liquid (-Nitr0, new AWP) Frozenn -> Complexity (-K0nfig) Rejin -> Astralis (help Zonic)
2020-06-10 14:32
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Virtus.Pro Oh wait...
2020-06-10 14:33
2020-06-10 14:33
Turkey Mad_King
2020-06-10 14:47
Brazil Lostty
2020-06-10 15:32
what happened ? did they disband ?
2020-06-10 15:38
No , if it's still 2015...
2020-06-10 17:04
2020-06-10 17:27
Germany Enlay
2020-06-10 17:04
2020-06-10 17:35
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
MIBR Just wanna disband 'em
2020-06-10 14:33
Fallen -> Faze (-Broky, IGL)
2020-06-10 14:37
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
If broky leav i kry
2020-06-10 14:38
keev | 
Germany _PH1L
2020-06-10 14:38
No. Fallen sucks in any team right now. Awful idea
2020-06-10 14:40
Maybe you're right, but it will still probably be better than Niko IGL'ing
2020-06-10 14:44
It isn't about calling, Fallen's way of thinking leaves no room for other opinions. Why do you think they've changed fifths like ten times? He thinks the issues can be solve by re-adding fifths, not by hitting the core, the only reason he's still on the team
2020-06-10 14:45
I know you don't understand portuguese so it makes things harder for you. But if you watch dead's interviews you will see that he is probably the one behind those decisions. He is the most arrogant guy, he states that he is probably the best coach in the world along with astralis' and lots of pretty dumb bullshit. If you watch how Fallen has been playing lately you wouldn't be saying that too, watch his clutch against EG in their last match
2020-06-10 15:54
Israel mistakess
2020-06-10 14:35
astralis magisk north / -kristou device model jugi anime character snappi pornstar dupreeh mcdonalds xyp9x math teacher gla1ve youtuber es3tag stripper
2020-06-10 14:43
2020-06-10 14:41
Estonia paul_chris
zonic - Mad Lions or Man vs Wild
2020-06-10 15:00
kNgV- | 
Brazil sAA_
2020-06-11 03:25
xD kent 3arf jaya men maroccer oula Algerien Hhhhhhhh
2020-06-10 15:30
Iran oldHabit
2020-06-10 15:41
NIP Nawwk- fnatic (-jw) Rez- dignitas (-Friberg) Lekr0- dignitas (-xizt) Plopski- faze (-Bymas) Hampus- idc really Twist- retire pls
2020-06-10 14:41
Really interesting options, didn't think of FaZe Plopski
2020-06-10 14:42
if you want to fix dig you have to kick gtr
2020-06-10 14:54
Feel like gtr needs to adapt his game into a flusha type player. He’s still got a bit to give. Just not in dignitas he can’t carry bot xizt and bot friberg
2020-06-10 15:24
Xist is too much of an experienced IGL to be replaced by Lekr0 who was having trouble juggling playing and being IGL. Plopski is a good shout for Faze though
2020-06-10 17:23
Heretics B1GGY -> Vac banned - retire Lucky -> Vitality -apEX Maka -> TL -nitr0 Nivera -> TL -stewie2k xms -> Retire kioshima -> Retire/-Twistzz
2020-06-10 14:42
You really want to turn Team Liquid into Team Wine, yeah?
2020-06-10 14:44
I like the org,but NA cs is just bad, keep NAF and Elige( maybe twistzz) and you have a good EU team
2020-06-10 14:47
B1GGY isn't VAC Banned, he is banned for matchfixing
2020-06-10 17:03
Yeah he is VAC banned because he matchfixed (he wasnt coaching at road to rio)
2020-06-10 17:05
VAC means Valve Anti-Cheat
2020-06-10 17:10
IBP guys have vac bans too and they matchfixed
2020-06-10 17:11
No #57
2020-06-10 17:19
Europe sickomatt
Evil Geniuses -all, hope they will never get salary xD
2020-06-10 14:44
hmm just -Tarik -Stan is more than enough. mfs should retire
2020-06-10 14:46
fnx | 
Brazil Moglao
Bring back Daps and Fugly, pls
2020-06-12 03:43
Finland Siika
ence, allu go retire noob papa too old sunny go drugdealer ugly face sergej go tier1 team aerial go school noob kid xseven go havu jamppi go tier1 team
2020-06-10 14:46
No one sign jamppi due to vac, maybe as a 6th player but not in main roster
2020-06-10 14:51
Finland Siika
did i say they will sign him in main roster? no i didnt so stfu idiot
2020-06-10 16:58
jamppi go tier1 team noone create 6th man roster with cheater 3iq finland
2020-06-10 17:39
Finland Siika
regards espiranto fan XD
2020-06-11 03:19
lulnce fan
2020-06-11 13:33
Finland Siika
regards espiranto fan XD
2020-06-12 03:13
I don't even know who xseveN could replace in Havu maybe sixth player ?
2020-06-10 17:15
Finland Cucumber))
HAVU is not even that big of an org i don't think having a 6th player would be worth it xseveN is pretty much stuck as a 6th player in ENCE forever unless he goes to like SJ or KOVA :D
2020-06-10 17:17
Brazil sakaaa
Why ropz and frozen to complexity? Don't you thing they (the players) are a bit too much? I mean, coL has potential as it is, yes, but ropz and frozen deserves a true T1 contestant team (G2, Faze, Vitality, Furia).
2020-06-10 14:51
I'd agree, but I see Complexity more as a Mousesports style team. The current top10 all are either set in stone, or only need one player swapped or need slots that neither Frozen or Ropz can fill. Complexity could honestly be a top10 contender if they fixed their biggest issues, and BlameF is known for a looser style individuals can shine in (literally giving Ropz a minute to lurk would make the team top10, the guy's nuts)
2020-06-10 14:53
Brazil sakaaa
yeah, you make a good point
2020-06-10 15:25
Mibr Fallen -> Faze ( - Bymas) Taco -> Liquid ( - Stewie) Fer -> EG ( - Tarik?) Trk -> Sharks ( - Suplex) Kng -> Boom ( - Shz) " Kng and Trk can't speak english very well, so I sent them to brazilian teams" Feel free to change something
2020-06-10 14:52
no, yes maybe yes yes
2020-06-10 14:55
Brazil Lostty
tbh Fallen -> FaZe, its a very interesting opinion, not as an IGL, he is playing a lot and I think letting him play free without the IGL function would give FaZe a lot of firepower. I would have put him in Olof's place, Bymas rightnow (Its just my opinion)
2020-06-10 15:38
We don't want Taco, go somewhere else please
2020-06-10 17:28
Envy MICHU, Calyx, Nifty-> Cloud9 (-JT,-motm,-Sonic) Moose-> Complexity (-RUSH) Ryann-> Valorant tier10000 team
2020-06-10 14:54
I'd keep Sonic, honestly. Moose would be a downgrade compared to Rush Ryann probably would
2020-06-10 14:55
Yeah maybe, but Nifty can play as an Igl and if -JT they will be leftt with no igl
2020-06-10 14:58
United Kingdom StonkBonk
EG Stan -> C9 for JT Tarik -> CoL for Rush Brehze -> Faze for Bymas CeRq -> TL for Nitr0 Ethan -> Mouz for ChrisJ
2020-06-10 14:59
Turkey Xympo
Space Soldiers :/ Xantares --> BIG Clan Calyx --> EnvyUS ngiN-->SANGAL paz-->SANGAL MAJ3R-->SANGAL
2020-06-10 14:59
Lithuania SeNSeO
Nice ptediction, are you from the past?
2020-06-10 17:23
2020-06-10 18:56
Turkey Xympo
2020-06-10 19:02
vp qikert to navi -boombla yekindar to navi -perfecto Jame to navi -flamie Ez top 1 without ruski trash buster to syman -that new guy they signed sanji to any cis team or to a construction site somewhere in russia
2020-06-10 15:44
-bymas +ropz would be better for ropz
2020-06-10 15:46
MIBR FalleN (FURIA -Vini) trk (BOOM -chelo) TACP (BOOM -shz) fer (FURIA -HEN1) kNgV- (BOOM -yel) FINAL LINEUPS -------------- (FURIA) FalleN (IGL) Fer KSCERATO arT yuurih (BOOM) (wish it could be another org, I hate their brand identity) boltz felps trk kNgV- (IGL) TACO
2020-06-10 16:09
daps | 
Canada JC_123
then imagine if Vini, chelo, shz, HEN1, and yel are the team that dominates everyone
2020-06-10 17:23
lol there is still fnx, LUCAS1 and maybe dumal who could do well in a team too, and don't forget about meyern
2020-06-11 03:17
Brazil AWFenrir
I don't think Fallen can be better than Hen1 in Furia. Maybe - Vini + Fer But honestly, I don't think this team would work. Furia's only "substitutable" player is Vini. So it would be necessary to find a player better than him and who does the same positions. Btw, Furia is already good with this current line up.
2020-06-10 18:46
Latvia Natsuu1
FaZe NiKo - G2 (-AmaNEk/JaCkz) rain - Apeks/Nordavind (akez/H4RR3) coldzera - MIBR (-trk/TACO) broky - mousesports (-woxic) Bymas - Akatsuki
2020-06-10 17:10
why would coldzera return to a failing roster?
2020-06-10 18:57
EVIL GENIUSES I don't care where Brehze, Ethan and Cerq go, just please disband this circus with tarik and stanislaw and send them to CSGO hall of shame or something
2020-06-10 17:09
NORTH. Aizy - Astralis ( - Jugi ) CajunB - Singularity, Flames or Ambush. Msl - Copenhagen flames ( - their igl maybe or just someone ) Kjaerbye - Faze? ( - Bymas ) Gade - Copenhagen flames ( - Hectoz ) Kristou - Heroic ( - Teses )
2020-06-10 17:19
daps | 
Canada JC_123
Evil Geniuses. Brehze -> Gen.G Cerq -> Liquid Ethan -C9 is good or Col or Envy or whatever idc Tarik -> retirement Stanislaw -> Valorant lol
2020-06-10 17:21
faze failed project niko to g2 -amanek or jackz rain to mouz -chrisj he will play better under karrigan cold to some br team maybe mibr if they want him back broky hard to say maybe g2 or another international team
2020-06-10 17:23
leave g2 alone
2020-06-10 17:27
FaZe Niko to G2 (-amanek) Bymas back top fpl (- none0 broky to Latvia rain to mouse ( -chrisJ) Coldzera to Giants (- NOPEE)
2020-06-10 17:25
disband: mad lions -jugi, snappi +acor, bubzkji, sjush to astralis bench roeJ to a better int. team (mouz/col?)
2020-06-10 17:29
kristou best player on the team
2020-06-10 17:27
To be honest RUSH needs to go away from csgo.
2020-06-10 17:33
Denmark KalasYoP
Astralis disband
2020-06-10 17:41
smash. oh wait?
2020-06-10 17:47
Asia Blitzer
north aizy and msl to astralis rest i dont give a shit
2020-06-10 18:51
Disband: Mousesports ropz to faze (-rain +ropz) frozen to faze (-bymas +frozen) Karrigan to Cphflames (-hooxi +karrigan) ChrisJ to retire (I love him but still :( ) Woxic to Nordavind (-H4RR3 + woxic)
2020-06-10 19:03
China KoreanFan
Why would you disband mouz?
2020-06-10 19:08
MIBR fer -> tarik(EG) fallen -> stewie2k(TL) trk -> yeL(BOOM) TACO -> daps(Gen.G) kngv -> new team with LUCAS1 and FNX.
2020-06-11 03:41
navi s1mple -> Faze rest -> uninstall csgo and go play valorant
2020-06-11 13:40
disband BIG disband mouz disband envy calyx xantares woxic paz maj3r Turkish CS backing to their that good old days.. TOP1 Turkish CS
2020-06-11 13:46
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