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Embarrassed by mibr
Brazil Projectrv 
What kng and fer said wasn't even necessary cuz no one else knew what was happening behind the scene. I'm really disapointed with this guy, specially with fer who is making some bad attitudes recently(like being racist and talking bullshits with bcz) Respect for Furia who agreed to reset the round and didn't need to offend another pro because of that!! Sorry guys, that was my outflow! -1 mibr fan
2020-06-17 08:11
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what was happening behind the scene?
2020-06-17 08:13
Basically fer said that Furia took advantage of the situation about mibr's crashes during the game and wouldn't rolback the rounds until they posted the video of them crashing (mibr) on twitter midgame, which Furia probably felt ashamed and changed their mind at the last second. So Fer saying about that attitude they had was an attitude of "cowards and that doesn't represent Brazil' cs and that they should have more fairplay and to win and lose like a man" Courtesy of some twitter guy
2020-06-17 08:16
i see thanks for explanation
2020-06-17 08:19
Furia players stupid inside the server MIBR players stupid out of the server PERIOD
2020-06-19 04:11
that's it
2020-06-19 20:02
Thanks was kinda confused too
2020-06-17 09:10
You know that kind of guy in high school who made fun of others to show up and reassert himself above the others? Also, when people laughs and encourages his attitudes this turns worse everytime? So... Fer seems exactly like that guy.
2020-06-17 08:33
Also that guy is like that just in public. When he is talking to you alone, he speaks normally...
2020-06-17 08:34
Brazil Projectrv
this is really sad bro now i see what made this core that i used to love get down
2020-06-17 08:36
fer became a horrible guy!! so sad.
2020-06-19 00:16
Rekt by Maduro
2020-06-19 03:04
lol , I dont like fer , but you guys are judging him so bad , if you watch him talking seriously about something.... He is on his right.... look like you guys are the real horrible ones...
2020-06-19 03:25
arT | 
Brazil logzera
Fer was arrogant and his attitude was so disproportional that this made me sad. Looks like he has to prove something to the world by steping on the guys of Furia. Just sad.
2020-06-19 03:56
lol , no , he always talk good about the guys , furia players just act like assholes for some minutes and fer got mad.... Just look the video from the ingame chat....
2020-06-19 23:09
Exactly.. and Dead is that father that approves and praises his son attitude.
2020-06-19 03:41
Turkey Berhava!
Well their words have to be proof at this point if u dont believe fer ( ur role model basically ) why are u even playing lol.
2020-06-17 08:34
True, earlier furia weren't was not ready for restarting rounds...when mibr put a video on twitter then they agreed
2020-06-17 10:15
CIS ShimonSS
if fer is your role model, then ure fucked to begin with
2020-06-19 00:32
bro this is exactly what I hate the most about Brazilians. Most of you, not all, act as if you're all brothers in a very utopian fashion, you're all smiles, kind and generous to one another, until the smallest most trivial misunderstanding which is when you aggressively lash out at one another, damaging both of your images. I've never seen this level of yikes in any other culture so far. It's crazy.
2020-06-17 08:40
Turkey Berhava!
Yeah but the thing is u dont need proof to believe your role model
2020-06-17 08:42
United Kingdom FaZeAidan
How many brazilians have you ever seen in Romania tho?
2020-06-19 00:28
was addressing HLTV Brazilians specifically, not their entire population
2020-06-19 00:42
United Kingdom FaZeAidan
You've been saying things like "brazilians", "most of you", "culture", not "HLTV brazilian csgo players".
2020-06-19 00:52
Not that i conccur with the guy over there... But HLTV is the br population in a nutshell tbh. BR CS nowadays is like politics, when things get polarized here, the actions are beyond stupid. Always going ham on twitter or other social medias. These dasys Brazil is a land of fake news, people offending others because of opposing opinions and using his influence to get somewhere or some kind advantage.
2020-06-19 02:15
United Kingdom FaZeAidan
I met some really nice brazilians here in the UK.
2020-06-19 02:28
I am not talking everyone is like this, brazilians are overall nice and warm people. But the number of retards nowadays is growing in large proportions.
2020-06-19 02:30
United Kingdom FaZeAidan
Online people are acting like idiots, but they are not like that in real life. I mean, everyone is like this let's be honest.
2020-06-19 02:46
Perhaps, but this kind of thing happen these days in our government, lmao.
2020-06-19 02:48
I need to say that this is happening in real life in Brasil: bolsonarists against others. The contry is completly divided .. its sad, I also hate this and just move to canada. Probably you meet how doesnt like that bulshit.
2020-06-19 03:00
Yes, we're getting divided about everything. Unfortunately, it's like this in everything, it's really frustrating
2020-06-19 04:09
Very impressed, I've got to say. Brazilians in the UK, either tourists or residents, can be very often unpleasant people...
2020-06-19 04:01
He is right, tho
2020-06-19 03:44
Relax.. next month they are together in a barbecue again.
2020-06-19 03:42
aye, them and neymar :D
2020-06-19 13:29
Turkey Berhava!
Why would you need proof to believe fer or fallen They achieved so many things in their careers this is the disrespect without them brazilian cs would be tier3 at best i need proof to believe major winners and role models because im dumb kkkk - furia players.
2020-06-17 08:41
Brazil Projectrv
what they did for br scene not allow them offend another pro players, specially when is someone from your own country who are representing the brazilian flag aswell
2020-06-17 08:46
India c0nsc10us
So you would believe lance Armstrong if he said he didn't take performance enhancing drugs to win? You'd believe Diego Maradona if he said he didn't touch the ball with his hand for the goal? How does winning something in the past make you 100 percent truthful in the present? Of course people would need proof of your truthfulness. You can't expect everyone to be as much of a gullible suck-up as you are.
2020-06-19 03:52
arT | 
Brazil logzera
2020-06-19 04:00
+1 You just pointed out the main issue of this brazilian drama. Add to that the fact that Fer spitted out his brains live on Twitch and held a very toxic position against Furia. He shouldn't blame the players like this if the coaches/admins were solving the problem between them - as it was proven latter.
2020-06-19 15:06
Brazil yakd
it wasnt even about believe. if you go by the rule book furia wins the round, thats a fact. if you see the round on the perspectivw of furia players they kill fer, see fallen moving, and the not life gets called. now lets be realistic here if you have a 5vs4 Advantage see the guy moving into ct spawn the round is 90% over, retaking it is way to hard. now no one Needs to believe anything anybody says without proof. now lets go to the interview that furia Coach gave where he basically says that he took it upon himself to clear the Situation together with the Admin and mibr Coach. here itgets difficult not sure hat happened but it seems like the admins wanted to roll back because mibr spoke in discord that they were having Problems around the time fer died. now the thing is it doesnt seem to fer speaking and Damage was already done. so when asked why by furias Coach the Admin took the stance of the rule book which would give furia the round, so mibr was furious. this took some minutes, than they spoke About changing server because of the laggs etc which took more time, not sure if during that time mibr took a technical post or not but in the end fallen posted a Video on Twitter, which the Coach of furia saw. he than proceeds to say to his players that they should agree on the roll back.
2020-06-19 04:22
dont need you, get f*** off. =)
2020-06-17 08:43
Furia should agree to fairplay right away to not waste anyones time, 30 min, instead they waited to see if mibr had any proof about that. If theres was no proof or public pressure who knows if they would restart or not.
2020-06-17 08:46
Brazil Hefesto
if it was about waste of time then mibr would've fixed they're fucking problem since they're the only ones who seem to be experiencing it instead of fucking freezing every round and having the match paused
2020-06-17 09:09
Faceit Ac is freezing their pcs. They cant solve it.
2020-06-17 15:47
i dont understand why all of this is that big of an issue since MIBR won anyway
2020-06-17 08:50
Brazil ftf123
because mibr are like kids, if they dont get things like they think should be, they will rage on lives/twitter instead of be professionals, and it got worse since furia is a dangerous competitor.
2020-06-19 03:51
Here's some attention for you 🖕🖕🖕🖕
2020-06-17 09:06
+1 person who open the eyes... my eyes was open to this team some months ago. it's was only coldzera, only. the team winned while cold get the mvps, even in the bad moments this team was made some finals and good performances with cold, without cold it's a normal NA team. sad for fallen who is the greatest player in cs, but his culture is shit. fer saying about the trophies while all know this trophies doesn't even exist without coldzera peak, it was cringe as fuck.
2020-06-17 09:15
Greatest player in CS = fallen. BR + delusions truly goes hand in hand
2020-06-17 10:08
i do not understand this slangs.. what mean goes hand in hand?
2020-06-18 08:39
fit well Iconic combo are the same Some examples, u get it now?
2020-06-18 08:50
i get, thank you.
2020-06-19 00:02
Np :)
2020-06-19 12:21
- manager - coach - analist - igl - the most popular player side with s1mple - cover guy from the biggest brand in CS - all that go wrong are in his shoulders - some of the most iconics highlights after all that, he still having 1.15 rating, doing highlights every tourneament while other player are crying cause "burnout". yes, fallen is the biggest player, and any serious team would want him if they can. remember that the bigger doesn't mean the better, the better is between zywOo, s1mple, niko and device.
2020-06-19 00:14
Yes, they manage to win with cold peak, but u need to consider the other players work, Fallen being #2 best player in the world, fnx and fer were in top20, fer got #3 also fallen #6, boltz in top20 and felps almost got into, but he didn't play for 4 months so he wasn't incluse in top20, hltv said that. All their picks were together and the way that fallen set up the team and with their dinamic they got tournments. If it was just cold in 2015 they would get something, playing with boltz and steel, 'cause he joint at that time and was already a monster.
2020-06-19 04:05
everyone had work in it, obviously, it's a 5 players game. but without cold, without trophies, it's super obvious too... if cold was in team in these recents tourneaments, they would win all, 100% sure.
2020-06-19 06:27
Malaysia Suno[t]
this has got to be the most useless and boring drama
2020-06-19 00:08
Finland Smoonah
Malding In BathRoom
2020-06-19 00:15
India c0nsc10us
2020-06-19 03:55
hahahhhahaah unfollow aproved by ur moma?
2020-06-19 00:16
Poland Recruitn1
I think that FURIA players weren't exactly doing it becouse it was to their advantage they didn't knew what the heck is going on and just played, they probably just said no cuz its their fault and they have to fix it.
2020-06-19 00:36
ropz | 
Europe Avalox
exactly, the game was open at the time: 12x12. it was anyones map. why would furia agree to rollback, since they had received damage on kscerato and art had already killed fer? Made in Bathroom logic.
2020-06-19 02:29
Poland Recruitn1
Furia also had these issues.
2020-06-19 02:30
kids think people like fer or KNG have to be soft and polite all the time cuz they are public persons, one day you guys will learn that in life, real person > false person fuck all these chill guys on the screen that are piece of shit behind the scenes #ferGOD top 1 #kngGOD top 1 #choratoddynho
2020-06-19 00:54
Brazil _Awper
Actually kids think Fer and Kng are right because they're screaming louder. "OMG look at KNG so badass talking shit, i'm so proud of him, omg look at fer talking with 60k people that agree with him calling other people out without they having any say"
2020-06-19 02:23
dude I dont even care, all I think its funny is you cant say anything nowdays that u are an asshole for the today soft kids LOL, fer cursed and etc, but kng actually did nothing special, he just said it was wrong etc and is his vision, I dont even care at the end of the day I just laugh, this pro beef = entertainment u kids are too soft and get triggered by everything, WTF
2020-06-19 02:56
arT | 
Brazil logzera
Being disrespectful is ok then? Lul. If you disrespect me and I dont like it I am soft. This is totally nonsense. Think about it man.... Everyone has their egos in that game. Fer was totally arrogant.
2020-06-19 04:07
Yeah or you can just be a normal person and act respectfully without forcing yourself to. You're making it sound like everyone has to be an asshole.
2020-06-19 02:40
no, is just respecting individual lifestyle, I never said is ok to be asshole, but a guy dont deserve to die or be canceled ONLY cuz he talked shit in a beef that u have nothing into, like WTF why do I need to even explain this type of shit, wtf is going on
2020-06-19 02:57
Who said anyone should die? Are you high lmao
2020-06-19 03:04
I'm meaning overeacts
2020-06-19 03:56
If you say what you want, you will hear what you don't want. Fer and KnG overreacted, said whatever they want and complained about the responses. The problem with them is not about what they say, they're grown ups who can't hear the criticism to their actions. If they say BS it's freedom of speech. If anyone does something they don't like they're "sh*t" or "mimimi"
2020-06-19 04:17
Turkey TheKaiser
Sorry but the whole <<story>> didn't seem too realistic, it feels like you're a furia fan using mibr flair (420IQ)
2020-06-19 02:18
its obv that sherlock holmes, mibr players were right on that.wy mibr players would cry for resetting a round in a online match?
2020-06-19 02:26
Brazil Projectrv
just take a look to my profile, i always support the both but mibr was my favorite
2020-06-19 03:29
nobody cares
2020-06-19 02:19
Did guerri also allowed you to post this or not??
2020-06-19 02:21
United States B0b3rT
Are you guys kidding fer is in the right here he cared more about fair play and integrity of the game than furia did and I can’t possibly see how you could be mad at what he said ofc he was upset at them and it was a coward move to not believe them and make them post it to social media mid game
2020-06-19 02:26
+1 tell em bro
2020-06-19 03:39
When was fer racist?
2020-06-19 02:45
Brazil Arishock
He called someone's hair bad because it's dry (basically black people's hair), though i don't he is racist for that.
2020-06-19 02:58
He sincerely apologized, that is the important part, all of us can make mistakes, but we all must be able to say sorry (even if we don't think we're wrong) like he did.
2020-06-19 04:22
2020-06-19 02:47
2020-06-19 02:50
two wrongs dont make a right. mibr had the right complaining about how things were handled in the server. awful decision to be hateful on twitter tho
2020-06-19 03:06
arT | 
Brazil logzera
2020-06-19 04:10
Faroe Islands juStTs
When was fer racist? Are you actually dumb or just figures it?
2020-06-19 02:54
The fer was always a childish guy, just watch his lives. He probably called the players shit because the fury is better than Mibr, it was clear when he offended the fury talking about trophies, he wanted to hit the fury.
2020-06-19 03:29
Your comment is invalid 'cause you have written Fury instead of FURIA. Appreciate
2020-06-19 04:10
2020-06-19 04:12
it was really unnacessary to bring this to public, but I understand both sides honestly
2020-06-19 03:30
Yes! We shouldn't let this divide us. Soon the players will get over this. This isn't politics
2020-06-19 04:24
+1 Imagine both teams in the top 10 and winning tournaments
2020-06-19 14:08
That would be great and I think it will happen soon, MiBR is finally playing well and with a well adjusted roster.
2020-06-19 20:42
Let us hope that today we can go to our fist final in a long time!
2020-06-20 01:32
2020-06-19 03:44
Brazil Analyst10
totally agree my friend.
2020-06-19 03:45
Brazil Feio91
fer is a big baby crier. 0 Respect for this player.
2020-06-19 03:55
vsm | 
Brazil mafe^
2020-06-19 13:31
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