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kennyS | 
Sweden Shvetsiya2k 
Hey men I have americano dick Proper cut up and mutilated. I tried to widen my foreskin for 5 years, lot of pain, weak result Doctor said surgery Im happy with it but felt more back then it is not that bad but.. its insane that them American cut their boys up without a choice srsly And I still got half left which means I can proper fap atleast but penis head is dried up
2020-07-01 00:46
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I tried to widen my foreskin for 5 years, lot of pain, weak result Doctor said surgery wtf
2020-07-01 00:47
Poland DefeN 
When I was a child I had stulejka and was almost circumcised too but first the doctor prescribed some ointment and fortunately it helped mens
2020-07-01 00:50
it was your choice at least
2020-07-01 00:52
daps | 
United States wtcce4 
who cares at least i dont have to clean it
2020-07-01 00:53
Atleast it was your choice. Cant imagine being forced to cut my foreskin. Glad I have a huge cock with foreskin, I'm sure alot can agree.
2020-07-01 00:54
Well I’m circumcised and it’s pretty damn good. Girls like it that way actually
2020-07-01 00:54
your body your choice
2020-07-01 00:55
does penis head look ugly now
2020-07-01 00:57
Does it ever look good?
2020-07-01 01:01
yes mine is nice and shiny very sexy
2020-07-01 01:05
Good for you. DOn't think most women think a dick looks good.
2020-07-01 01:06
cam | 
United States girls 
come to usa 💦💦
2020-07-01 01:02
nitr0 | 
United Kingdom Jim3110 
lol im castrated
2020-07-01 01:09
idk why but this made me laugh
2020-07-01 01:12
I don’t really see the big deal with foreskin most people in HLTV have, I myself have not been circumcised, but is there any difference besides your dick being with the head off 100% of the time?
2020-07-01 01:17
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