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Which language should I learn?
Brazil fnx_100percent_win_at_majors 
I already speak Portuguese and English, looking for a new challenge :)
2020-06-26 14:38
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2020-06-26 14:39
Oh brazillians are really backwarded I dont think they'd like being gade
2020-06-26 14:40
Taiwan humens)) 
2020-06-26 19:48
New Zealand L_hhx 
You speak how many languages?
2020-06-29 01:08
flag lmao
2020-06-30 18:56
United States yghj 
2020-06-27 02:51
2020-06-27 03:02
Spain Holiwis 
Spanish ofc
2020-06-26 14:39
as a portuguese speaker if he doesn't already understand/speak (at a basic level at least) spanish, i'd be very surprised french imo
2020-06-27 01:43
id say german because you may be able to undertstand some basic french too since its a roman language, but it is a good choice for sure
2020-06-27 02:17
steel | 
Israel Mizuchi 
German not a romance language 10IQ noob
2020-06-27 08:50
he means french is 10iq noob
2020-06-27 11:37
average jew
2020-06-27 15:52
North America Pootisbird01 
Congrats on turning from the good guy to the bad guy in world record time.
2020-06-30 13:23
ez 😎
2020-06-30 17:23
2020-06-27 10:34
dunno, i can read some french without having studied it
2020-06-27 15:51
because you are spanish. spanish and french = both romance/latin languages
2020-06-27 15:55
thats why I said that, he's a brazillian and portuguese is a latin language too
2020-06-27 16:49
maybe i misunderstood you, the way you put it it sounded like when he learns german he has a better understanding of french. sorry!
2020-06-27 16:59
np, shit like that happens on the internet and my writing in English can be confusing sometimes
2020-06-27 20:09
K1KA | 
Finland Kivekset 
I'm learning spanish from duolingo and every night when i'm going to sleep, i say buenas noches to my dog.
2020-06-30 13:41
Spain Holiwis 
lmao, I used to learn Polish with duo but after +150 days got bored :( I wish I had willpower to continue with it
2020-06-30 14:24
2020-06-26 14:39
Zeus | 
Ukraine Najara 
2020-06-26 14:40
Canada f0rkb0mb 
hahaha that's old bro, maybe some rust.
2020-06-27 00:54
sodaH | 
Estonia rafio 
2020-06-26 14:40
Morocco bobby_j 
learn something that you can monetize int the future like russian or an asian language
2020-06-26 14:40
Russia mrPIVO 
How can you monetize russian in Brazil tell me?
2020-06-26 15:43
Morocco bobby_j 
Translation for companies doing trade with russia, i wanted to say learn chinese but it's too hard
2020-06-26 16:01
Russia mrPIVO 
Well there are many more useful languages I suppose
2020-06-26 19:43
spanish, german or french. personally id choose french but thats cuz i studied it for a bit so it makes sense for me.
2020-06-26 14:40
2020-06-26 14:41
The language of money
2020-06-26 19:46
Russian only right choice
2020-06-26 14:41
Canada Artour 
french vem pro canada
2020-06-26 14:41
Brazil yureka 
q isso
2020-06-26 20:52
French/German/Russian. Chinese if you're feeling different. French should be easiest to learn because it's also a latin language (can't say how hard it is because it's my 2nd mother tongue).
2020-06-26 14:43
Flag checks out
2020-06-26 15:02
danish it's very useful
2020-06-26 14:43
2020-06-27 01:06
Endelig en russer der forstår noget
2020-06-28 07:46
2020-06-30 14:27
2020-06-30 17:04
That reminds me german a bit
2020-07-01 15:48
It's more like Norwegian.
2020-07-01 16:43
Nice comparison for the guy who don’t know both of them
2020-07-02 10:04
I was trying to help you lmao. I wasn't mad at you at all chill out.
2020-07-02 11:16
Wasn’t actually rage out
2020-07-04 00:16
2020-06-27 01:42
nt jame
2020-06-28 07:46
no mens)))
2020-06-27 08:57
it is useful mens))
2020-06-28 07:46
Boombl4 | 
Brazil ricca 
2020-06-26 14:46
Mandarin or Spanish.
2020-06-26 14:48
cam | 
United States girls 
2020-06-26 14:48
learn fluent polish mother fucker, i dare you
2020-06-26 14:50
2020-06-26 15:04
Poland Jutiant 
fuck me i grew up in a polish household but i'm not even close to fluent... can pretty much understand everything that is spoken though
2020-06-26 15:41
i guess ure canadian
2020-06-27 09:17
Jerman so you can become a big fan
2020-06-26 14:52
+1111 I lerne das so I can cheer for the tollest team
2020-06-30 15:47
Vietnam Sooaside 
move contigiously across the world map, first learn spanish, then french, and if then itailan. when you are looking for a real challenge learn german or Russian
2020-06-26 14:53
play some GamersClub and play with argentinian players to learn spanish(actually, i learnt 60% of my spanish playing GC) and try german or french
2020-06-26 15:00
sí boludo de mierda kakakakakakakak
2020-06-26 15:10
Spain LoLaZo 
lol if you wanna really learn spanish, learn the original language from Spain not Argentina... is not really the same
2020-06-26 22:14
Panama FUN4ENCE 
Why would he bother learning the ugliest spanish accent instead of the best
2020-06-30 14:28
Spain LoLaZo 
because is the original language... coming from europe... you mad because SA was conquered by Cristobal Colon and vikings?? LOLumadbrah
2020-06-30 17:07
Panama FUN4ENCE 
Everyone thinks spanish is ugly in europe because of ur accent lol. Not mad just speaking facts
2020-06-30 23:20
learn python instead 😎
2020-06-26 15:05
2020-06-29 00:58
2020-06-30 13:37
Spanish is so ez for english speakers, for you it would be so much easier. Just go for italian or french when you learn spanish.
2020-06-26 15:06
Lmao I still haven't seen a UK guy speaking proper Spanish
2020-06-26 20:00
bro they're obsessed with themselves, leave them. Idk if my pronunciation is good but I can understand Spanish very well and make up basic sentences that too in like a month of doing exercises on duolingo. I just wanna learn it fully and will do when I've a lot of free time. I was learning russian as well but it was difficult.
2020-06-26 20:45
I think people struggle with verbal tenses the most
2020-06-26 20:46
yeah in complex sentence making I do tbf. I basic ones it's okay.
2020-06-26 20:49
Icelandic if you wanna be cool
2020-06-26 15:18
2020-06-26 15:23
Chinese/Japanese its time for Asia.
2020-06-26 15:22
Denmark Gomer_Pyle 
2020-06-26 15:27
China s1mple_yee 
Or C++? lol
2020-06-26 19:56
But do you really speak English? Can you converse normally with native speakers?
2020-06-26 15:39
can you?
2020-06-26 17:14
2020-06-26 19:22
nice mens)) 😎
2020-06-26 19:59
Russia mrPIVO 
Ukrainian, so you can come to ukraine and noone will understand you:D
2020-06-26 15:46
Germany ndeah 
lmao that's actually true and sad
2020-06-26 20:07
2020-06-30 13:37
Germany BIG2020 
Mandarin next big world language. But its hard af.
2020-06-26 16:02
Portugal dracø 
2020-06-26 17:14
nah, mandarin wont ever be as relevant as english or even german. nobody speaks it out of china, and most chinese international companies are learning english. its just too obtuse to ever become a lingua franca
2020-06-26 19:44
Japanese mens))
2020-06-26 17:14
Japan Fanta_machine 
yes mens)) no subtitles needed anymore
2020-06-26 22:17
Germany DEBlL 
2020-06-26 19:43
Learn Spanish, second most spoken language and will dominate the USA in the future
2020-06-26 19:45
Finland Smoonah 
learn Andamanese languages so you can talk to the sentinelese. bring back bow and arrows
2020-06-26 19:47
Norway de1ka 
2020-06-26 19:47
how much?
2020-06-30 13:38
Russia Kamunist 
Spanish is definitely useful. As you are looking for a challenge, go for Mongolian or Vietnamese. Russian is mostly learned for the literature, computer science, travelling, and online games, otherwise it is not so useful.
2020-06-26 19:54
Mongolian or Vietnamese is useless, bro. i'm just saying, not just against these two.
2020-06-26 20:02
Russia Kamunist 
But they are challenging. The op doesn't seem to have a purpose of utilizing the language, so he might learn about interesting features of it. Vietnamese is useful in tourism and manufacturing businesses
2020-06-26 21:34
Finland t0ki 
Mongolian isnt useless wtf))
2020-06-27 01:02
f0rest | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina veasih 
-Spanish -German -French -Serbian -English -Russian Edit: Have a good day!
2020-06-26 19:58
I'm learning Russian mens)) great language actually
2020-06-26 19:57
f0rest | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina veasih 
Good luck!
2020-06-26 19:58
2020-06-26 19:59
f0rest | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina veasih 
You’re welcome!
2020-06-26 20:04
I kak? Skol'ko let uchish' uzhe?
2020-06-27 01:07
Germany ndeah 
french or jerman Edit: actually spanish will be really useful for you
2020-06-26 20:02
I'd say Chinese, mostly because the pronunciation and reading are both really fucking hard to master, so IMO that's a really good challenge language.
2020-06-26 20:02
chinese isn't a language....
2020-06-26 20:03
us education xD
2020-06-26 20:18
Mandarin is language
2020-06-26 20:50
yeah because there are 300 languages you could call "Chinese". But you wouldn't know that because eu education
2020-06-26 23:07
Sorry, I meant mandarin... I'm a little blazed, but mostly fluent in it. x d
2020-06-26 21:26
How long u learned Chinese for
2020-06-27 00:50
From Kindergarten to 8th grade + 2 years in High School.
2020-06-27 08:47
wtf bro, that's elite education, you have great parents, I learn it by myself.
2020-06-27 11:32
Yeah, I'm really thankful they enrolled me. I'm also just really fortunate to have a successful immersion program right next to me.
2020-06-28 02:07
Russian and German are ugly and have autistic grammar. Do a romance language or a nordic one
2020-06-26 20:02
russian isnt ugly wtf(((( but yes grammar is hard for foreign people
2020-06-30 13:39
France SiiC 
if you wonder which one , no one it will be waste of time
2020-06-26 20:05
2020-06-26 20:06
2020-06-26 20:07
How hard would you say Swedish is? Are there good sources to learn it online? I even changed the language of my phone to Swedish already and I'm ready to start learning it, I just don't know where to start from and how difficulty it is compared to English.
2020-06-30 13:59
imo Duolingo is pretty good for learning any language. I've only used it for Italian though. People say Swedish is harder to learn than English, but that probably because they are used to English grammar. Norwegian and Swedish grammar is pretty similar afaik. You'll probably mostly have to learn the new words and the correct pronounciations. Non-nordics have a tough time with how we pronounce a few of our letters, as well as å ä and ö. For example the "sk"-sound is tough for them. Englishmen just starting off learning Swedish also substitute "the" with "den", which is only correct sometimes. There is no direct translation of "the" in Swedish, it's instead substituted with a "-en" or "-et" suffix. For example, "the pear" would be "päronet", and "the car" would be "bilen". A lot of non-Swedes would probably be inclined to say "det päron" or "den bil" instead.
2020-06-30 14:55
Sounds like a challenge. But, English is not my first language, so who knows, might not be impossible for me.
2020-06-30 15:13
Are you fakeflagging or are you Norwegian? If so it's gonna be pretty easy. There are a lot of Norwegians living in Sweden who have no accent or anything, you'd think they were born Swedish.
2020-06-30 15:20
Fake flag.
2020-06-30 15:20
Ah alright. In that case I think it's gonna be a bit harder. But go for it! In my experience Duolingo is pretty good. It works by learning by failing, so you learn from your grammar mistakes so you don't remake them.
2020-06-30 15:39
Do you have any tips?
2020-06-30 18:49
Don't get too frustrated with failing the questions, that's the point. Just try to remember what you did wrong and improve the next time. Also say the words and phrases out loud if you have the possibility. Really helps to understand them.
2020-06-30 19:29
spanish would be hella usefull
2020-06-26 20:47
Italian Come to Italy :)
2020-06-26 20:49
dutch gl btw
2020-06-26 20:51
ropz | 
Argentina rawe1337 
Well if you're Brazilian go for Spanish
2020-06-26 21:02
2020-06-26 21:29
lsd | 
Uruguay SydBarrett 
Spanish, easy to learn for portuguese speakers and one of the most widely spoken languages on the world
2020-06-26 21:47
lol the russians voting for Russian
2020-06-26 22:15
They wanna this guy to suffer xD
2020-06-27 00:54
actually chinese is the best cause they are stupid if you can speak chinese and worship chinese communism you can earn 1000 dollars a day
2020-06-26 22:19
i'm planning to earn it🤣
2020-06-27 11:33
Spain LoLaZo 
if you want to understand your teammates in csgo go for russian or ukranian, full of kids shouting the microphone
2020-06-26 22:19
actually did it . i had a notepad with russian words opened on my 2nd monitor while playing so i can give info or understand positions
2020-06-26 22:27
damn boiii
2020-06-30 13:40
Finnish , it's easy to learn and very useful
2020-06-26 22:25
Hungary subzera 
+1 you can argue why jamppi should be unbanned with it
2020-06-26 23:10
asian language
2020-06-26 22:25
french... idk but french sounds dope
2020-06-26 22:27
Hungary subzera 
german is a challenge russian is a challenge challenge hungarian is a challenge challenge challenge
2020-06-26 23:10
why do you have such a unique language for a european country?
2020-06-27 09:11
Spain LoLaZo 
because its europe
2020-06-30 13:22
For SA Spanish would be great. And it won't be hard for you And don't try to learn Ruski if you don't wanna your head to explode
2020-06-27 00:52
Why would it explode lol
2020-06-27 01:08
Imagine foreigner learning padeji And Imagine explaining to foreigner why table is masculine and fork is feminine
2020-06-27 01:18
Believe me, the genders in my languages are much harder than in Russian...
2020-06-27 01:32
i think ruski kinda ez and sounds good (have few ruski and half ruski friends)
2020-06-27 01:13
I know a lot of foreigner students here in my city (from India, Colombia, Egypt) and all of them saying its very hard language to learn
2020-06-27 01:20
maybe if u have to learn it in few weeks but when ure somewhere where u hear any language few times a day u it doesn´t feel that hard after all and somepoint u start to learn it by ur self. Works with any language and effects most at young age
2020-06-27 01:23
Yep at young age is really easy. I moved to Russia at age 5 and I spoke only Bulgarian Now I'm 21 and Russian is my first language and I almost forgot Bulgarian. So if you wanna your kid to be linguist just travel enough all around the world
2020-06-27 01:29
2020-06-27 01:29
Do you understand Bulgarian?
2020-06-27 01:33
still understand but can't talk properly
2020-06-27 01:34
Russia win73ry 
Would you like to get back to the native level again, though?
2020-06-27 11:37
I think Russian is more useful. 300 millions people speaks Russian and 10 millions Bulgarian. Sometimes I like to speak Bulgarian with parents on public so people won't understand us, but usually I'm happy with Russian.
2020-06-27 15:08
turkish mens 😉👌
2020-06-27 01:07
So he will become your gelin, right?
2020-06-27 01:08
Turkey TheTurks! 
russian girls are best at that
2020-06-27 02:34
finnish, i can help u son <3
2020-06-27 01:11
Yes very ez language too!
2020-06-27 08:21
2020-06-27 09:19
russian so you can actually play cs
2020-06-27 01:14
Cyprus xiq 
whos ur favorits engars in the worldz ? i like John Travolta and his other frend smelengar jacksn or smthg ljke, plz comment ur favorites down bellows
2020-06-27 01:20
2020-06-27 01:31
Australia csRIOTgo 
Danish so you all can play like Astralis
2020-06-27 01:35
2020-06-27 01:51
s1mple | 
Czech Republic Max1gg 
Czech Very usefull and easy .)
2020-06-27 02:16
Spain LoLaZo 
yes maybe to pick up some girls on the street, you know
2020-06-30 13:30
Netherlands Bogdanoff 
Dutch is so easy so quick so fast to learn!!! One of easiest languages to speak and Read by far!!!
2020-06-27 02:31
French,Russian or German.
2020-06-27 02:36
If you plan on staying in Brazil, spanish is a really good option, since business are always looking for people who speak portuguese and spanish in sout hamerica.
2020-06-27 02:37
United States vs3veN 
I suggest an Asian language since It's going to be useful someday I believe, but I'm Chinese myself so I might be a little bit bias... I think Chinese or Japanese is good option, Chinese is harder to learn compare to Japanese in my opinion if you are from a western country, but it's all up to you anyways
2020-06-27 02:39
Italy kevin_brot 
how many years does it take to masterise chinese? i've read it's like 7 years ou of china environment
2020-06-27 02:48
United States vs3veN 
I'm not quite sure tbh... It's easier if you are in the environment, but def not ez to achieve I think Chinese is really hard... It's hard to speak because of the tones, hard to write because it's complicated. If you'd like to, you could try Japanese first, there is a kind of version of Japanese called Kanji looks almost like Chinese
2020-06-27 02:58
my female close friend, speaks Chinese, and it sounds weird, but interesting. She even taught me some hieroglyphs, it was pretty fun:D
2020-06-30 13:49
Italy kevin_brot 
Mandarin for sure
2020-06-27 02:45
United States yghj 
2020-06-27 02:52
If youre Portuguese you can learn Spanish in like a week and then French in about month, then go for ruski👍
2020-06-27 03:01
french or russian beautiful languages
2020-06-27 03:04
Italiano è molto bello anche
2020-06-27 09:02
sì amico <3
2020-06-27 10:08
rare to see a foreigner who considers russian a beautiful language
2020-06-27 09:23
i love pushkin
2020-06-27 10:07
Great Lithuanian language for sure
2020-06-27 08:55
2020-06-27 08:58
Jerman ofc
2020-06-27 09:02
spanish gives u the biggest opportunity
2020-06-27 09:10
French, spanish, german, chinese, russian, arabic. One of these
2020-06-27 09:22
A Chinese language for career purposes.
2020-06-27 09:30
Netherlands PasscaLl 
Dutch ofc
2020-06-27 10:10
Russia Syonamaru 
2020-06-27 10:12
Hebrew, best language, you will get hired as ceo everywhere if u speak hebrew
2020-06-27 10:19
Turkey yunus06 
If you learn Turkish, you will have 80 million siblings.
2020-06-27 10:24
Turkey heilung 
Hungarian or altai language
2020-06-27 10:24
I think knowing these two languages is sufficient, there's no need to learn random languages for no reason, only if you know you'll use it in the future. I'm surprised people chose russian in majority because it's useless, like any other language, unless you'll need it)) It's better to study sciences and things like that imo
2020-06-27 10:32
"every language is useless unless you need it" yea it is a big brain time xddd
2020-06-30 13:51
yea, "big brain time" although the author of the thread doesn't seem to understand what I said, because otherwise he wouldn't create this thread to ask this stupid qustion
2020-06-30 14:58
2020-06-27 10:34
learn Polish
2020-06-27 10:36
German is probably the 2nd most important language in Europe. But if you are aiming for a more international language you should go with Spanish (Latin-America) or possibly French (Africa-Oceania) Mandarin could always be an option (so are Japanese and Korean) - but I never felt those languages. Turkish and or Arabian would be nice gimmicks - especially since Portugal is relatively close to arabian countries. I like Russian - it's easy to learn and gives you basic communication skills over all Slavic Languages. Russian culture ist not as far off as Asian/Middle-Eastern Culture but still far enough to be something "different". Hope this supported your decision making. Have a nice day!
2020-06-27 10:45
Russia Syonamaru 
Russian - it's really easy to learn for u? Usually they say that Russian is the second most difficult language after Chinese to study ..
2020-06-27 10:47
Russia Syonamaru 
By the way, Russian culture is very far from Arabic / Middle Eastern. The only close ones are the Tatars (residents of Kazan) or Caucasian nations like Chechens. But they have their own language. In Russian, there are almost no borrowings from Arabic. Mostly from European languages ​​(French, English, Deutch, etc)
2020-06-27 10:53
I think you misunderstood me. When I said their[russian] "culture" is not far off - i meant that it is rather close to western european culture while still being something different. Asian/Middle-Eastern cultures might leave you with a "culture shock as everything can be quite different. An regarding the language: i am a german native - and german is arguably the most complex language when it comes to sentences, words and meanings. In addition to Russian having basically only three tenses there is a considerable amount of german, english and french words hidden - which makes learning the basics quite intuitive for me. The only tjing i've ever had problems with are the aspects - and as far as im concerned nobody cares about them anyways :D
2020-06-29 00:45
Russia Syonamaru 
Thanks for the clarification. I understand what you mean. Usually, Russian learners are confused by the order of words in the sentence (since it is not fixed) and the spelling of some words is very long, but since you are Austrian you have words even longer (like Bundespräsidentenstichwahlwiederholungsverschiebung) XD
2020-06-29 06:43
people told me german is hard language to learn but as long you dont want to step me you welcome :))
2020-06-27 10:54
stab me*
2020-06-27 11:35
Tatar language.
2020-06-27 11:34
Sweden GeT_CoRrEcT 
2020-06-27 11:36
mandarin ofc
2020-06-27 11:38
Hindi or Sanskrit, may be
2020-06-27 15:57
chinese if you are not wealthy
2020-06-28 08:32
try kazakh language and become tier 1 human being
2020-06-30 13:39
paz | 
Turkey Bledasgo 
Turkish :D:D:D
2020-06-30 13:50
Turkey TheKaiser 
2020-06-30 13:51
Chinese. In 100 years 80% of this planet will be speaking chinese.
2020-06-30 17:06
Finland 7ones 
After you have taken Spanish(easy) go with Chinese for most extra benefit. If you are lazier French is also ok, as it is spoken by almost 300 million ppl worldwide and it is a lot easier for you to learn than Chinese (takes twice as much effort to get the same skills).
2020-06-30 18:55
well, better focus on the most spoke languages in the world, Russiam. Spanish. French, german, arabic...
2020-06-30 18:58
French/Spanish/Italian/Scandinavian language (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish)
2020-07-02 11:18
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