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Finland TuureBoelius 
Who is the best in-game leader in the history of CS:GO? Vote now! /discuss
2020-07-02 23:34
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Japan Yuukek
2020-07-02 23:35
Aleksib the smartes IGL on EARTH, because Gla1ve is from another planet
2020-07-02 23:35
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well done man
2020-07-02 23:42
2020-07-02 23:54
gla1ve only real option
2020-07-02 23:35
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Romania Cuntstantin
I guess zonic also played a big part in astralis' tactical success but gla1ve busted the "igls don't frag" myth
2020-07-02 23:39
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No matter how much Zonic help with the preparation, Gla1ve is still the IGL and have to call during games
2020-07-02 23:46
honestly how could you not say Fallen? anyone not saying Fallen clearly has watched the past two years of CSGO where his team has been constantly terrible and Glaive has outsmarted him at every turn
2020-07-02 23:36
Finland H0rnPub
No allu? fake vote
2020-07-02 23:36
Brazil Arishock
Glaive, no contest
2020-07-02 23:37
No allu or sunny :D allu is shit but when sunny started igl for ence, they started to win again, he will be good in a few years!
2020-07-02 23:45
2020-07-02 23:46
rain | 
Norway apx-
Has to be gla1ve.
2020-07-02 23:47
Aleksib better than karrigan and zeuz....
2020-07-02 23:49
gla1ve no contest
2020-07-02 23:51
Australia csRIOTgo
You put snakeislaw over daps... Ok mens )) But voted for Zeus given he steered Gambit to major victory. Peace out
2020-07-02 23:52
Gla1ve goat Zeus runner up
2020-07-02 23:55
If you go by tactics and understanding the game it's gob b, if you go by success, it's obviously gla1ve plus he can frag.
2020-07-02 23:58
2020-07-03 12:36
2020-07-03 12:39
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u s1mple fans are something else
2020-07-03 13:29
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