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Brazil ZerongBr 
ive already finished 10-15 books this quarantine, i want more but i dont have a hint to what to read so, do u guys have any suggestion? could be a fanfic, a book, a trilogy. i dont care. just not vampire romance or something like that
2020-07-02 04:45
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the martian
2020-07-02 05:05
ive seen some reviews about it, but i have never read, im gonna give it a try thx bud
2020-07-02 05:07
np, its a good book, better than the movie
2020-07-02 05:16
never a movie is better than the book
2020-07-02 05:26
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
Don Quixote
2020-07-02 05:05
thats a good one ive read, but thx anyway
2020-07-02 05:07
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
Hopscotch then
2020-07-02 05:09
ive neither seen nor heard of, thx manito
2020-07-02 05:13
Brazil Manlai2k
You should read "My Struggle" by the famous painter
2020-07-02 05:08
thx mano appreciate that
2020-07-02 05:15
Man's search for meaning by Viktor Frankl.....a short and intense read
2020-07-02 05:10
wwii books are what i like the most, thx man
2020-07-02 05:15
Literally changed my outlook towards life in a very positive way :)
2020-07-02 05:20
nice, life changing books are what people should read nowaday to at least make the world a 1% better
2020-07-02 05:26
Nice that you mentioned 1 % . Haha
2020-07-02 05:40
Dancing With Water
2020-07-02 05:14
a different book... huh, i liked that, thx men))))
2020-07-02 05:18
China SwooksarV2
Uh. I don't know too many Brazilian/English novels, but there's one online story that u really enjoyed, and I think us who plays games can relate to. Quan Zhi Gao Shou (The Kings Avatar), it has around 1700 chapters and it's about a professional gamer (let's say, faker) who got kicked off his championship team, and who has to start over again from scratch. It's an MMORPG game so he had to forfeit his account (with all the high tier equipment/stats) to his team and now he starts from scratch relying purely on his knowledge and mechanical skill. I really enjoyed it. It has an English translation, not sure about Portuguese though,
2020-07-02 05:17
kind of reminds me of allu, sunny and now styko's story its not a problem having english reading stuff, im actually used to some books arent alas translated to portuguese, but its still a nice experience reading on english if not so better im gonna read it, anyway, in matter of fact, it could be my first choice until then, do u read light novels? like btth or mga? if so, do u have any recommendations?
2020-07-02 05:24
China SwooksarV2
Yes, I've read a few light novels. Btth as in battle through the heavens? Idk what mga stands for. Some of the ones I've read are Douluo Dalu (Protagonist is likable, and it probably the most famous one) Wo Yu Feng Tian (This starts pretty slow, but I remember it being good) Fang kai nage nuwu (This one was ok. Protagonist took an "american dream" way of approaching his decisions.) It's been a while since I've last read a light novel though. (These are all chinese light novels, I haven't read any Japanese ones) ** Idk how to translate the first one, but the other twos' English name should be; I want to seal the heaven and release that witch.
2020-07-02 06:46
nice, mga is Martial God Asura so far, ive read these two, althought i intend to read others thanks for ths suggestions, btw
2020-07-02 13:33
lol chinese literature
2020-07-02 07:40
China SwooksarV2
? Reply needs to have actual content
2020-07-02 07:56
i mean, it is good, you should give it a try
2020-07-02 13:33
Brazil TACOburner
the book of disquiet
2020-07-02 05:17
fernando pessoa is a monster! such brilliant mind its incredible to see how many worlds his imagination created thx mano
2020-07-02 05:28
Brazil LordQ
The Da Vinci Code
2020-07-02 05:21
nice one you got there ive read, but thx anyway
2020-07-02 05:29
ik my taste is a little chick-ish or childlike but probably these All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights by Salman Rushdie Look Who's Back by Timur Vermes Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami We Were Strangers Once by Betsy Carter
2020-07-02 05:37
also if its okay do u have recommendations
2020-07-02 05:34
thx for the suggestions i hadnt read many books until the quarantine, which is/was the time period that ive learned this passion but, so far, from what ive seen, i would recommend 1984, Love letters to the Dead, Cinco Minutos (i dont know if it has translation though), The Shack, Auto da Barca do Inferno (should have a translation, after all it was done by Gil Vincente. i dont know if you are going to like it because its a piece of theatre, but represents our society on its fault) and to finish Futuro Presente by Nelson de Oliveira
2020-07-02 13:44
ay yw and thx
2020-07-02 13:46
np bro
2020-07-02 13:47
United States kami917
Metro series
2020-07-02 05:38
The secret.
2020-07-02 05:40
Here’s a book list from a literature professor I’m reading Blindness by Jose Saramago
2020-07-02 05:44
thank you bro, im going to try to read all of those until the end of the year thank you so much
2020-07-02 13:48
my reading list this summer: The Sailor who Fell from Grace with the Sea - Yukio Mishima Indignation - Philip Roth The Elementary Particles - Michel Houllebecq Master and Margarita - Mikhail Bulgakov South of the Border, West of the Sun - Haruki Murakami Blue Bamboo - Osamu Dazai Harassment Architecture - Mike Ma
2020-07-02 07:00
Sounds like a bunch of leftist whining
2020-07-02 07:22
Mishima and Houllebecq are right wing as fuck
2020-07-02 08:02
I liked no longer Human by Dazai
2020-07-02 07:37
Yes, i read that last year. Made me very sad, reminds me of my life.
2020-07-02 08:02
I just went through your list and it sounds like good stuff, especially the Asian authors. I may read harassment architecture (I’m from New York so the book might hit home for me) Elementary particles sounds interesting but as someone who has OCD I can’t do page after page about sex
2020-07-02 09:43
Haha me neither bout the sex, but i got it as a recommendation from my friend who said it was basically a Western version of No Longer Human, so I’ll give it a chance :) and Harassment Architecture is basically a meme book lol
2020-07-02 18:48
I am reading The Witcher books currently, and I can't get enough. Also, have you ever read Mikhail Bulgakov novels, his writing is extraordinary.
2020-07-02 07:07
How about learn a different language mate... like Spanish
2020-07-02 07:24
i dont speak spanish, althought i can get along with english english or french
2020-07-02 13:46
Romania RunnerB0Y
Read "Zonic"
2020-07-02 07:28
Red rising, if you like sci-fi and action.
2020-07-02 07:29
Sapiens is the most solid answer.
2020-07-02 07:36
All quiet on the Western front The Resident Evil Gameadaptation Books by S.D. Perry are quite good too if you are more interested in survival horror.
2020-07-02 07:59
The Prince
2020-07-02 08:08
Poland Kresowy
Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time - you will enjoy the epic fantasy :D
2020-07-02 10:39
if you are into comics, towe of god has a good story
2020-07-02 10:42
Lord Of The Flies
2020-07-02 10:43
rmn | 
Portugal foozito
The Atlantis Gene, good book, can relate to what we are living now
2020-07-02 10:49
Laos EssenEsser
To Kill a Mockingbird
2020-07-02 10:49
Portugal Agricultor
Read zonic's book
2020-07-02 13:48
Can you recommend some good books though?
2020-07-02 13:52
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