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White History Month
United States GodBlessAmerica It's time to celebrate white history month my brothers! How are you going to celebrate?
2020-07-01 22:40
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2020-07-01 22:41
2020-07-01 22:42
daps | 
United States wtcce4
2020-07-01 22:45
The history of white people had a lot of highs and a lot of loooows
2020-07-01 22:46
Mostly heils
2020-07-01 23:08
the heils are just a very small part of the white history
2020-07-01 23:13
United States Globebuster
2020-07-01 22:58
2020-07-01 23:01
This guy symbolize what north-americans represents so well: dumbness and 0 history knowledge. Add to this a milion pound of blindness faith, and it's done.
2020-07-01 23:05
Argentina beenji
are you talking about trump?
2020-07-01 23:06
Brazil moonski
+1 rofl
2020-07-02 00:47
no he's the opposite of that
2020-07-02 01:01
I don't understand why celebrating white individuals throughout history is bad, but no one is celebrating individuals who support slavery and racism.
2020-07-02 07:39
because white=bad
2020-07-02 07:53
So you're going to generalise a person and then an entire nation based on an online shitpost clearly designed to just get a reaction? Way to take the bait lol
2020-07-02 08:23
Ukraine volod1m1r
Yes, we are both going to generalise a person to the entire nation. Just like black people and feminazis do it with Trump
2020-07-02 13:00
2020-07-01 23:07
0/8 try again next time amerikkkan
2020-07-01 23:07
no only black lives and history matters
2020-07-01 23:15
ur name fits perfect for this statement.
2020-07-02 00:22
2020-07-02 00:29
2020-07-02 00:29
nt turkpot
2020-07-02 00:30
whos turk 🤔
2020-07-02 00:32
2020-07-02 00:34
i eat pork and am fully white.
2020-07-02 00:35
have you told ur turkish parents that?
2020-07-02 00:36
no, they'll beat me 😢
2020-07-02 00:36
2020-07-02 00:37
does that mean i got a bigger penis? 💪
2020-07-02 00:38
yes a nice 30cm long bbc and you automaticly get the n-word pass. you can also hate white people on twitter and get thousands of likes
2020-07-02 00:40
Sweet, my penis so kewl men. Also i can do that on twitter and get lots of likes and then get offended if some1 does the opposite because im a bigot and you have to agree with me or else you're all the ists, isms and phobics there are! 😱
2020-07-02 00:44
no ur not, black people are just superior and its the police that keeps the black man down so they cant succeed
2020-07-02 00:45
True, we must riot!
2020-07-02 00:46
+1 and loot some stores here and there
2020-07-02 00:46
just got myself a 250inch 20k res smart tv and it was free! this rioting is gud men
2020-07-02 00:48
nice cuz
2020-07-02 00:49
2020-07-02 00:27
of course teapot and prismaticlights found this funny two of the biggest racists on this site
2020-07-02 00:33
grenzor smh my head
2020-07-02 00:35
smh my head my head
2020-07-02 00:44
racist btw the way
2020-07-02 01:03
#63 😂
2020-07-02 01:09
thats just a weak bait bruv
2020-07-02 01:07
a funny one tho as it replicates todays society
2020-07-02 01:08
never been racist on here, nt tho. Expected from grenzor the imbecilic sjw
2020-07-02 00:37
+1 my guy jlp is the wokest
2020-07-01 23:22
Panama Bill_Bait
I'm proud to be white.
2020-07-01 23:29
Netherlands Alvinnie
same but white history month just seems like a counter reaction to black pride.
2020-07-02 00:53
I'm proud to be white and proud of our History and contributions to the world
2020-07-01 23:39
Good to hear 👍
2020-07-02 00:14
United States R4nger)(
No one should be proud of their skin color
2020-07-02 00:19
Well, I am ;)
2020-07-02 00:19
United States R4nger)(
2020-07-02 00:20
Offense is taken, not given. So, don't care :)
2020-07-02 00:25
"white" is just a dumb term that muricans use to describe people from european race, not the "skin color"
2020-07-02 00:54
you realize most white countries don’t recognize portuguese as white right ? they look at portuguese same way as they look towards arabs/turkish you should do a dna check you would be surprised most of portuguese are mixed and stop being a betta boy thinking white is above other races...
2020-07-02 00:37
You may be mixed, but I'm not. The portuguese citizens may not be caucasians, but the portuguese people are. And don't start with the moors being here for hundreds of years. Back then people had pride in their race and didn't mix. North african and African DNA are almost unsignificant in our DNA, just up to 5%. And that 5% are mostly in the southern portuguese because of the slaves brought to the south. Northern Portuguese, like me, have way less than 5%. Less then 5% is not "mixed". If it is, then every ethnicity is mixed, since not a single one are 100% ethnic, or "pure". And I don't need a DNA test to know who I am, I just need to look into the mirror. Plus, I never said white was better or above anyone. You automaticaly, subconsciously assumed that. Stop being racist!
2020-07-02 23:41
mate just travel around europe and you will get a reality check when u ask other europeans if they see portuguese as “white”
2020-07-09 00:26
JLP is a sperg but people 0/8ing white history are racistas
2020-07-01 23:59
Sweden DeeColon
I'm celebrating by getting jail time for acts I didn't commit, just because I'm white
2020-07-02 00:24
Yes those damn well known Swedish slavers. You need to go to jail, absolutely haram to be white!
2020-07-02 00:44
I'm not celebrating it. Just another month in the office honestly.
2020-07-02 00:28
im gonna make some turkey and potatoes mens)), heil hitler, heil jonathan E
2020-07-02 00:39
is there porn in space already?
2020-07-02 01:16
there will be porn in space
2020-07-02 07:35
2020-07-02 16:16
yes lets celebrate slavery omegalul
2020-07-02 01:00
nt grenzor
2020-07-02 07:42
what the hell is grenzor?
2020-07-02 12:28
The most deranged leftist of hltv, a Brit like yourself
2020-07-02 12:31
2020-07-02 12:32
Well why black or white make it human history month
2020-07-02 08:04
Because black people have their history month while "white history month racist and bad" meanwhile black people achieved jack shit throughout history and contributed not even a 100th part of what white people did.
2020-07-02 08:09
Though like who the fuck really cares and gets actually involved in all of that shit, I only care cause the (seemingly widely accepted) media narrative is that white pride is bad and black pride is good which is fucking racist dumb and quite dangerous for our society.
2020-07-02 08:12
Thanks for the laughs mens)))
2020-07-02 08:21
without white people, humanity would still live in mud huts. change my mind. (oh asians dont count btw)
2020-07-02 08:23
Why asians don't count?
2020-07-02 12:38
Isn’t it obvious?
2020-07-02 15:03
Isn’t it obvious?
2020-07-02 15:03
Isn’t it obvious?
2020-07-02 15:03
Celebrate! :)
2020-07-02 08:40
Estonia mr_abdul
as always americans obsessed with race :)
2020-07-02 12:56
and if you say that you don't see race and treat all people equally then you are racist
2020-07-02 13:45
Izako Boars
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