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How to improve aim
Philippines EDBX 
My current routine: few rounds of 100 kills on aimbotz practice counter strafing 1 deags (20-40) spray control with AK, m4, Galil, FAMAS, MP9, about 10-15 sprays each on crashz crosshair 100 kills in FFA DM 50 AK, 50 m4 Will this be effective and is there anything else I should add? I saw a lot of progress initially, but now it feels like the only thing that is improving is my spray.
2020-07-01 06:35
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You need just to aim at the headhead (c) ScreaM
2020-07-01 06:37
u dont need to spray, if u 1tap machine
2020-07-01 07:00
Move your crosshair directly on the enemy players head and left click.
2020-07-01 06:37
allu | 
India somecunt 
Tf I was clicking my right mouse this whole time,now I will be pro 😎 thank you mens
2020-07-01 06:57
Np bro happy to help))
2020-07-01 07:28
North America onionmesh 
tf u changing ur crosshair for (dont) try the hiko aim challenge also add yprac aim practice
2020-07-01 06:37
Philippines EDBX 
I'm not changing my crosshair lol
2020-07-01 06:52
Click on head.
2020-07-01 06:38
My routine: trying to find the best onetapsu config
2020-07-01 06:39
Brazil Triarii 
2020-07-01 06:52
10 pugs 2/3 hours of dm every day
2020-07-01 06:39
Brazil Triarii 
40min~1hour FFADM before matches > go play i do it and im global but I prefer to play on DM FFA warmup servers (on these servers you train pistol, rifle, submachines). NVM, I just feel improvement when i spam a lot of matches every day like a virgin, most of the time I am carrying my teammates
2020-07-01 06:51
What you using crashz for
2020-07-01 06:41
Philippines EDBX 
spray control
2020-07-01 06:53
watch nip rez aim tips on youtube changed my life
2020-07-01 06:46
I just play retakes or something for like 5 min before full game You'll get better eventually
2020-07-01 06:49
just warmup 10min with aimbotz (only 1 tap with AK) then DM only HS and 100 deagle kills, and then 200 kills with AK (try to do 100 one taps and 100 sprays) u can do the spray kills on no only HS but I feel better spraying on heads
2020-07-01 06:59
for the training then warmup before matches/pracs
2020-07-01 06:59
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