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Why BR crying about racism ?
France MbappeGOAT 
BR people are the most homophobic people on hltv/twitter why are they crying ?
2020-07-01 02:37
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Cause the internet is the 'land' of the altruistic, the beautiful well intentioned people who think only about saving the planet, and pro peace, all those beautiful things. Of course irl they're shitty, people are shitty, but the internet is a good place to make an image of yourself, and image is everything for stupid people.
2020-07-01 02:38
Fer got banned from twitch from being racist.
2020-07-01 02:40
How ironic, 2 days after gaules video.
2020-07-01 02:40
racism? Fer is black
2020-07-01 02:41
Brazil Mirekz 
apparently he got banned for saying "mongoloide" which is a word that alot of big streamers from brazil got banned for. that clip from fer where he talks about bad hair had nothing to do with racism
2020-07-01 02:49
“Mongol” is a derogatory term for people with Down syndrome. Deserved ban tbh.
2020-07-01 02:52
How long xenophobia will be allowed on HLTV forum? All the time Brazilians are being called monkeys, we're living a worldwide moment against racist. Is this healthy for CS enviroment? Can anyone here have a healthy discussion? stop being silent mod's.
2020-07-01 02:54
stop bitching and man up.
2020-07-01 02:59
cry more
2020-07-01 03:00
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