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Top 5 IGL
Xizt | 
United States Anime4life 
Xizt Xzit CNB Richard Landström That guy that filled in for Olof at IEM Sydney
2020-06-30 11:19
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United States ColbyCovington 
has this xizt nerd ever not look depressed, sad and close to to end it all? like he looks like the most unapproachable person i've ever seen.
2020-06-30 11:21
Xizt | 
United States Anime4life 
I'd never end it all as long as GOD XIZT still shares the same planet as me
2020-06-30 11:23
Fallen Karrigan Gla1ve Pronax arT
2020-06-30 11:23
Xizt | 
United States Anime4life 
Why dont I see Xizt?
2020-06-30 11:24
because he's never done anything special with his teams, but yes, I would accept him in the place of arT as well
2020-06-30 11:25
Why do anything special when you yourself is so special that you inspire your team to win
2020-06-30 11:27
2020-06-30 11:23
PASHANOJ gla1ve Karrigan Golden seized
2020-06-30 11:24
Xizt | 
United States Anime4life 
Where is Xizt?
2020-06-30 11:25
Ok -seized +Xizt
2020-06-30 11:25
2020-06-30 11:26
just report him
2020-06-30 11:28
nex | 
Germany Der_Pabst 
2020-06-30 11:28
We can fit him in the top 100, sadly Xizt is taking all his glory
2020-06-30 11:29
Denmark dyinbyranalt 
Allu God allu Bot allu Aleksi Jalli Ence awper who isnt vac banned
2020-06-30 11:28
0/8 stop being a mindless fanboy only focusing on one player
2020-06-30 11:30
flusha | 
Germany Soul88 
I believe in you and Xizt bro 8/8
2020-06-30 11:31
I mean Xizt is the greatest man to ever step foot on this earth, and has granted us our lives, Xizt is the reason we are all here, he granted us everything we have in life... and more. He can do it all, and has decided to entertain us with CSGO map vetos
2020-06-30 11:33
Name checks out lul
2020-06-30 11:37
what about the finnish player who likes to drink redbull
2020-06-30 11:33
aren't those only the commercials?
2020-06-30 11:41
1) Karrigan is a tactical genius. He is best known for his signature tactic ”taking B site, then mollying myself to death”. He also has a second little known tactic of ”ropz go kill”. What an absolute legend. Top 1 IGL 4 sure. 2) Finn Andersen 3) The Guy who won 4 big events with faze in 2017 4) carrygan 5) Finn "karrigan" Andersen
2020-06-30 11:32
0/8 dumbass fanboy. Please have an IQ above 20 before you start putting dumb threads on HLTV fanboying for some washed up player. How about instead be like me
2020-06-30 11:34
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