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Remember the old days when we thought that Valde should be freed from North? How's he doing right now?
2020-07-02 19:17
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Better than north
2020-07-02 19:18
Will he be a top 10 this year?
2020-07-02 19:19
Still better than N♿rth
2020-07-02 19:19
Better than north is a valid measurement for a player with his potential?
2020-07-02 19:20
It seems to me or are you overestimating him a little? But in general, the transition to OG was his choice (between Complexity) and he got what he deserves. But there is always time to become the tenth player of astralis
2020-07-02 19:24
Sri Lanka khorkalba
Imagine being on the brink of becoming a top 5 player in the world, then you're forced to IGL for a team like North... and when you finally think you've escaped and your torment is over, you get stuck on a team like OG with NBK. This is enough to break even the best players and transform them into demotivated noobs.
2020-07-02 19:30
Malaysia Suno[t]
unless he does a k0nfig later on in his career
2020-07-02 19:31
Sri Lanka khorkalba
I'll believe the k0nfig comeback story when I see him in the HLTV top 10 again at the end of next year (this year is too much of a writeoff with CS being online-only and Astralis/Liquid basically taking the year off).
2020-07-02 19:37
Agreed, but he could have chosen complexity. Better team + not NBK
2020-07-02 19:36
Sri Lanka khorkalba
Did he actually receive an offer from Complexity and turn them down for OG? If so, that's a very poor choice. I can only imagine that he was drawn into the ridiculous Aleksib hype. Then again if I was the owner of Complexity and already had BlameF and k0nfig, I would worry a bit about signing a third Danish player. We already saw how poorly that worked out for Optic when they tried to mix 3 Danes and 2 Americans. The Danes started speaking in Danish and bullying the Americans outside of the game. Of couse, BlameF and Valde are probably more mature than CajunB and Gade, but you never know how these things are going to turn out when one nationality makes up the majority of a team.
2020-07-02 19:44
2020-07-02 19:53
I didn't know about this bullying situation. What happen exactly? They told the americans that they have a good healthcare system and school shooting never hapened?
2020-07-02 20:47
all I remember when thinking of back in the days are a group of alpha polish boys plowing everyone on LAN
2020-07-02 19:33
1 major, even brazilians had 2.
2020-07-02 19:37
but best personality and overall the scene was way better and more interesting at that time
2020-07-02 19:42
B1T | 
Ukraine devitt
valde average player anyway
2020-07-02 19:36
Sri Lanka khorkalba
He only looks average now. People forget, but right before he became the IGL for North, he looked amazing. Of all the players who were tipped to challenge s1mple and dev1ce, he was #1 at that point in time. How many other star players have been ruined by the IGL role? Quite a lot. Flusha, Shox and Coldzera weren't the same players after they took on the role. And when Snax took on the role, it basically killed his entire career. Before that, people were talking about him being the best in the world.
2020-07-02 19:49
2020-07-02 19:55
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