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I want to be a woman
China FazeIsNoob 
Me salary $1500/ month, my manager salary $1800/month But today I notice shes wearing a Richard Mille, while I have my Seiko. I heard her husband is rich af. So unfair mens, I want to be a sexy women too. Also women get more pleasure on sex.
2020-07-02 10:26
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yes, i can understand that. But slow down clip and watch, even if he know where is enemy, how can he perfectly lock on his head and follow him with crosshair while model of ct is crouching?? And its not only this clip, there is a lot of clips where hes doing exactly same thing that you cannot do if youre legit. It can happen to you one time or maybe two times in ton of a games but he have weird locks every single game. Think about that a little...
2020-07-02 10:26
Norway mustafa2006
i want to be woman so i can get pussy
2020-07-02 10:27
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2020-07-02 10:27
Hey, I'm Blaise, 18 yo girl from France, and my bf who uses this account is not rich, although I'm very very sexy as he tells me! Your manager is just probably gold-digger, so no sense to be jealous. Just be in love as I am <3.
2020-07-02 10:29
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