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difference 144 and 165hz monitor
nitr0 | 
Turkey liquid_dodging_onlines 
currently i have been using 75hz monitor and i decided to upgrade this should i buy 144 or 165hz? price difference is 300TL = 43.7 $
2020-07-02 16:48
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2020-07-02 16:48
what about?
2020-07-02 16:48
i told you yes
2020-07-02 16:49
21hz more is the difference
2020-07-02 16:49
Is it worth it?
2020-07-02 16:50
2020-07-02 16:51
21 Hertz is the difference
2020-07-02 16:50
stop stealing copyrighted comments wtf mens
2020-07-02 16:51
sorry mens I will go to jail now I didnt see it when i posted (((
2020-07-02 16:51
China Grenadr
Not much difference at all but I would still buy thr 165hz
2020-07-02 16:51
Dude, i don't know your currency, even when you change to dollar. But is not a lot of difference, if you don't have a lot of money to spent, 144hz is enough!
2020-07-02 16:52
okay man, ty
2020-07-02 16:53
Brazil morabrasil
Buy 144hz and spend the rest with beer.
2020-07-02 16:52
pretty good advice, unexpected from brazil added to normal br guy list
2020-07-02 16:55
not worth. buy 144 hz
2020-07-02 16:53
I use 165Hz. I didn't feel much difference between 144hz and 165hz, but I prefer to use 165. Some people have said that 165Hz has higher input lag, however, I can't say if that is true.
2020-07-02 16:55
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