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Belarus ALL_OR_DIE 
/r/The_Donald and /r/ChapoTrapHouse has been PREMANENTLY banned from wtf??? free speech my bleep proof: This is TRULY disturbing.
2020-06-30 22:41
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nothing of value was lost, i don't see the problem
2020-06-30 22:42
getting banned cause u have different opinions it's a problem.
2020-06-30 22:44
they're banned for being radical and promoting hate speech. grow up
2020-06-30 22:54
2020-06-30 23:12
still mad from getting rekt by Farlig? :'(
2020-06-30 23:13
2020-07-01 03:47
as a dane we should not talk. our scene is trash now compared to sweden
2020-07-01 19:48
How? Mad Lions is better than any swedish team, Heroic is easily as good as NiP and Fnatic. And we all know Astralis are gonna win the next major when the players come back. Scene is looking incredibly shaky
2020-07-01 19:51
nah mad lions are not good compared to tier 1. heroic the same. they are both tier 2. fnatic and nip are looking like tier 1 again. astralis is dead for good Im afraid. was a good run but I dont think they will ever win a major again.
2020-07-01 19:53
It's impossible to say which teams are top right now. G2 getting rekt by godsent, g2 reking other teams, mousesports suck now, Fnatic losing random games, Godsent reking NiP, Navi losing to random CIS teams. Mad Lions (with bubz) and Heroic are definitely around that level, and let's not pretend Fnatic or NiP are as good as Navi, g2, Vitality etc.
2020-07-01 19:55
dude I dont know if you are trolling or if you actually believe what you just said. G2 and Navi are not very good teams. they both lack so much tactics and team play. Its very even now in the top 10-15. teams have good and bad games, that is how it is. only player that pretty much always performs well is zywoo. But even vitality lack a lot. some of the players are kinda stupid, running throw smokes and giving up free kills. Navi and G2 are definetly not certain top 5 teams. but they deserve to be top 10. Mad lions and Heroic dont win vs top teams like Fnatic and Nip do. They are one stop below atm. and bubz seem to be leaving mad lions because they dont perform. Its easy to be bias but that is the reality buddy. Imo Fnatic is a top 5 team, they usually beat navi and they just crushed G2. So saying they are not as good as those teams is just wrong.
2020-07-01 20:07
Both Mad Lions and Heroic beat Fnatic in their only meetings in june but OK buddy
2020-07-01 20:08
while fnatic was out of form. everyone could see that they had a break. mad lions and heroic have not made it far in any tier 1 tournament.
2020-07-01 20:09
oh god just stop. Fnatic looked amazing for about a tournament and then they started losing here and there again. anyway believe what you want
2020-07-01 20:13
they made it to at least semi final in every event for about a year, stop with your delusions. They were bad for a few weeks and now they play good again. Its called some time of.
2020-07-01 20:16
2020-07-02 17:12
lmao. of course you started crying. but you spoke too soon son. nt.
2020-07-02 17:43
Sorry? Hahahahaha fnatic suck
2020-07-02 19:39
North 2-0 NiP and Heroic 2-0 Fnatic lmao. gotta love it
2020-07-03 00:10
ur not pathetic, your beyond it, you 're delusional
2020-07-01 20:10
0/8 bait, if its not a bait ur delusonal as fuck u fucking shitter
2020-07-01 20:11
North 2-0 Nip, Heroic 2-0 Fnatic yesterday lmao
2020-07-03 12:36
North America retard2k 
There’s literally a pro China subreddit called r/sino that is CCP propaganda and more hate speech than a Hilter rally but clearly this was the bigger issue
2020-07-01 02:55
What's your point? If it's as bad as you say then that should be banned too.
2020-07-01 12:07
North America retard2k 
my point is that reddit doesn't care about hate speech but money and ideology
2020-07-01 16:39
So you would rather that all radical subreddits that promote hate speech are left open?
2020-07-01 16:46
North America retard2k 
No, i don't want chinese shills trying to keep the moral high ground while submitting to their dictatorship
2020-07-01 16:48
Then i don't understand why you're complaining about the_donald being shut down. Reddit won't shut down pro-china related subreddits because they're paying them money
2020-07-01 16:59
North America retard2k 
I'm more pissed at the hypocrisy of the situation honestly you should be too given China's prominence in the world
2020-07-01 17:02
I totally agree, but there is not much to do about it. In my book any of those trashy subreddit banned is good news.
2020-07-01 17:07
#31, All bigots, if it doesnt fit a certain narrative it will be silenced🤫
2020-07-01 16:58
radical or not, freedom of speech hasnt been cancelled afaik?
2020-07-01 18:46
you'll get arrested for saying the shit that goes on in those subreddits in most countries. has nothing to do with free speech
2020-07-01 19:34
imagine getting arrested for words lul
2020-07-01 19:35
imagine being against that
2020-07-01 19:36
You're literally a fascist.
2020-07-01 19:43
Ah so Denmark is a fascist country because it's illegal to say certain things? A long with a good part of europe? Jesus christ your country is a burning shithole and you've got the balls to talk about tier 1 countries
2020-07-01 19:53
Those are fascist policies, you're against free speech. Imagine getting arrested for words lul.
2020-07-01 19:54
Imagine living in a country that voted Trump as president, has an uncontrolable Corona epidemic that every other country has managed to handle decently, having cops that are on a rampage killing and hurting innoncent people, having no health care, should i go on?
2020-07-01 19:56
What does that have to do with free speech? Why are you changing the subject lul
2020-07-01 19:57
Because you're calling my country fascist while you're living in a literal dump lmao, and on top of that you have no idea what fascism means
2020-07-01 19:58
I never called your country fascist, it just has certain policies that are fascist. orange man bad btw
2020-07-01 20:00
How can a country be partly fascist lmao, NA education strikes again
2020-07-01 20:01
"it just has certain policies that are fascist." Maybe you should use that free education Denmark has.
2020-07-01 20:02
Reddit is privately owned website. Therefore they have they right to define use policie thats include regulating what can be share in their site. Freedom of speach, as defined in the constitution, don't interfer in that.
2020-07-01 20:23
2020-07-01 20:33
Nepal Naughty_O 
Who defines hate speech? Im not a Trump "supporter" in any meaning but this is very problematic for democracy that one of the main social channel is censoring opinions like this.
2020-07-01 19:47
There's nothing inherently wrong with being a trump supporter, and the subreddit was not banned because they were trump supporters. They were banned because they made vile, bigoted and violent comments towards minorities
2020-07-01 19:52
+1 fuck that china shill spez
2020-06-30 22:54
Mongolia bozgor 
+1, communists shouldnt be banned, they should be shot 👌😎
2020-07-01 16:40
fk u communism best 👌😡
2020-07-01 19:21
2020-07-01 18:56
2020-07-01 02:57
leaf | 
Canada ZHF 
Hopefully these redditors don't come to HLTV
2020-06-30 22:43
yeah I bet the donald redditors are very stoked to join hltv
2020-07-01 12:12
United Kingdom NAVI_Fanboy 
I'll miss cth, o7 to the only good political sub
2020-06-30 22:44
Belarus ALL_OR_DIE 
agreed.. so sad
2020-06-30 22:50
2020-06-30 22:44
blameF | 
Other ArtemisS 
what is ChapoTheTrapHouse? if they broke the rules, then they broke the rules, no two ways about it
2020-06-30 22:46
OK | 
Peru TheJuan 
its communism
2020-06-30 22:52
Canada gatssbyy 
hella racist subreddit. where the scum of the earth hangs around and jerks each others dicks because women want nothing to do with them
2020-06-30 22:56
sounds like hltv kkkkk
2020-07-01 18:53
it was a far left wing sub. chapotraphouse is a popular leftist podcast that is really edgy
2020-07-01 03:02
United States DiabIo 
yes but how much should monopoly tech companies get to censor is the issue
2020-07-01 16:45
none, ideally, but it's not really censorship unless they're unfairly unforcing rules, something that they don't seem to be doing
2020-07-01 18:49
RIP r/consumeproduct r/DarkHumorAndMemes and r/Smuggies :/
2020-06-30 22:53
Azerbaijan Verylising 
This is still running, if you know others invite them
2020-07-01 16:46
thank you king. also there's
2020-07-02 21:32
who tf uses reddit in 2020
2020-06-30 22:55
Turkey TheKaiser 
2020-07-01 03:48
United States DiabIo 
2020-07-01 16:40
United States Phamous3k 
In the US it’s pretty damn established.
2020-07-01 17:55
Just use it for video game subs. If you use it for political reasons you either like echo chambers or Trump bad.
2020-07-02 17:07
imagine using reddit
2020-06-30 22:55
There's an opportunity raising with the constant bans on big social medias
2020-06-30 22:57
r/bigchungus is also gone. thats saddest
2020-06-30 22:59
cu | 
Brazil bizhuy 
only cancerous subs were banned
2020-06-30 23:01
Switzerland Titan)) 
who cares hope redditars don't come here
2020-07-01 02:47
2020-07-01 02:50
Belgium ibuprofenia 
2020-07-01 16:43
United States DiabIo 
the_Donald got quarantined for allegedly threatening police despite being overwhelmingly pro law enforcement because some random people said something... meanwhile you look at reddit now its full of anti police bs
2020-07-01 16:43
2020-07-01 16:48
> r/The_Donald members posted comments like “none of this gets fixed without people picking up rifles” and “[I have] no problems shooting a cop trying to strip rights from Citizens.” poor innocent guys!
2020-07-01 18:00
You know people banning them are same type of radicals right?
2020-07-01 19:07
nah they are just cleaing up the trash from their house
2020-07-01 19:39
Than why you are still here?
2020-07-01 20:24
United States DiabIo 
again random users said something doesn't speak for the entire sub. anyone can post bs
2020-07-02 02:26
Sure but T_D mods seemed to tolerate a lot of rule-breaking bullshit.
2020-07-02 12:05
Azerbaijan Verylising 
Makes sense since USA it's near election time. It's not a censorship like the traditional way but banning a political side from your site which is super popular it's like hiding them from the public. The insane thing is that there is no law which regulate what private company can remove or not.. 1984 in its full glory.
2020-07-01 16:52
In 1984 it was the government erasing the history so that only one side existed as all other reference to any other part of history was permanently removed, here it is one private company taking a stance to not have certain media on their one particular site. It's no more censored then a liberal newspaper that doesn't write about conservative news; its just not the type of discourse they want to be dedicating their company resources to. There's plenty of other, easily accessible media outlets that are tailored for this type of discussion. The party in power right now that is being negatively effected by this has the number of people in office needed to pass legislation that would ban this type of political content suppression, but the party has historically supported private companies doing whatever they want regarding what content they distribute and therefore aren't getting the support from their own party to pass any legislation. A handful are voting to protect the party they are in, while a handful are voting to represent the views of the constituents they were voted in to protect/represent.
2020-07-01 18:23
Azerbaijan Verylising 
I get your point but Reddit is just one of many sites/social media that does this. Just try to post something controversial on twitter or Instagram (I own a page there so I know what I'm talking about) and try to see how far your right of speech can go. I'm not talking about extreme opinions either. The fact is that even tho it's not censorship per se, it's getting harder and harder to get the other side of the story.. Sure you can talk about it on a random website but how much coverage will it actually get? That's the key to everything. Also newspapers can take the story and twist the words around and push some kinda of agenda but never censor the actual news. I don't really know enough about the second part of your post but I can only say that it shouldn't be just one political party which cares about this matter but everyone, we're talking about basic rights here.
2020-07-01 18:44
The 2nd part of the post is basically to say there are 2 main parties in the US, and neither of them support forcing private companies to give a platform for all political opinions on their sites. Both sides seem to support just having separate platforms for different types of political ideology and discussions rather then forcing all political content to be allowed on all platforms. This has become more of an issue as of late as Twitter and Reddit have recently implemented restrictions that many believe are targeted at conservatives, platforms that had previously been fairly neutral politically or at least not suppressive to other ideologies. Most of the politicians in office here in the US are generally older and just believe that these users that have been banned on Reddit or Twitter will just find a different platform, they don't realize how ingrained these larger social media platforms are to many younger people as they are much more then just politics. I think it's mostly just circumstantial, social media has been on the rise mostly due to the younger generation so younger CEOs have been made the heads of these companies and as such a more leftist ideology has been adopted by the companies. This seems like a huge issue because social media is very public and the forefront of how we get our news right now, but most of the massively rich CEOs in the US are generally right leaning, so their impact is more so through campaign donations which are much less public. In general here in the US, the majority of younger folks are left leaning while the older folks tend to be right leaning (this is not to say people that do not follow these trends do not exist, but just a review of past voting patterns), so really the banning of more right-leaning viewpoints on social media platforms doesn't affect the majority of those that use those platforms. News sources like FOX News or local Newspapers tend to be used by the right for their news and are therefore catered to that demographic. So yes, I agree that right-leaning ideologies are harder to find through social media, but I would disagree that right-leaning ideologies get less coverage--theres just a smaller demographic of them that use social media sites like Reddit or Twitter which are primarily targeted towards a younger demographic so non-social media platforms are their main discussion platforms.
2020-07-01 19:19
Azerbaijan Verylising 
Thanks for explaining the situation in USA but your post only made me see things worse. Social medias are now slowly but surely replacing TVs and newspapers, everyone look up news or opinions from Facebook/Twitter/Reddit and it's extremely dangerous to have such big platforms with one ideology. I've looked up the age of voters in the 2016 exit polls and there isn't that big of a gap between age: So saying "it's kinda ok to ban those ideologies on Social medias because old right wing people don't really use them anyway and they have their fox news so it doesn't really affect the majority of users" it's really dangerous not only for the Internet itself (In the early days it was basically the alternative to TVs, a free place to talk) but also because it will only create more hate between people.. sort of "Divide et impera"
2020-07-02 01:33
They banned a good amount of nazis, where is the problem?
2020-07-01 17:57
you mean jermans?
2020-07-01 18:50
ChapoTrapHouse was awesome, The_Donald was already dead pretty much. Reddit is corporatist piece of shit website
2020-07-01 17:58
Europe 230IQUSER 
reddit is for retards
2020-07-01 18:46
Latvia plecktrickal 
2020-07-01 19:45
2020-07-01 18:50
This is terrible, happened to channels on twitch and YouTube as well. I was getting blasted on my Dr Disrespect banned thread because they didn't believe ban waves were happening on many media outlets at the same time. Wake up people -doc
2020-07-01 18:57
United States ThisNephew 
"free speech" on a private platform lmaooooo companies are pulling advertising because their ads are appearing next to racist content, so social media are banning more now this is literally republicans complaining about capitalism lmaooo
2020-07-01 19:42
Norway Markus98h 
The Donald was Ads-Free, because they believe it was a hate speech forum or a racist forum - what it was not. Anyway, the recent news, delete of the subreddit was because of «hate speech» they claim. Even if Reddit CEO replaced all the mods/admins with left leaning people, and every post needed «content approvel» by them. it’s been like that for a while now. And now delete for hate speech? Doesnt make sense at all. Just like then they Quarantined it for violence/death threat against police, even if it was the most pro-police forum. We got accused of being nazi, and anti jewish. I’m pro-israel and support the jews, so does everyone else in there. A reason why we every year celebrate jewish holiday and culture. We are being painted by the media to be racist, we are not.
2020-07-01 20:30
who the fuck even uses reddit in first place? embarrassing
2020-07-01 19:56
Norway Markus98h 
Been a long memeber of TheDonald Reddit, I was one of the highest karma on that subreddit. we had 800K and was the most pro-police and pro-jews forum ever. Still, the retarded reddit CEO quarantines the subreddit for violent threats against «police» what makes no sense at all. Cuz we the most pro-police subreddit. We all had a good laughed cuz we know the left did this on purpose to make ous go nuts. It’s like, banning the donald for violent threat against Trump lol. Anyway, it’s been quarantine for almost a year. They replaced all mods and admins, post need to be approved by left leaning mods/admins. Its been like this for a while, and just now, it was deleted for «continue hate» what makes no sense, cuz we need to have it content approved. Anyway, we made a new group. www.thedonald.wins in a day, we have around 60K active memebers, and currently ranked 9,000 biggest site according to Alexa. Fun fact: the CEO of Reddit hate ous so much, he literally edited one of user’s comments, and later admitted it to the news media.
2020-07-01 20:18
Belarus ALL_OR_DIE 
2020-07-05 13:29
Norway Markus98h 
Yes, you are.
2020-07-08 04:15
good. The most notable subreddits aka the donald and chapo ones deserved it. They're both trash.
2020-07-03 00:11
> free speech > reddit pick one
2020-07-03 00:12
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