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Humans in 2020
Europe Heavon 
Imagine sinking to his kind of 'low' as a human being..
2020-06-14 12:37
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Imagine being a Muslim like Heavon in 2k20 OMEGALUL
2020-06-14 12:38
Nice picture quality mens.
2020-06-14 12:39
damn, women are so discriminated in 2020 we need feminism
2020-06-14 12:40
If she wants to stream that, let her. What's wrong with you that you can't stop putting down women for their choices? You sound like a total incel
2020-06-14 12:42
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I've literally marked the viewer count and a random viewer's reason why they watch this. Nowhere am I saying she doesn't have the right to stream it, hence the markings that should've made it easier to indicate to my point - for any functioning brain, but obviously your's ain't. Just making sure you get it this time: IT'S THE VIEWERS i'm talking about.
2020-06-14 12:46
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So let the viewers watch her, what's wrong with that? She does what she wants and the viewers do what they want.. I don't see the problem..
2020-06-14 12:48
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the world would be a better place without ppl like you, accepting and catering towards full blown degeneracy and ignorance. wont answer you
2020-06-14 12:56
You just don't get it do you? Can you even read? Where am I denying them rights to do that? I'm CLEARLY pointing out the amount of viewers that are watching an instagram thot sleep being actually worrying. Clearly simps/DESPERATE virgins and low-lifes in there that clearly needs help in their lives because of the state they currently are in (watching a woman streaming herself asleep) - must be a VERY VERY sad state to be in. Also the premise: "They can do what ever they want, what's the problem" is not practical in our daily lives, in our laws and regulations, in our jobs or anywhere else. So stop being a sheep and start thinking of your own before typing stuff you clearly have no clue about.
2020-06-14 13:13
tolerating degeneracy is a crime 👌🙁
2020-06-14 12:49
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This is not degeneracy in any shape or form. This is a celebration of the womans body and features.
2020-06-14 12:49
Russia Divait
Yeah and if you are in a relationships with any women - let her suck the other dicks, right ?
2020-06-14 13:14
if she wants to stream while sleeping, why bother? u dont have to watch it, u dont even have to link it u dont even have to bother with it? stop being so nub
2020-06-14 12:48
Sleeping streams have been a thing since like 2018, what are you talking about?
2020-06-14 12:48
Europe Vallon3
As if being a woman wasn't easy enough. Imagine literally doing NOTHING and people giving you money for it, because you happened to be born a woman. Free ride through life - the gender.
2020-06-15 22:04
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