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I can't do pull ups
Philippines G2_2020_RANK_1 
Wtf I can do 200+ push up but I can't fkin do a single pull up. Help me mens
2020-06-29 23:14
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Lol your so weak
2020-06-29 23:14
maybe your back is very underdeveloped?
2020-06-29 23:15
Start only with negative part of the movement for 3 sets 8-10reps
2020-06-29 23:15
+1 good advice
2020-06-30 00:16
cry | 
Brazil IsFree 
200 pushups without guetting up? Thats pretty hard Honestly its almost the same muscle group to do pullups, idk whats wrong, but its alot harder, my max is ~200 pushups and I can only make 20 pullups or 15 muscle ups in a row
2020-06-29 23:16
2020-06-30 01:13
cry | 
Brazil IsFree 
2020-06-30 05:40
"same muscle group" hahahahahahahaha
2020-06-30 13:41
United States yghj 
if you can do 200 pushups but no pullups youre not doing pushups correctly LMAO
2020-06-29 23:17
Sweden Svahn 
He has his knees down 100 bucks :D
2020-06-30 00:22
Finland 7ones 
Start with slow negative reps. Once you really get it going you will quite quickly make it to 20+
2020-06-29 23:17
you have good triceps but bad biceps
2020-06-29 23:53
stinx | 
Sweden günT 
This isn't true
2020-06-29 23:55
200 pushups? can already tell u are either lying or can't do a proper pushup at all
2020-06-29 23:57
2020-06-30 00:16
United States NoahN 
2020-06-30 01:09
God | 
Russia amc20 
If you are able to do 200+ pushups you should have enough baseline muscle to do one pullup... unless you are all front and no back
2020-06-29 23:58
And no biceps
2020-06-30 00:20
probably because u dont train ur biceps/back and ur from is bad if ur getting 200
2020-06-30 00:05
Russia Vitaly59820 
The reason is that u r having weak wrists. For the beginning u should just hang on a bar as more as u can. Also u should use dip bars, it will help u way better than push ups. Thats what everyone doing when they can not do a single pull up. It helped me before.
2020-06-30 00:15
i cant do either
2020-06-30 00:23
Poland JKG 
Pick one : -Wtf I can do 200+ push up -I can't fkin do a single pull up
2020-06-30 00:24
Germany Bier 
Start with doing frontgrips
2020-06-30 00:24
200 pushups wtf Yeah, just do the negatives, try lat pulldowns if you can go to a gym.
2020-06-30 13:43
Poland rude_wredne 
200 pushups? Bro did you add two 00 by accident? 🤔👌
2020-06-30 13:44
Want help? Here's how I started; start doing pull downs. What's a pull down? The opposite of a pull up, you start in the upper position (doesn't matter how you get to that position, just jump there if you don't have a step...) and you lower yourself slowly (3-5 seconds), do as many as you can, give it 2-4 weeks and I can guarantee you that your back will start being stronger to the point you'll be able to squeeze a pull up or a few in a week or two. Enjoy.
2020-06-30 13:49
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