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New FaZe
Bulgaria hammered 
ALEX - IGL coldzera NiKo hallzerk -awp rain
2020-07-01 03:28
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Broky still better then Hallzerk
2020-07-01 03:32
2020-07-01 11:16
+1 Agree
2020-07-01 11:18
Zero | 
Slovakia weedko222 
2020-07-01 11:21
Czech Republic Marijus5 
2020-07-01 11:22
+1, broky already good and still didn't hit his peak
2020-07-01 11:31
-1 hallzerk insane
2020-07-01 11:35
2020-07-01 11:36
Broky is good.He is very good in clutches.But the number of shots he misses is causing a lot of problems to Faze already.
2020-07-01 12:17
I doubt that Faze would pay much for Alex and they sure as hell won't buy out Hallzerk too when they can just add Alex and see what happens
2020-07-01 03:33
isnt ALEX a free agent
2020-07-01 11:17
face | 
World NukestrikE 
no he isnt
2020-07-01 11:21
Kush | 
Netherlands OGProtiny 
nah still under contract with Vitality and they wanna have him sit out his contract because they hope some team will be desperate enough to pay the 600k buyout for him. Which is smart from a business standpoint but it's also a dick move to do that to a player who just wants to play.
2020-07-01 11:22
Alex clearly doesnt want to play
2020-07-01 11:27
So? ALEX has no word in this,he only got benched because he was underperforming on purpose
2020-07-01 11:36
Netherlands Armipotent 
he has a lot of word in this, he's the one who signs the buyout too. And before FaZe and Vitality negotiate ALEX has to be on board first
2020-07-01 11:39
yea sure lets just let him go for free to other team lol. do you relize that it makes no sense right? btw it was alex who made dick move in the first place so why should vitality let him go just like that...?
2020-07-01 11:32
Yo le noob, ALEX is still contracted with Vitality, and he should be building its future Valorant squad, so not a plausible option. Concerning hallzerk, why buy out a worse player than broky? That would make no sense on a performance aspect, as well as ont the financial one, broky being their lowest-paid player (apart from bymas). They would be better off replacing a high salary useless player (yes I'm looking at you cold) by a rifle that can shine if you give him freedom (styko for instance) as bymas already seems to be taking the "bitchy" roles.
2020-07-01 03:38
styko lmao
2020-07-01 11:37
Latvia plecktrickal 
styko much better than olof and bymas.
2020-07-01 11:42
what about Lekro as IGL?
2020-07-01 11:19
Would be nice, but I fucking hate NiKo for not allowing anyone else be the IGL.
2020-07-01 11:31
I don't know about that
2020-07-01 11:32
But it's true man. He thinks that he will lead his team to victory but they won't achieve anything with him as a leader.
2020-07-01 11:35
It's their internal matter
2020-07-01 11:41
Zero | 
Slovakia weedko222 
-hallzerk +mantuu
2020-07-01 11:21
No point in getting an igl unless you kick choko. His ego is too big
2020-07-01 11:22
2020-07-01 11:31
Tbh only team I can realistically see Alex joining is Astralis with their rotate players in and out system. He’d get the reduced play time he wants and probably will get a dec wage out of it too.
2020-07-01 11:35
yea sure. astralis paying 600k for another player+paying his salary and changing language. yea that makes perfect sense
2020-07-01 11:40
And let me guess Faze (who play and more than likely travel more than vitality) is the solution? Pretty sure he didn’t want to travel as much as vitality are 🤷‍♂️
2020-07-01 12:12
Not saying that faze is solution but astralis is literally utopia
2020-07-01 12:16
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