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Donald Trump LMAO
Bangladesh thug_doctor Whatever your political ideology is, how can you be supporter of this clown?
2020-06-21 19:58
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No tests = no cases galaxy brain
2020-06-21 19:58
Bangladesh thug_doctor
What if we use 100% of our brain*
2020-06-21 19:59
Then we would have saved lives by not putting them on ventilators
2020-06-21 23:13
pretty smart actually, but does that also mean no one voting for president = no president??
2020-06-21 20:00
Yes. But that's impossible because one douchebag will decide to vote anyway.
2020-06-21 22:00
steel | 
Canada ZHF
2020-06-21 21:34
xaxaxaa hes such a brainlet
2020-06-21 19:59
2020-06-21 19:59
200IQ so fucking intelligent I want him to fuck my wife
2020-06-21 20:00
Germany Bier
This is no news. He has always been dumb af
2020-06-21 20:00
The only thing that would redeem this statement was if he somehow implies that tests can be wrong
2020-06-21 20:01
'because as everybody knows covid tests have been tempered by democrats working secretly to bring me down from the presidency, ok'
2020-06-21 21:42
No way he said that wtf
2020-06-21 22:30
he said yesterday that ppl wore masks on the streets just to show they didnt support his re-ellection or something. guy is clinically delusional
2020-06-21 22:33
TRUMP 2021
2020-06-21 20:02
I can't have a small dick if I never measure it Checkmate libs 😎
2020-06-21 20:03
cant argue with that
2020-06-21 20:14
2020-06-21 21:41
The video of him drinking the water the tossing it as the crowd go wild is something you'd see on south park or some other comedy sketch lmao
2020-06-21 20:03
Wtf had to look it up, hahahahahahaha so whack
2020-06-21 20:14
this? lol wtf. he is must be the must insecure person on the entire planet
2020-06-21 20:23
lmfao he looks so proud aswell wtf, americans clapping for anything smh you'd get put in a headlock by some polish immigrant in a tapout shirt if you did this in the UK
2020-06-21 20:26
"our leader can drink water like a normal person. checkmate leftists and haters! america first"
2020-06-21 20:27
but he cannot only just drink water like a normal person, he is one of the best at drinking water, and he knows more about it than everybody, libtards destroyed
2020-06-21 20:34
i lost all hope in the humanity after seeing this vid
2020-06-21 21:37
brainlet normie dont even know the context but thinks him drinking water is the entire context alone. u lack so much critical thinking when ure a leftist normie OMEGALUL go educate yourself
2020-06-21 21:41
damn you just gotta proudly display that low iq dont ya
2020-06-21 21:48
you dont sound very bright at all
2020-06-21 21:49
oh, nice comeback little buddy! did you think of that alllllll by yourself or did you copy the content of my reply 30 seconds after i sent it cus desperation set in?
2020-06-21 22:08
Youre from france lmfao your country is polluted with low iq individuals like yourself. no1 is surprised
2020-06-21 22:37
2020-06-21 23:11
the context is that he is insecure. people made fun of him drinking water and he got triggered, so he showed that he can drink water. pretty obvious that the brain of this old man stopped working properly years ago
2020-06-21 23:26
This guy is legit having fun just looking at the fools who support him. Jesus. I know we use "Everyday we stray further from God" for memes but this is the one real case I'll definitely use it for.
2020-06-21 20:31
Iceland fatboislim
he has allways been show business guy, that's all.
2020-06-21 21:45
stable genius hahahaha
2020-06-21 20:04
I can't believe that this guy still has supporters. You have to be mentally ill if you support Donald Trump in 2020.
2020-06-21 20:05
AM | 
Asia Yarrak
still better than two faced toledo leftism
2020-06-21 20:07
In what way?
2020-06-21 20:10
it doesnt want to cut off your childrens dick and import stone age savages 👌😎
2020-06-21 21:37
Meanwhile, demtards have nothing against social distancing violations during "riots" (looters), putting people's lives in double danger
2020-06-21 20:07
The guns will protect them
2020-06-21 20:11
“We can’t guarantee there’s not going to be a later rise,” Philadelphia Health Commissioner Thomas Farley told the Philadelphia Inquirer, “but it’s a good sign we haven’t seen it yet.” Dude, I get that common sense was thrown out of the window long ago when it comes to racial questions and political correctness overall, but still.
2020-06-21 20:16
Iceland fatboislim
''no evidence...'' doesn't mean anything.
2020-06-21 21:50
Germany ppgod_
Yes and Trump takes social distancing very seriously by holding a rally inside a closed stadium, and all his supporters are wearing masks as you can see in the video, very good.
2020-06-21 21:59
so it's either both dems and reps are stupid, or social distancing, quarantine and stuff doesn't help shit in slowing covid-19 down.
2020-06-21 22:03
Germany ppgod_
Yes the protests are somewhat understandable but very irresponsible during this time, but so is holding a ralley in a stadium.
2020-06-21 22:05
That is certainly retarded. But I also think corona is retarded so idk.
2020-06-21 20:10
politics is a comedy show, they put some puppets there to distract u while the real leaders are still in bed with corporations and lobbys.
2020-06-21 20:13
one weird statement taken out of context wow what a bad president :angrynpcface:
2020-06-21 20:14
In what context does this even make sense?
2020-06-21 21:55
Truuuueeeeeee, there is 100% only 1 clip out there of Trump saying something stupid LuL
2020-06-21 21:55
Germany ppgod_
what is the context? Youre defintely not a trump npc right,? Surely you can enlighten us what he actually meant
2020-06-21 22:03
maybe watch the full speech (that part) yourself instead of asking me "trump npc" xD couldn't care less
2020-06-22 06:12
Germany ppgod_
XD? I was asking you because you claimed it was out of context, so i assumed you watched the speech. "couldn't care less" but yet you are mindlessly defending him lmao.
2020-06-22 12:51
the part you brainlets cry about was just a bad joke, everything else is self-explanatory
2020-06-22 15:31
United States t0rr0r
I mean vaccines take years to develop so eventually we will have to reopen. Its usually now when our economy is ok but getting worse or later when we're on our last few steps. I mean every country will have to make this decision, so its just better for us to not worry about how many people are getting infected.
2020-06-21 20:14
the us should stop electing businessmen for presidency
2020-06-21 20:14
this is almost as smart as kim jong un killing anyone infected
2020-06-21 20:14
United Kingdom dRe4Ms
He must be a troll, I think he is really smart and knows he is the most powerful man in the world so he just trolls and then laughs at all the comments about him
2020-06-21 20:16
estimation in germany say that only about 11% of all the people who had corona were identified. so it really depends on who you test. most ppl dont even realise they have it. so ofc the more you test the more you find it. he's just not good at explaining it and actually it shouldnt be the case that you stop testing justto not find it anymore. testing is the best way to see where it is,other countries just don't test as much as the US that's why they have lower numbers in general too.
2020-06-21 20:16
Sarcasm goes over your head obviously. He has stated a number of times that he is proud of how many people the US have tested. Next.
2020-06-21 20:20
Yugoslavia seeeed
Yes lets say retarded shit and act like a dumbass and then say it was sarcasm mhm. He has to be sarcasting most the time when he talks i guess. Master comedian
2020-06-21 23:14
All he did in Tulsa, was talk about himself. Bragging about being able to hold a glass of water with one hand, and they applauded him for it. What a joke
2020-06-21 20:21
hahahahha mad??? mad that he can hold his water with one hand??? hahaha soyboy i bet u need both hands lmao
2020-06-21 21:54
Good one
2020-06-21 23:23
i mean look at his competition they're all communists trump gonna get reelected 100%
2020-06-21 20:29
I disrespect trump, but this things looks to be out of context. maybe it was meant ironically? however, it's kinda stupid to judge someone based on an 18 seconds video
2020-06-21 20:32
It is not like other countries, such as France, limited the test for the very same reason. The only difference is they did not assume it. So, here I see a president doing the same trash thing as a lot of them, but being honest about it.
2020-06-21 20:36
More testing= more false positives which isn’t uncommon. Probably what he meant.
2020-06-21 20:38
Cus he's the greatest troll in history and you keep getting baited because you suffer from low intellect disability. Get trolled by a guy that trolled the majority of the world and made himself the most powerful person on earth and who will be remembered for as long as mankind exist and you are nothing.
2020-06-21 20:40
Fuck yea man! Thats why I vote Trump for president! Because he's a troll who keeps baiting low intellectual libtards! I don't care about any other merits, for my president. All that matters is that he's a troll who posts funny tweets and baits libtards with his absurd tweets!!! #MAGA2020
2020-06-21 21:38
I don't. My point is that the majority of people are idiots just like the author of this thread and the people that take it seriously are too. That's why democracy sometimes suck. Most people don't have shit for knowledge or interest when it comes to politics but choose to take part in it soon as something that catch the interest of the mainstream media happens.
2020-06-21 21:58
4d Chess move
2020-06-21 21:39
fucking genius If i never approach a girl i will never get rejected therefore my success rate will be 100%
2020-06-21 21:43
nt CNN reporter
2020-06-21 21:48
of course, who else is there to vote for? everyone else is 2x as retarded, biden is at least 10x more retarded
2020-06-21 21:53
Generally, Americans are dumb fucks. This brainlet is their president, Democrats could have the easiest win but instead, they picked Joe fucking Biden. Smart bois in the US, you are doomed just move to Canada or New Zealand.
2020-06-21 22:03
I find that the smartest people are uninvolved with politics here, which would explain biden/Hillary's nomination and Trump's presidency
2020-06-21 22:22
u just said smart people dont care about their nation jesus christ...
2020-06-21 23:08
The smartest people aren't involved in the tribalistic squabbles of politics. They don't have diehard loyalties to politicians most of the smart people are too busy doing their ovvn things
2020-06-21 23:12
no you have no excuses here, dont even try
2020-06-21 23:13
2020-06-21 23:13
I respect people that don't vote in the US but still, those politicians will affect your life some way.
2020-06-21 23:16
imagine caring about what NA does
2020-06-21 22:09
United States Phamous3k
Trump dumb af lol.
2020-06-21 22:17
I would categorize this as just politics. He knows the fewer official cases, the higher the odds of reelection, which is obviously his logic
2020-06-21 22:20
It was obvious joke , its not a dick dont take it so hard .
2020-06-21 23:29
"They tested, and they tested, we had test of people who thought on what's going on, we got this, we got another one over here"
2020-06-22 01:05
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