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So I was watching a video in Facebook from a guy riding a motorcycle and doing wheelies with no crowd (cars ppl etc) just minding his business while talking like he is really happy and some girl with a car tries to race him and he accepts it, he races her and everything ends well. So I went to the Facebook comments to see if there was anything interesting but all I found was hate towards the kid and most of it were men in their late 30s talking shit like "I hope he ends up splattered on the road" - "this kid won't last long" - "I hope he crashes live lol" Like wtf were the education in America in the 90s? I was planning to visit NY, LA, California, Florida, but America for some reason for me doesn't look like a safe place. I never know when I'm doing groceries and some crazy redneck invades the store with an AR and shoots the place, or some Karen comes around and tries to fuck with me for not being an official American but an immigrant. Thoughts?
2020-07-02 16:26
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I would not feel walking to the store knowing that everyone has a fucking gun, just requires 1 psycho guy to have a bad day and he might just pop ur head
2020-07-02 16:27
it's crazy how different the law is between NA and EU
2020-07-02 16:30
I usually watch videos liek this one to be proud of my country
2020-07-02 16:28
Can someone tell me briefly what is written here
2020-07-02 16:32
Being someone born in America, though of Indian origin (parents born in India), I generally have never faced this type of racism or this worry. This tends to happen in the southern states though, and I live in the northeast. If anything, the Karen shit is way more likely to happen than the redneck shooting, but it's all kinda fucked up at the moment.
2020-07-02 16:36
Girl try to race boy ,boy races her.
2020-07-02 16:37
2020-07-02 17:12
funny how a real off-topic post gets 0 attention and shitbaits get 300comments lol #Frankie_Was_right #Delete_off_topic
2020-07-02 18:16
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