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Russia Sex_Ambassador 
1. broky. It ws strange desicion by faze to pick up a dark horse, but now this boy is feeling comfortable 2. nawwk. He just playing so good in NiP, i really like the shots he get 3. nexa. No comments, a great player, he is always at the top of scoreboard 4. hunter. same as nexa 5. kcserato. a young brazilian prodigy, actually a beast 6. mir. if he gets a tier-1 team or maybe achieve smth with spirit, he will become a top-20 player. 7. Bubzkji. Just wondering about his aim, MAD lions such a promising team 8. acoR. same 9. Maka, he was very good at RTR, hope he will continue 10. Nivera. In couple of years everyone will call Scream like Nivera's brother Notable appears 1. Perfecto. NAVI gave him some space, so he finally fragging, actually a young Xyp9x, hope he will be consistent 2. m0nesy. Just wondering how u can be so good in your 15 3. floppy. Very good NA player 4. poizon. Nice awp shots? 5. YEKINDAR, if he gets a space he will deliver, i swear
2020-06-11 18:03
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2020-06-11 18:04
Good list Add "Farlig"
2020-06-12 00:45
2020-06-12 11:08
Brazil Gabrix
I kindly request that you add: Xeppaa & arT & JKS Thanks in advance.
2020-06-12 16:36
moe lolyou
2020-06-11 18:05
Lithuania eZaF4BYMAS
lolyou? doesnt even stream and probably doesnt even play.
2020-06-12 12:34
aik tu sau a rmt?
2020-06-12 12:49
Lithuania eZaF4BYMAS
joooooo xd
2020-06-12 13:04
flag checks out
2020-06-11 18:07
lol no jambonese lmao
2020-06-11 18:09
I am a simple latvian men)) I see broky and YEKINDAR, i rate 8/8
2020-06-11 18:10
2020-06-11 22:57
Where's frozen
2020-06-11 18:13
yea, forgot
2020-06-11 22:58
Sweden Lagge15
Eraa, Mezii, zeRo
2020-06-11 22:58
2020-06-11 23:04
Sweden Lagge15
Nah, IGLs usually don't get high on the rankings unless they win majors. They won't win any majors 2020
2020-06-12 00:39
I have no idea why zero disapperd like he did after being on HR for so long back in 2017, however he is still young, hope he can reunite with styke in godsent. -zehn would be perfect fit
2020-06-12 11:19
Sweden Lagge15
Have you seen him in MDL in GamerLegion? Absolute beast
2020-06-12 11:28
Nope, only see the stats, bo1 between tier3 teams while bo3s with tier1 teams going on, I know what I pick. But im just happy they have stopped using Gux and other weird lineups and actually have a potential 5man squad now.
2020-06-12 11:40
Sweden Lagge15
It is a good roster, but not sure how many they will keep. They just play out mdl to keep their spot for next season. It only means a minimum of 2 players will stay. So far I am sure they're not gonna let ZeRo- nor Kingmezii leave because of their form and huge potential.
2020-06-12 11:56
There are other, low key good free players out there like, Nukkeye(should be free from hr) Guardian??? Oskar??? ANGE1?? They could create an old school HR team which would be awesome(sure they are all old now but still...). Zero (zero and Gux count for spot?) Nukkeye Ange1 Guardian ... :)
2020-06-12 12:02
Sweden Lagge15
The rule is that at least 2 players that have played enough games (7?) past season, need to play at least 8 games current season. That's why Hampus played his last GL game the day before his first NiP game. So of the current 6 players (including coach Gux): RuStY, Gux, Eraa, Kingmezii, ZeRo- they only have to keep 2 players to maintain their spot for next season. My guess is that it will be more tha 2 players, but for now it looks like ZeRo- and Kingmezii will stay if they want
2020-06-12 12:16
Jamppi, sergey aleksib
2020-06-11 22:59
jamppi is banned from valve events, ence are not gonna keep him for long.
2020-06-11 23:06
Albert. Allen. Bert. Bob. Cecil. Clarence. Elliot. Elmer.
2020-06-11 23:01
yuurih deserves a spot there too and if u wanna a kinda underground team, triumph from NA was doing pretty nice job and surprising good teams on NA. jammpi for sure if u consider players non eligible for major
2020-06-11 23:05
zywoo yuurih frozen woxic sergej ???
2020-06-11 23:07
zywoo woxic sergej already were in top?
2020-06-12 11:06
Sweden Poatotoe
2020-06-11 23:07
Brazil zBieL
2020-06-11 23:08
Sweden Poatotoe
Lmao, irrelevant country gamer
2020-06-11 23:09
Brazil zBieL
WTF Brow? the new coldzera is irrevelant?
2020-06-11 23:14
Sweden Poatotoe
yes. /thread
2020-06-12 00:16
not yet
2020-06-12 11:11
Sweden Poatotoe
2020-06-12 12:06
i mean, i can't say he is good enough to get there
2020-06-12 14:28
Brazil sakaaa
If things keeps going like this, i definitely see HEN1 as top20 contender. His awping is not something stellar, but he delivers EVERY FUCKING GAME, his consistency is amazing. His kills albeit simple are very effective for the team
2020-06-11 23:07
Maybe yes:)
2020-06-12 11:12
I want yekindar and monesy to play in real teams and maybe even as teammates :D
2020-06-11 23:08
Brazil sakaaa
two very different styles, but that would be indeed interesting to watch
2020-06-11 23:10
Brazil sakaaa
Also, while speaking about FURIA, why not arT? I mean, his best characteristics are hard to evaluate, scorewise, but the dude is creating a new playstyle of his own. arT maybe the only truly effective IGL-Entryfragger we have playing on top 10 at the moment.
2020-06-11 23:09
Brazil moonski
arT is a beast
2020-06-12 00:48
Blamef Edit maybe not top10 atm, but can become, I would say COL are close to FURIA level Edit again, also CHOPPAR is IGL and entry frag a lot I think.. To good effect.. Weird playstyle as well, not FURIA level atm though
2020-06-12 11:17
Brazil sakaaa
coL is smiliar to what furia used to be a few months ago. they do have the potential and experience to make a good run!
2020-06-12 14:11
Brazil moonski
+1 agree with mostly everyone add arT , frozen and Farlig as well :]
2020-06-12 00:47
actually forgot about frozen
2020-06-12 11:08
Nice list you could also add farlig and mantuu
2020-06-12 00:49
maybe yes
2020-06-12 11:07
Disagree with poizon
2020-06-12 00:49
2020-06-12 00:51
but yes
2020-06-12 11:07
Sweden Kwazgrid
Plopski xsepower FL1T stavn magixx Maden And as many others have said Farlig yuurih frozen
2020-06-12 11:13
Brazil sakaaa
FL1T is L1T
2020-06-12 14:12
Teses Stavn MIR Magixx k0nfig Blamef Brollan
2020-06-12 11:15
Brollan was already top 20.
2020-06-12 12:10
Last year? What spot?
2020-06-12 12:28
2020-06-12 13:20
Macau Be_Happier
Poizon nice Awp shots ? XDD maybe , but who in top 30 team doesnt have Awper with good shots Poizon is talent yes , but his rating arent good enough to be in top 50
2020-06-12 11:16
Russia SW@G
2020-06-12 11:17
there is no defecto in the list i only saw perfecto
2020-06-12 12:01
yeah i was thinking the same, maybe this young lad just got confused, hope he's fine
2020-06-12 12:39
yeah i think lockdown affected his brain
2020-06-12 12:43
2020-06-12 11:43
Brazil sakaaa
no even top 20 br xDDDDD jk, this dude can become a great T1-T2 pro
2020-06-12 14:13
2020-06-12 12:07
Brazil Gabrix
In no particular order: arT - his entry kills and "randomness" give so much information that, right now, is underated. But requires a team to play very specifically. He delivers more than asked for, consistently. Reminds me of a Fer, only more agressive/all around entry (at the cost of strategy and aim). Jks - incredible aim... very very talented Xeeppa - incredible aim and clutchness. cant believe im the only to notice this 19yo!
2020-06-12 12:17
Brazil sakaaa
oh shit, Xeppaa should be mentioned more. This dude is SICK, i enjoy watching him play a lot, his spray transfer are nuts. Bymas has the same style, but not enough confidence I think. Xeppaa out of CHAOS would be a massive addition for a lot of T1-T2 teams.
2020-06-12 14:15
Brazil Gabrix
Exactly! Spray transfer is his thing! That guy will reach new heights... With the added bonus of looking quite goofy/funny ^^
2020-06-12 16:29
nice list . maybe add ethan , magixx , obo
2020-06-12 12:30
Brazil sakaaa
ethan was top 20 (#20) last year, no?
2020-06-12 14:15
yup thats right but i think hes still underrated and definitely has a top15 and less potential
2020-06-12 20:35
2020-06-12 12:35
kscerato top 15 2020
2020-06-12 14:16
misutaaa top 1 2021, its fact dont bother arguing against it
2020-06-12 14:17
2020-06-12 14:29
2020-06-12 20:36
2020-06-12 20:37
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