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Barcelona scammed
Denmark LordHundeN 
AXAXAXAXAXA So Juventus just did this deal with Barcelona: Arthur to Juventus for 72 million + 10 million euro bonus Pjanic to Barcelona for 60 million + 5 million euro bonus What a stupid deal by Barcelona wtf. Now they will have like 4-5 midfielders that are 30-33 years old?? Only de Jong being 23. GGWP Juventus.
2020-06-29 20:06
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Other cxd 
pjanic is almost finished, gg wp whenever he played this season juve was like playing with 10 players
2020-06-29 20:07
u never watch them play then do u lol
2020-06-30 00:52
Other cxd 
i watched almost every single game and pjanic was shit in 98% of them. when he didn't play you could clearly notice how the team played better
2020-06-30 08:57
nice specifics of how he played bad serie a 7 goal contributions from deep role 90% pass completion dictating tempo linking play new manager/style all of juve has played inconsistent give them next season and will be a lot better with/without pjanic
2020-06-30 17:04
f0rest | 
Poland W0JT4Z 
Bartomeu has 20 iq, not scammed
2020-06-29 20:09
acoR | 
Spain kroosw0w 
Honestly it depends on how you look at it. Arthur is 23 yo but Pjanic is better than him atm. Maybe Arthur will never become as good as Pjanic even if he's a lot younger. But yea it's a scam imo
2020-06-29 20:09
Denmark LordHundeN 
" Arthur is 23 yo but Pjanic is better than him atm" Eh....debatable. Still, selling a 7 year younger player that is actually pretty good for a 30 year old is...weird.
2020-06-29 20:32
acoR | 
Spain kroosw0w 
Not really, Pjanic is a better player overall (we all know he has more experience and shit). Selling Arthur is a bad move since he didn't even get the chance to play where he should have played to begin with... was never given his ideal spot to show what he can do but idc I'm a RM fan
2020-06-29 23:44
Brazil JMB_17 
Not really? the entire Barça team is getting old as fuck and you sell a young star for another old player.. let's see how many of these players are still at barcelona 5 years from now
2020-06-30 00:55
acoR | 
Spain kroosw0w 
They're kinda dumb yea, like 90% of the starters will be retired in 5 years
2020-06-30 15:59
Barça what doink? Idc about football tbh
2020-06-29 20:10
+1 lol
2020-06-29 20:13
oBo | 
Japan codv 
chris "chrisj" de jong midfielder?
2020-06-29 20:11
Yes, that's why he plays so bad with mousesports
2020-06-29 20:13
inb4 pjanic drops 100 goals a season.
2020-06-29 20:11
Denmark LordHundeN 
Doubt it, he scored 3 and made 4 assist this season in Serie A. So hes probably gonna do the same in La Liga.
2020-06-29 20:33
them stats show that hes at least dropping 101 goals next season.
2020-06-29 20:38
Russia Windcast 
worst deal
2020-06-29 20:34
Denmark LordHundeN 
2020-06-29 20:35
Damn fuck i really like arthur and they considered him as the next Xavi then why did they let him go?
2020-06-29 20:36
Denmark LordHundeN 
No idea tbh. This deal was very stupid by Barcelona.
2020-06-29 20:59
Luxembourg kng_rdl 
finally a luxembourgish player playing with messi, ez
2020-06-29 20:36
Barcelona still waiting corner kick from Liverpool
2020-06-29 20:37
Romania heyhey12345 
2020-07-01 03:58
Lebanon Dogman69 
pjanic 10x better player than arthur, so deal makes sense, although he is old and has no resale value. dont think it's bad to get pjanic and 12 mil for Arthur
2020-06-29 20:42
Denmark LordHundeN 
"pjanic 10x better player than arthur" lol no. More experienced? Yes obviously. Better? Nah, id say they are isch the same. Pjanic is 7 years older and i bet he has higher salary than Arthur.
2020-06-29 20:59
Barca throwing money around as usual. They don't really care about that.
2020-06-29 21:00
But barca need some experienced midfielders/playmakers to take the place of iniesta and xavi
2020-06-29 21:01
Denmark LordHundeN 
Busquets? Vidal? Rakitic? lol
2020-06-29 21:09
>vidal >good playmaker choose one busquets getting old, rakitic alone not enough and can get injured
2020-06-29 22:38
Denmark LordHundeN 
Well xD Thats why i mentioned 3 mate :) Well, Busquets is "only" 31, 32 in a few weeks. And hes solid AF. Rakitic is rumoured to join Inter, right? If i am not mistaken.
2020-06-29 23:23
yes, rakitic might leave And i meant that busquets isnt like he was when he was 25-26 ,he's not too proactive in the field now
2020-06-29 23:31
Busquets is trash, playing every fucking game in slo mo. Vidal doesn't fit in Barcelona, Rakitic is showing signs of being washed . Pjanic is an actual good player, but trading Arthur to get him is not a good deal at all
2020-07-01 03:39
Denmark LordHundeN 
Busquets is a slow paced player dude? Hes not meant to attack, hes a defensive midfielder, lol?
2020-07-01 03:40
And defensive midfielders are meant to fucking walk around the pitch ?
2020-07-01 17:15
Denmark LordHundeN 
No? But they are not meant to storm up 50km/h in attack and they are not meant to run 50km/h down to the goal line lol. They are meant to be in the middle of the field and run down a bit to help defenders then back up again to the middle of the field.
2020-07-01 17:20
Arthur mustve had bad terms with coaching staff. Fucking dogthrash trade and makes absolutely no sense
2020-06-29 21:01
I don't know about Arthur because I don't watch Barca, but Pjanic has been DREADFUL this season. Obviously they're both cooking the books, but it's better deal for Juve regardless of the quality of the players because 1) Arthur is 7 years younger 2) He's gonna earn less than Pjanic at Juve, meanwhile Pjanic will earn more at Barca
2020-06-29 21:03
Denmark LordHundeN 
Arthur is a very good player. Juventus made a 11/10 deal lol, trust me.
2020-06-29 21:07
griezman suarez messi dejong rakitic pjanic barca should dominate offensively
2020-06-29 21:05
Denmark LordHundeN 
Well, look at the age of those 6 players lol.
2020-06-29 21:13
Brazil ftf123 
barça should dominate a museum
2020-06-29 21:16
Dominate for the next year. Ok pjanic is a nice player, but buying him for that amount of money??? It is by far the worst signing together with griezmann , dembele and coutinho
2020-06-30 00:45
China ene1nz 
tax scheme.
2020-06-29 21:11
barca wtf? how it's possible to transfer only trash players like boateng, arda turan, braithwaite, dembélé, malcom, de jong, lenglet, munir, vermaelen, murillo, andre gomes,and others... bartomeu must go, he destroys this club
2020-06-29 21:15
Barcelona slowly becoming the next AC Milan, filled with old players and destroyed by the board.
2020-06-29 22:45
Denmark LordHundeN 
2020-06-30 00:22
Bartomeu is the best Real Madrid's signing
2020-06-29 23:27
Barca just wants their players to retire all at once, in like 3 years
2020-06-29 23:47
Denmark LordHundeN 
2020-06-30 00:09
dumau | 
Ireland polll 
Can't wait to see Barcelona go to shit after Messi retires
2020-06-29 23:50
Denmark LordHundeN 
xD true. They need to do hella replacements in the striker section when Messi, Suarez and Griezmann leaves/retires lol.
2020-06-30 00:08
Griezmann leaving would be a blessing, if anything.
2020-06-30 00:23
Denmark LordHundeN 
Lmao :D Well maybe yeah. But for what club? :P Hes got 4 years left on his contract, so a club needs to pay big money for him, maybe PSG? As a replacement for Cavani?
2020-06-30 00:25
I could see PSG, maybe Man U or other PL team desperate for a attacking force, sadly Griezmann can´t fit in, almost like a Coutinho situation.
2020-06-30 00:30
Brazil Parttime 
Dude, they done that to bypass the fairplay rules
2020-06-30 00:23
Denmark LordHundeN 
Well, i am talking about Pjanic - Arthur. Imo Arthur is a solid player and Barcelona got a "OK" player in return. Its like the Cancelo - Danilo trade I was like "WTF?" when i saw this trade.
2020-06-30 00:28
Brazil Parttime 
Dude the trade don't make sense, because they done that only to bypass Fairplay rules. Just that :)
2020-06-30 00:32
Still paying +50 mi for Pjanic is a major overpay. I like him as a player, but literally everyone’s economy is getting fucked and Barça keeps throwing excessive amounts of money to buy some players.
2020-07-01 02:22
Brazil Parttime 
C'mon man, it's only to defraud. He's a awesome player, but old and the situation of the world economy...... They did that to gain some breath on the Fairplay financial rules, to don't happen what happened to CITY
2020-07-01 02:28
I know, Pjanic it’s pretty good, but he isn’t worth the same price as Timo Werner, for example. Yes, he’s a great player, specially in free kicks and crossing, but he isn’t a game changer by no means, this is why I call +50m on him being a overpay.
2020-07-01 02:36
France SirC44 
makes sense in terms of accounting; BCN needed cash fast and that makes them able to recognise a profit
2020-06-30 00:28
Germany Neckarstadion 
Barca's board is the most incapable board in the whole world, they are only getting carried by Messi and by the legacy of their club
2020-06-30 00:29
need Eriksen asap
2020-06-30 00:33
they are both bad. barcelona still has 0 good defenders and midfielders.
2020-06-30 00:37
Is real simple, they only care about messi and their last years at the top level, pjanic is perfect for him, they gonna win next 2 UCL
2020-06-30 00:38
Denmark LordHundeN 
Well, Messi is "bye bye" in either 1 year or 3, depends on if hes signing a new contract or not. I know they mentioned in media like 2 weeks ago that Messi is gonna sign a 3 year contract extension with Barcelona, so.
2020-06-30 00:42
And pjanic can play at least 2 more years at the top level, so it's okey
2020-06-30 01:29
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
ez 4 De Jong 😎
2020-06-30 00:39
alex | 
Spain mokerz 
barcelona need fast cash economics are playing in footbal too
2020-06-30 00:41
Denmark LordHundeN 
Well, they "only" got 17 million euro? lol. Thats not exactly much when Messi earns 565.000 euro a week xD
2020-06-30 00:43
alex | 
Spain mokerz 
yes but it is, they are no stupid man, i think they have to pay something now
2020-06-30 01:09
Nepal hpbaxx 
on paper they got 70m for arthur now, pay 60m for pjanic next season (or 4x 15m, 15m for each year of his initial contract). so the current board ends this year with a high enough plus, and doesn't have to pay anything out of their own pocket here's a bit of background to this:
2020-07-01 03:56
Need fast cash? 17 million aint that much in the world of football.. Barca's economics are shit :p Dembele 125mil , and they should be happy if they will recieve 50mil for him. Coutinho 145mil, same story, should be happy if they recieve around 70-80mil for him. That's a loss of 130-140 millions, and what did those players do for barcelona? Right, nothing :p
2020-06-30 00:51
alex | 
Spain mokerz 
ye shit economics, but best team ever touched a field
2020-06-30 01:09
How are they the best team to ever touch a field? Winning champions league only 5 times.. Okay they win la liga a lot, but i think every team prefers winning the biggest competition in the world (CL), above winning their own league, which only exists out of 3-4 contenders..
2020-06-30 01:28
alex | 
Spain mokerz say 1 team 50% better in any year of football history
2020-06-30 01:38
that's only a year lol. You are talking about "ever"... Not saying barca is bad, but i prefer madrid history. As they did what no one else ever did, and that is win the CL 3 times in a row, 4 times in 5 years. Barca's primedays are over, only thing keeping them up is Messi. And they haven't done shit to replace him.
2020-06-30 01:43
alex | 
Spain mokerz 
bro just take a look to that team but one thing is true when messi is over, barcelona is over
2020-07-01 02:12
It was an insane team yeah, if talking about best team to ever touch a field yeah, that was one of them. But club, i'd go for real madrid any day, they started building for the future for a year or 2 now, with vinicius, mendy, rodrygo, militao, odegaard, kubo, valverde etc.. Barca only has puig, fati & lenglet. Rest have no long future anymore at barca. So i'm afraid for them, as soon as Messi retires, players like pique, busquets, rakitic, suarez, griezmann will follow quickly, or even leave before he retires. Barca needs some good young players, and yet they keep buying players like pjanic, dembele (always something with that guy), coutinho ..
2020-07-01 03:28
alex | 
Spain mokerz 
yes, in club words barcelona is shit.... they are focused on "independecia" and all that shits making loose good investors etc etc. madrid is on point with all that good kids (vini, rodry ...etc) and wait for mbappe.
2020-07-01 03:38
The moment mbappe comes, and they replace benzema with a younger striker, replace modric and kroos, with valverde and another cm/cdm, i think real madrid will dominate la liga for a long time. I would love to see semedo come to madrid haha, would be the sickest young defence ever , Mendy , Militao , Varane , Semedo. The saddest part about it all for barcelona is, that they are spending so much money on older players and mediocre players , and not focusing on future. Well , let's hope that Messi won't retire in the next 3 years, because after that, la liga will get boring for sure. Cause people are always talking about Neymar coming back, but without Messi, he won't do a lot i think at la liga.
2020-07-01 03:42
Norway paulemilrk 
It's not about the players, it's about economics really.. Juventus and Barcelona are two clubs struggling economically, especially due to the corona virus. So when doing swap deal, they can both count it as a profit when they have to hand UEFA their numbers for 2020. And the bigger profit a club is making, the more they can spend in the transfer market. Honestly it makes no sense considering they are broke...
2020-06-30 00:49
Denmark LordHundeN 
Well yeah, but 12M euro is nothing for Barca lol. Like Messi earns 565K a week lol.
2020-06-30 00:50
Norway paulemilrk 
I read something about it, can't remember the numbers or exactly how it works. I guess 12M dollars is a lot of money if you're in financial trouble..
2020-06-30 00:52
Norway paulemilrk 
But considering they are the club earning the most in a year, it's hard to believe really. The thing is that they rely heavily on incomes from their museum, match day tickets and so on. Also they have the biggest wage bill in the world. In average, they are paying 11 million to each player in one year. And when you rely so heavily on ticket sales and tourists, you can just imagine that this pandemic is disastrous for them
2020-06-30 01:00
It is Bartomeu. Dumb president doesn't realise that once most footballers hit 30 they start to decline. He needs to get kicked in the presidential elections soon if barca want to survive. Literally only Ter Stegen and Messi have been carrying this lifeless team.
2020-06-30 01:33
Denmark LordHundeN 
2020-06-30 12:58
Nepal hpbaxx 
from what I've heard he won't run in the next election anyway. but the damage he and rosell did is probably too much to fix for the next board within 10 years
2020-07-01 03:55
Ireland loar 
Fifa has kids thinking that players turn shit when they hit 30, you seen how long xavi, giggs, scholes and iniesta were playing at the top? also pjanic has been one of juves best players barca also have to do it for FFP im pretty sure aswell
2020-07-01 02:17
What you are saying, is true. But look at the names you are throwing out, xavi, giggs scholes and iniesta. All of them were the best passing players ever existed. They didn't need pace, or an attacking style, they could just stand still on the midfield the whole game, and deliver passes for the attackers. When Messi is getting older, and doesn't have the ability to run through defensive lines anymore, who is going to do it? Griezmann? Suarez? Nah, Messi could easily take a role of Xavi, giggs etc, and just stay on the midfield, throwing around world class passes, but it won't matter if they don't get fresh blood to replace old suarez & mediocre griezmann that scores goals for them. And also, pjanic HAS BEEN, one of juves best players. It's not like a team like juve needs pjanic, as there are a dozen players like him. Put a rakitic there, and he'll do the same day in day out. That's why this trade is the weirdest trade ever, as he is allready 30 y.o . How long do you think he keeps playing, 3-4 years? Guy has to find his place in the team, let that take year, that's only 3 years he could possibly spend doing something for barcelona. When you could just get a younger version..
2020-07-01 03:37
Brollan | 
United States jax9 
they did it because of debt
2020-07-01 03:44
Brazil Heus 
yep. barcelona is my team but the team is fucking dead, just hoping messi, de jong and ter stegen get out of the club because the managers fucked it all
2020-07-01 03:53
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