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Hello I'm a Dota player just broke into top 200 SEA leaderboard. If I try harder then I may go pro, but in our country no one cares about Dota anymore, it's just pubg mobile and freefire. I'm a decent pubgm player, and would be able to get into a team by grinding daily. I'm good in studies, don't have to worry about it. The situation is- should I follow my passion or follow what the situation shows you? This thing is applicable for every phase of life.
2020-06-29 15:34
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nEGRo | 
Germany Alibaba! 
I would go for Dota.
2020-06-29 15:35
But the thing is in my country, Dota is practically dead
2020-06-29 15:36
nEGRo | 
Germany Alibaba! 
I play game that I love, not what people do. Even if I wouldn't have a chance 'cause game is dead, I would still get fun which is better.
2020-06-29 15:37
Thank you for your words
2020-06-29 15:40
nEGRo | 
Germany Alibaba! 
2020-06-29 15:40
Brazil EnVyiwnl 
+1, thats a fakin polite, smart big fan!
2020-06-29 15:50
hardstyle | 
Spain rmkx 
start a scam call centre, get rich, don't work ever again.
2020-06-29 15:35
2020-06-29 15:36
Maldives Valorant 
If you actually have talent you should try to go pro. The question is do you really have talent or is it just ego?
2020-06-29 15:36
2020-06-29 15:37
I dunno if I have talent or not, I would see that if I actually start grinding it for 6-7 hours daily. My dotabuff
2020-06-29 15:39
But how good in studies
2020-06-29 16:39
Go dota.
2020-06-29 15:36
India mr_magician 
dont try to become pro, you wont get any support from anyone being it organisation or society. if you are good in studies, focus on that with gaming as passion in sideline rather than profession. dont take it otherwise, but it is sad truth and you know it too
2020-06-29 15:37
That's what I'm saying. I've been basically a nerd thought my life, studying and playing games. No, I won't drop my studies for games though.
2020-06-29 15:39
India mr_magician 
so dont think of going pro in esports. you'll lose opportunities of good jobs as well. but ofc last decision will be yours. i would just advise you to think hard before taking any big step. good luck
2020-06-29 15:42
+1 sad truth in India and it won't change anytime in the near future atleast if ur good in studies, that is all you will need here
2020-06-29 15:39
India mr_magician 
yes. even venom said about this in his video and advised to not to think about going pro in esports unless you are from super rich family or like that
2020-06-29 15:44
My family supports me as long as I continue my studies. They understood that things have changed a lot regarding video games in past few years. I hope that I make it.
2020-06-29 16:22
good luck bro
2020-06-29 16:25
Bymas | 
Lithuania Janbob 
Follow your passion please
2020-06-29 15:38
Switzerland OHMOHM 
Since dota2 is dead in your country, you should reach top10 first then find a decent SEA team Or #2
2020-06-29 15:40
I'm planning to do that. Min top 10. Then no one can stop me :)
2020-06-29 15:44
So how did you get into top 200 ? Top 200 i assume bout 6k5 mmr or its 7k now ? My question will be >how did u get there? >able to play all role or only focused on 1 role ? >how talented ur to go pro ? remember if south east asia mainly pinoy produce a number of good players , even if India player ever thinks bout Dota will they be able to beat filipino teams ? The best is to relocate to different country but its depends on how good ur for them to get you
2020-06-29 15:40
It's 8k mmr, but I think I dropped out of 200 mark. I generally fill up roles that the team doesn't want to play, but I like to play offllane/ support. Yes, I play mostly with Malays and Pinoys, but don't know that fact that I will be able to beat Pinoy teams or not. Maybe, I get a min salary I can tp to other country.
2020-06-29 15:53
for me its depends on how active is ur Lan tournament at ur country for u to be able to achieve anything 1] is it possible to get 5 man india stack to tryhard maybe achieve Minor > major > Teeye target? 2] able to maintain number 1 in India for 6 months ? winning every single tournament regardless Lan or online ? If u cant be able to achieve any of those in ur country, then might as well check ur option else where , but ur skill set has to high enough to be offered . because some country as massive talent but lack of opportunity, [ refering to philipines i dont really know any organization willing to take risk and create a new team in Sea with proper structure and salary , but then u can slowly try to make friends with some player u find decent enough to go tryhard if nothing happens, just tryhard and grind mmr till someone notice you , make some connections with pro players , regardless Tier 2 or Tier 3 who knows they might need Standin in near future . You shine = people notice = you get offer
2020-06-29 15:52
There is a stack of semi pros playing, but they are full. Except that no indian team plays in the qualifiers. In our country for now, lans have stopped. I just turned 18 last year so I didn't go out and play in lans. I'm trying to make connections with other pros, basically I've been grinding soloq since my start as a Dota player. Not many indians are high enough in these rankings. Seems like I have to go to last option, I will try getting at least top10 in leaderboard and then people can consider. There's a dearth of support players in SEA.
2020-06-29 15:58
yes going top10 is good thing , you will get noticed but you have to maintain thou Oh semi pros and its full , so you gotta wait unless they know ur good enough to replace their current teammate. But you have advantage as ur just 18 .
2020-06-29 16:05
and btw how young are you ? got experience in competitive play ?
2020-06-29 15:54
I'm 18, no experience in lans, except in online qualifiers. I played with a Indonesian stack but our midlaner quit play for jobs.
2020-06-29 16:00
since ur 18 , dont think too much and keep grinding Keep grinding to improve your skill / game play / decision making and of course widen your network , be nice and dont be toxic. Time will tell , give a shot of 1 year of pure grinding if ur unable to assemble 5 man stack Did you try to advertise in discord if anyone need stand in ? U can try posting in FB group , looking for 5 man stack or anyone willing to take ur as standin for online tournament , slowly u can make friends or ur own stack that you think good enough to compete. Or maybe try to get another mid to replace the former who quit for job ?
2020-06-29 16:03
I'm think I'm lacking in making networks, as I never thought I would be good enough to be a pro. No I never advertised in discord/FB groups, but here the community knows me as a rare indian support player. I tried to make a indian only 5 stack, but not everyone is just good enough. No, recently we set a target to get into top 50(and our carry achieved that) and we have been grinding pubs thought the pandemic. Once, the dpc majors start, we can play in the open qualifiers. Basically what I planned is, I will get into top 50 in a year, then top 10. I believe that they will definitely consider me then.
2020-06-29 16:12
what top 50 ? top50 teams in Gosu rank ? or top 50 Leaderboard ? So i assume its top50 leaderboard tahts good target tbh as expected getting 5 man who shares the same skill set , same vision , same grinding or tryharding is quite difficult maybe can try the hard part of getting maybe lower mmr players [ 5k5 -6k ] who wants to grind n go further but age shouldnt be any older then 19 . Slowly grow from there as 5 man india stack . But this kinda things need to have experience leader in team . and yes goin around discourd and FB group is a good thing Tell them what ur looking for and whats ur target.
2020-06-29 16:27
another option will be joining lower tier team as their star player
2020-06-29 16:29
Do it man
2020-06-29 15:42
I'm trying, if GH and miracle did it then why not me?
2020-06-29 15:46
Follow your passion. At least that's what one of the most smartest psychologist says.
2020-06-29 15:43
Thank you
2020-06-29 15:48
Go pro on pubgm if you get money from it
2020-06-29 16:05
allu | 
India somecunt 
Too much money in pubgm in India, last year a former top player of India made 1 million$ just by streaming and living standards in India is different from west so that was a lot.
2020-06-29 16:11
You taking about mortal, I guess.
2020-06-29 16:14
allu | 
India somecunt 
Yes #mortalOP
2020-06-29 16:15
The problem is the tournaments don't offer much money and ppl here respect content creators more than pro players. Also there are too many content creators. Morning day and night you will see a pubgm stream with 6k current viewers, forget about the top streamers.
2020-06-29 16:17
Well i suggest that you follow your passion and if thats dota then go for it but if you want to make money playing games it sounds like you have to go with pubgm. But either way I wish you good luck! Also if you have some spare time could you check out my first song on spotify? It would really make my day and if you like it share with your friends and family and add it to your playlist. Thanks! <3 Search in spotify: DJ Lockjaw - universe
2020-06-30 07:48
United Kingdom Wulfies 
Go pro in india man, make your self known. Surely there is a low tier dota team somewhere there, Stay away from any applications called word.exe.
2020-06-29 16:06
Haha, thanks, it's definitely hard but I will do it
2020-06-29 16:15
United States NoahN 
Obviously go with Dota. It's a real game, not an app that will die in a year or two.
2020-06-29 16:06
Thanks for your support
2020-06-29 16:14
Poland TeaToxiC 
If you have a lot of time try going pro in dota
2020-06-29 16:16
I'm only 18
2020-06-29 16:17
You yourself wanna grind Dota, and asking basically to see people cheer you up in that. Did i guess?
2020-06-29 16:23
No, I'm considering my options, because it's a tough decision and requires others opinion
2020-06-29 16:26
Considering #39 i doubt that. Anyways, for me it's not tough at all. Get educated, open possibilities. It may be tempting to opt for a gamer carrier when you're 18, but believe me it won't be so when you'll be 30. Decide for yourself, but keep in mind that there's a huge chance you'll regret about it later.
2020-06-29 16:37
Portugal DeviphZ 
Dota. find a way to get recognized by an international team and just go.
2020-06-29 16:30
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