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fRoD defends leaf
Malaysia Suno[t] #1 NA GOAT awper vs random streamer
2020-06-28 22:14
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Malaysia Suno[t]
2020-06-28 22:22
at this point everybody outside mibr blind fanclub knows gaules is dead wrong
2020-07-07 06:09
Lithuania arres
About what? Cheating? Doubt it
2020-07-07 07:40
We need Dan M to investigate.
2020-07-07 20:46
its his problem, i dont see anything like wooa that guy got rekt.
2020-07-07 13:25
Argentina druwugs
no idea who that is and didn't open the image but he's right edit: no idea who that is but what a god
2020-06-28 22:23
Literally a 1.6 legend lol? EDIT: well, now you edited your message lol. Anyways.
2020-06-28 22:32
Argentina druwugs
I have no fucking idea about 1.6 my man
2020-06-28 22:38
United Kingdom an0^_^ There you go bud, educate yourself ;)
2020-07-07 17:28
I don't agree with gaules but he was a 1.6 pro too
2020-06-28 22:46
Well yes, i know who Gaules is. Look at the difference though. fR0D is a legend for coL etc, Gaules is just a "1.6 pro" like you said as well lol.
2020-06-28 22:48
na legend lol
2020-07-07 03:53
Well w/e, he won the most in coL.
2020-07-07 03:55
NA was a powerhouse in 1.6 lol
2020-07-07 07:38
nah not rly. they had only 1-2 competetive teams most of the time...
2020-07-07 07:47
true, but coL was the best team in the world for almost 2 years and when shaguar/method joined 3D NA had 2 of the top 5 teams in the World for about 9 months.
2020-07-07 17:46
yea sure. i didnt want to bash NA cs scene back in the days or something but calling it powerhouse is way too much imo
2020-07-07 17:47
definitely not a powerhouse as a region overall. formidable and championship contenders from 2004-2007ish? yes. however, if you look at some of those final CPL tourney results NA had same amount of top 10 finishes as EU. Rival, MIBR, united5 at one point.
2020-07-07 17:50
yea for sure. i remember when i was watching young n0thing. amazing player with no fear at all. good old days
2020-07-07 17:52
a 1.6 legend? lmao
2020-07-07 07:35
Yes? You probably started playing CSGO when CZ came out lol.
2020-07-07 12:22
kid I was part of the before cs:go. NA players were not that well known in 1.6, EG was a well known organization thanks to their early partnership with some good brands but still they were not at the same level of an EU team.
2020-07-07 16:27
"kid". I started playing Counter Strike when 1.2 was out rofl. But nice try. "NA players were not that well known in 1.6" LMFAO? dboorN? n0thing? Irukandji? Warden? Storm? Rambo? fRoD? shaGuar? And even more. Obviously NA teams wasnt on the same level as EU teams lol. EU teams, and especially Sweden, dominated in 1.6.
2020-07-07 16:35
Signed up 2020-04-28 you are just a kid.
2020-07-07 17:26
KEK, so signed up date = kid. Seems legit. I have used Reddit before, recently quit that. Signed up 2007 at Reddit at the age of 14. But ok.
2020-07-07 17:31
We talk here, not reddit. kid you are a cringy person. ok, you know everything about 1.6, happy? "KEK" btw, a meme or short o a twitch thing, which is also childish.
2020-07-07 17:54
Eh? Where did i say that i knew everything about 1.6? I didnt. Cringy person? Says the guy that mentions someones sign up date rofl. No shit that we are talking on HTLV? I just stated that i have been a reddit user until basically now.
2020-07-07 17:55
go back to reddit
2020-07-25 13:57
how in the fucking world could you put dboorn in that group? you clearly know nothing about 1.6. NA 1.6 was pre-ESEA. NA 1.6 died with CGS when all CAL-Invite teams went to participate in the first professionally contracted CS league. The scene died. It came back weak as absolute fuck, in ESEA league, where a completely washed up complexity played as EG vs. CAL-P/M mixes...
2020-07-07 17:48
"how in the fucking world could you put dboorn in that group?" In the "well known" category? lol? Because he was well known? Rofl. And once again, where the fuck did i say "NA 1.6 SCENE BESTEREST!!!!!!!!!"? I didnt. I said that they had players that we all know of, and then mentioned some. I even said: "Obviously NA teams wasnt on the same level as EU teams lol. EU teams, and especially Sweden, dominated in 1.6." Please learn how to read and then respond back, ty and bye.
2020-07-07 17:50
Please learn how to read and then respond back. Anyone arguing about how good NA CS was by using the ESEA league era history clearly knows nothing about NA CS. Dboorn was a shitty CAL-m/p player and a known cheater before CAL and the cs 1.6 scene died in NA. It never came back. 1 washed up EG roster playing in a couple of international tournaments meant nothing. When we talk of NA 1.6. We definitely don't fucking include dboorN in a list with the same players you mentioned. Or Irukandji. These players never touched Invite until the game died. They were CAL-P players. Equivalent to Advanced/MDL players. With only online results and who bombed out of every local LAN. If you want to talk about other NA players that belong in that list. You would list the best NA 1.6 player of all time, dotheM......or Elude, Stevenson, m4gic, i0nz, hanes, exodus, patyojon, ph33r, medias......literally any Invite player from the final few seasons of NA CALeague would be on that list before fucking Irukandji or dboorN..
2020-07-07 17:57
"Please learn how to read and then respond back." Says the guy calling me a "kid" and also clearly didnt read that i never said that NA scene was gigantic rofl. "Anyone arguing about how good NA CS was by using the ESEA league era history" When or where did i do that? I used LAN stats lol. And once again, where did i compare NA and EU scene? I didnt, i said: "Obviously NA teams wasnt on the same level as EU teams lol. EU teams, and especially Sweden, dominated in 1.6." Try again.
2020-07-07 18:01
You're referring to dboorN in a list of legendary NA players as one of the known 1.6 players arguing about how 1.6 players from the past aren't known. dboorN, in the NA 1.6 scene, is known as a low level semi-pro who played in the most watered down professional league in NA cs history. A big player in the frag-N-emo private club of former CAL-P/I cheaters.. He is as irrelevant to the NA 1.6 scene as I was. Since I played against him and stomped on him in CAL-P multiple times before the entire scene literally died.
2020-07-07 18:06
"You're referring to dboorN in a list of legendary NA players" "Legendary"? Where did i say that it was a list of legendary players? The fuck? I said "Well known", YOU said "legendary" because YOU think they are legendary, lol. Clown.
2020-07-07 18:08
No, you illiterate fuck. I'm explaining to you that dboorN was nowhere near as well known as any of those players. If you want to talk about well know players from NA 1.6. Don't use dboorN. It shows you don't know anything about NA 1.6.
2020-07-07 18:11
"I'm explaining to you that dboorN was nowhere near as well known as any of those players" He was still well known. Not as much as the others obviously. Yes me picking one player that was known = not knowing anything about NA 1.6 XD dude you are funny, go get your meds and calm down. Anyways. Ignored, bye.
2020-07-07 18:16
lmao. 14 year olds...
2020-07-07 18:17
uses EG when referencing fRoD...thinks he knows about CS 1.6
2020-07-07 17:46
true, n0thing sure we know him because of the frag movie and the insane nuke wallbangs. but frod, please...
2020-07-07 17:52
Uses EG? I know that fRoD was a coL player as well lol? But he played for over 3 years in EG lol. And yes, he obviously won the most in coL. Especially during 2007.
2020-07-07 18:03
Anything referencing ESEA league and NA 1.6 is a joke. The league was created to make money in an attempt to save the platform after the entire scene died. EG was the only professional caliber team from the NA 1.6 scene in that league. Everyone else quit after CGS failed. Literally every team from CAL-P/I stopped playing the game. 98% of the Pro community retired. Using EG in ESEA league to defend yourself about how you know about the 1.6 scene, is embarrassing.
2020-07-07 18:10
Gaules is just the biggest streamer of the world
2020-06-28 22:37
In mass yeah?
2020-06-28 22:44
"Over the past week" "watched channels". This isn't showing who's the biggest streamers dude, are you fcking stupid? Oh wait... nvm
2020-06-29 19:57
Lithuania arres
Subtle jab at br?
2020-07-07 07:41
what does then?
2020-07-07 07:52
Well 1 more reliable metric, in my opinion, is just amount of followers (on active streamers). If you're only going to look at the amount of hours watched over a WEEK's time then you're already eliminating popular streamers that are on vacation for instance. And people that are running events or is doing something special on stream is going to have a huge a "advantage" in appearing more popular than they actually are. (Not that Gaules would care, he'd probably see this and think of himself as even more of a god than he thinks he is.)
2020-07-07 13:22
replies must have actual content. he is rn the biggest streamer on twitch. " you're already eliminating popular streamers that are on vacation for instance." KAKAAKAKAKKAAKk
2020-07-07 19:28
There is no point arguing with you. I've never seen a Portuguese person that wanted to be Brazilian so bad. Usually it's the other way around. Honestly seems to me a lot of Brazilians on hltv suffer from the mongrel complex. But you have the mongrel complex, but in reverse
2020-07-07 19:38
how come? why does it look like i wanna be brazilian just because i said that he is the biggest streamer?? your argument was " you're already eliminating popular streamers that are on vacation for instance." tell me 1 fucking streamer on vacation right now. and what does the number of followers have anything to do with it, by that logic the biggest twitch streamers are ninja and shroud
2020-07-07 19:48
Frod was the Guardian of NA in 1.6
2020-07-07 03:33
Who is froad
2020-06-28 22:24
Froad rekt cogu and fallen
2020-06-28 22:45
who is froad
2020-06-28 22:52
Froad rekt fox too
2020-06-28 23:00
:( froad goat then
2020-06-29 16:09
fRoD vs 4Kings on cbble. One of the best POV's ive ever seen
2020-06-29 17:41
gotta check it out
2020-06-29 19:55
Malaysia Suno[t]
2020-07-07 16:09
Really real
2020-07-25 13:16
Malaysia Suno[t]
oh my god someone that gets it
2020-07-25 13:46
Lithuania arres
Havent you watched lord of the rings?
2020-07-07 07:42
gaules is mo.....?
2020-06-28 22:24
...nice guy
2020-06-29 00:17
mo bamba?
2020-07-07 04:26
he is the key of bra71l scene
2020-07-07 04:54
i think is salah
2020-07-07 17:37
💵🔑? Reply needs to have actual content
2020-07-07 20:55
bra71lians please leave the internet
2020-06-28 22:25
2020-06-28 22:25
Gaules is a Brazilian twitch streamer who happens to be a man child with a large following he recently weaponized his fans to attack a 16 year old pro for playing bad because brcs has won every match in their life
2020-06-28 22:30
I meant frod, who is him
2020-06-28 23:39
na legend 1.6 awper
2020-06-28 23:59
o nice
2020-06-29 00:15
Sweden dogtown
His pov on cbble vs 4k is the best in the history of cs
2020-07-07 05:57
2020-07-08 18:06
i dont understand the point of gaules just posting that picture. teams lose, and? someone should just post a picture of MIBRs loss under his tweet
2020-06-28 22:25
Only means that the pug team is way better than LULBR
2020-06-28 22:25
Gaules is a joke.
2020-06-28 22:25
"If you want to test a man's character, give him power" - Locker boy, 1923 -Gaules +Jason
2020-06-28 22:33
lockerboy was always a wise man
2020-06-28 22:37
It's true though
2020-06-29 00:17
2020-06-28 22:27
Germany BIG2020
Gaules virgin manchild.
2020-06-28 22:28
cyx | 
World HRQ1
how many people defend cheaters, what to expect from a team led by steel? simply cs cancer HAHAHAHAHA
2020-06-28 22:30
Yugoslavia RiggedShit
Everyone knows that brazil cant behave
2020-06-28 22:30
it's like everyone hates each other but when it comes to br, eu na asia au everyone will unite to remind that br is trash xd
2020-06-28 22:33
Finland Emvi
For a reason
2020-06-28 22:34
dude I agree I am not a Brazilian I wanna trigger them fake flagging baiting everything
2020-06-28 22:35
Lol congrats fRoD from legend you became persona non grata
2020-06-28 22:31
Why is he not scared to lose streaming rights to matches?
2020-06-28 22:32
brazillian alinity ? maybe someone on Twitch is gay so they thought gaules is better
2020-06-28 22:34
Because he gets 400k viewers while official stream gets 50k lol
2020-06-28 22:43
It's not like they give it to him you know? He buys the rights to stream.
2020-07-07 20:21
Frod vs. 4Kings on cbble. One of the best POV's I've ever seen
2020-06-28 22:34
Malaysia Suno[t]
lmao #4 is that real?
2020-06-28 22:36
expected from a country with an average iq of 80
2020-06-28 22:35
At this point, it's pretty much given gaules is an asshat.
2020-06-28 22:36
So did EliGe, the best american player.
2020-06-28 22:38
Chile esanchez47
What an asshole Gaules is
2020-06-28 22:41
How sharing his opnion on twitter makes him jury, judge and executioner? Are all americans such huge fucking gaping pussies or is this Just the latest cultural trend? God damnit stop embarassing yourselves lmao
2020-06-28 22:53
The only embarrassments on the internet, and on the planet, are Brazilians. big. fcking. yikes. the lot of ye.
2020-06-29 20:02
Yes brazilanos cringe xdddd yikes what a disgrace to the human race im not 14yo average iq pakistani boy btw i swear
2020-07-07 03:29
He weaponizes a fan base lol
2020-06-29 20:05
weaponizing a fanbase, not exclusively in csgo and br cs is always regarded as a dick head move
2020-07-07 05:37
gaules is a straight retard. completely agree with the NA GOAT fRoD (imo NA GOAT is n0thing).
2020-06-29 00:21
Gaules keep your head up champ. Fuck what these retired clowns think.
2020-06-29 19:59
2020-07-07 03:33
Lekr0 | 
Sweden Onkov
Who tf is gaules even
2020-06-29 20:01
Gaules disband
2020-07-07 03:33
fRoD vs. 4 Kings on cbble best POV I’ve ever seen FROG
2020-07-07 03:56
Sweden dogtown
Ye best ever 🙂
2020-07-07 05:58
Malaysia Suno[t]
oh my god this must be the most oldest cs meme in history hahahahhaha I am in tears how so many people still remember it
2020-07-07 16:10
Gaules from Brasil though
2020-07-07 04:00
Portugal astacp
he doesnt need to be a judge to show his opinion tho. he was the one beeing disrespectful by not even saying his name correctly.
2020-07-07 04:01
remember frod’s vid with coL where he looked out of place as all hell while wearing a suit
2020-07-07 04:02
Argentina iamNOTgay
gaules is a scumbag.
2020-07-07 04:31
fRoD was always a good guy, too bad he was born in the wrong gen - if he was born towards GO , he would've been kennyS x2
2020-07-07 04:37
roflmaooooooo overhyped noob that farmed NA dead competition where even ladies teams could take series
2020-07-07 06:29
Nice try, you never watched fRoD and you try to say BS like that.
2020-07-07 15:10
as soon as cs started having more competitive scene he fell off and became completely irrelevant overrated noob
2020-07-07 17:41
umm, he was still the best NA player by far even in 2012?
2020-07-07 17:44
best NA player in 2012 still would barely make it into top 50 world 2012 but w/e
2020-07-07 17:51
LOL, you're beyond delusional.
2020-07-07 18:09
he is retard men don't mind him
2020-07-07 20:33
Frod is clearly a racist for attacking a minority streamer
2020-07-07 04:41
gaules biggest streamer, not to mention he speaks portuguese, imagine if he spoke english, cs 1.6 player for g3x and mibr... frod what?
2020-07-07 05:55
I’m not a fucking CS historian but fRoD is more successful
2020-07-07 05:59
Gaules probably makes per month what frod makes a year.
2020-07-07 06:25
Malaysia Suno[t]
gaules makes more money than most cs legends like cogu, ruuit, msx, potti, heaton, elemeNt, ksharp, rambo, trace etc2 still doesn't him make more successful than them
2020-07-07 07:26
Canada thech0sen1
frod beat/played against mibr and g3x in 1.6 not sure if guales was on either team back then though... regardless. frod is more accomplished in 1.6 than guales.
2020-07-07 06:00
Gaules is the biggest streamer- no he isn't, only at certain games at other times and all times he is no where near that viewership. He speaks Portuguese true, why should I imagine he spoke English that's his own fault and I doubt he would appeal to any English speaking crowds he's a garbage streamer for teenage Brazilian kids to watch. He played in 1.6 but was a filler player and a nobody, he isn't a cogu or fnx etc, none gives 2 shits about Gaules in 1.6, fRod is a legend in 1.6 same as cogu some of the best players ever.
2020-07-07 06:49
Lmao, gaules should get over and stfu already.
2020-07-07 06:51
I like how he intentionally misspelled 'gaules' as 'guales', what an alfa 😎
2020-07-07 07:43
guy should have done his research before choosing the side of such a blatant kiddo
2020-07-07 13:27
2020-07-07 16:15
gaules ugly boomer
2020-07-07 17:54
People used to call fRoD a cheater too back in the day. Props to him.
2020-07-07 19:41
Maybe fRoD did actually cheat aswell since he defend a blatant one. Wouldn't suprise me at all.
2020-07-07 19:44
This manchild will never stop it because that's what gives him money
2020-07-07 20:24
LMAO gaules deleted the tweet
2020-07-07 20:30
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