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R.I.P. NiP
Russia Evil_DaviD1 
Imagine losing 2-0 against North.... NiP stupid management killed this team once again....
2020-07-03 05:05
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Brazil Vicmar
It's hard to be a NiP fan
2020-07-03 05:07
Russia Evil_DaviD1
Yeah, because everytime management makes very stupid reshuffles. Even if team show good results. Remember, how NiP played for years without main AWPer?
2020-07-03 05:09
Lithuania SiTyGas
Cause scene didnt have good, consistent awpers either, so it was a lot easier to take fights and so on... there wasnt smokes, flashes, angles and so on that the awpers use nowadays to create themselves space.
2020-07-03 15:00
NiP had Maikelele, they kicked him NiP had allu, they kicked him.
2020-07-03 15:26
Allu left
2020-07-03 17:10
North in (their) Paypal
2020-07-03 05:10
Israel geturlolon
Nothing in Paypal
2020-07-03 09:59
loli | 
Japan Peine
especially when they started to look good
2020-07-03 05:12
Russia Evil_DaviD1
2020-07-03 05:16
That moment when you realize DIG 2-0'd North, and DIG is the embodiment of washed. Lets hope NiP doesnt continue to play like this
2020-07-03 05:19
Russia Evil_DaviD1
2020-07-03 09:54
Romania JeeFo
Well, I said it a while ago that I don't see this lineup achieving anything in cs, other than being a stable top 30 presence. I mean, it's not like these players have an unpredictable potential to explode, they've been around for a few years now and we know very well what their level is. But yeah, NiP showed promise before they sacked lekr0, I actually saw that lineup reach top 5.
2020-07-03 09:58
The thing about Lekr0 was this: 1. He is 27 years old, how much longer can he keep the star performance 2. He wasn't a *true* IGL, he did good for what he was given, but he isn't a top IGL that can lead teams through events. 3. Even if Lekr0 continued to give us star performances and leads his team well, NiP has other problems. They have a super unreliable player in REZ, sometimes he just pops heads and is insane and other times he just takes naps, Nawwk realistically can't be the best player in this team, and again is pretty unreliable. Plopski would be the star I guess, he is good but he isnt quite on the level of stars on other teams, and the biggest issue would be the AWP. NiP has always had problems with the AWPer honestly. F0rest AWPed until they got rid of GTR, and although F0rest isnt bad with the AWP, he isnt quite a tier 1 AWPer. Now it is arguably even worst, Twist isnt a tier 1 AWPer, he would be shit all over by other top teams snipers, same story for Nawwk. But ya, after they kicked Lekr0 they kinda made it worst. Hampus just isnt it man. By actual IGL capabilities he isnt that good, he isnt experienced or "naturally gifted" the power of IGLing. By fragging potential he is a fucking bot lmao. When i say bot I mean bot. he is the kind of player to lose one on one duals against Xizt, Krystal, TaZ, and Karrigan
2020-07-03 12:59
Romania JeeFo
Agreed. However, even if Lekr0 was older than the rest of the team, the team itself looked good and they were improving one tournament at a time. They should have made the decision to kick lekro when it was clear that he is done. Hampus on the other hand was the IGL of GamerLegion, a team that was struggling even against teams ranked 60+ and I don't remember him making some prodigious plays in GL to justify a transfer to NiP.
2020-07-03 13:24
Ya that was extra stupid, now they are even worst. Kicking Lekr0 was dumb, if you were gonna kick someone then it would probably be Twist, maybe get a more stable AWPer. NiP's problems have been around since forever though, skip to like... 2016 NiP, you have a weak unreliable entry, a IGL that usually cant frag, a lackluster AWPer, a fallen star player, and a F0rest. They do a little shake up, and now they have a very skillful entry player and a top AWPer at the time, should be good, just they win one event. I feel like this little team probably had the biggest potential (not counting the NiP at the end of 2020) if Xizt had a good game you would win the games, and the events. They kick Xizt and bring in Dennis so now they should be able to kick even more ass, and idk what the fuck happened but shit hit the fan real quick, Draken said in an interview that he left because Xizt was kicked, and the team quickly collapsed, they bring in lekr0, which was a good addition, but now they had to force F0rest onto the main AWP. More things happen and they kick Dennis, and bring in Plopski, I honestly feel like this was a huge mistake. Plopski is a great player, but they needed an IGL. Dennis wasn't a real IGL, but he was experienced, now they had nobody. Lekr0 kinda fucks his career and becomes the IGL, and he did great for what he had. Just lets be honest, he wasn't that good (compared to other IGLs) Now they have an AWP problem and a IGL problem, this kinda lack-luster NiP finally kicks GeT_RiGhT after 7 years, and brings in Twist to solve the AWP problem, and I honestly think it made it worst. F0rest isnt a star AWPer, but he hits his shots, he almost always hits the easy shots and has a good chance to hit the hard ones. Twist never hits the hard ones and quite often misses the easy shots. This team though did have the most potential since early 2018, you have 3 stars (Lekr0, REZ, Plopski) a veteran who was arguably better then all of them, and a tier 2 AWPer. F0rest leaves for DIG, which kinda fucked NiP lmao. Nawwk comes in and now they have a long term team, maybe in a few years they'll come to the top. Then they kick Lekr0, and they didnt even bring in a better player, they bring in a washed, inexperienced, lack-luster IGL.
2020-07-03 15:01
Hate the NiP mangement they have always made very questionable decisions. My favorite iteration of them was prob the 2017 one (GetRight, f0rest, Xizt, draken, REZ) Honestly had a lot of potential but sucks that draken had to whiff alot. He has gotten better and I think he is a solid player now, but pretty sure he moved to VALORANT.
2020-07-03 17:12
all problems that nip had that you said are not solved by kicking lekro, in fact it made it worse; if REZ is inconsistent, its not lekros fault, lack of awper? not lekros fault. Also, he has neven been recognised as an IGL as you said, but since he took that role the team started to improve (best peak in years id say) basically ur comment was close to useless :D
2020-07-03 13:35
"But ya, after they kicked Lekr0 it kinda made it worst" - me
2020-07-03 14:48
not sure if you read my comment as well as the one I responded too but he said that NiP could have done things with Lekr0, my argument was that even with Lekr0 they probably weren't gonna do things
2020-07-03 14:48
They get what they deserve.
2020-07-03 09:58
Finland xvilleezz
How much?
2020-07-03 09:58
France Backafter
Sorry for my bad english
2020-07-03 13:26
Spain JLenny47
Daniel Llamas alone as per usual
2020-07-03 13:28
North strike when you least expect it
2020-07-03 13:30
they started to look so good with lekro and then suddenly kicked him, one of the worst transfers in 2020 imo
2020-07-03 14:54
Really unfortunate for the NiP. They were starting to show promise earlier in the tournament but as Nawwk said on twitter with regards to the Godsent game is it was a choke. He has stated he is a bit inconsistent as we can see from his up and down performances, but hes working on it and I'm sure the rest of the team is as well. I think they deserve this upcoming break and then come back swinging, I still believe in this lineup :) <3
2020-07-03 14:58
Germany Constikdw
Free nawwk and get him to Fnatic instead of JW pls
2020-07-03 15:00
Poland dreamShow
2020-07-03 15:09
Germany Constikdw
Not anymore...
2020-07-03 17:07
Turkey osmanabi
nip loses 1 match and community goes ape shit. also shitting on management at this point is entirely stupid giving the post from former nip coach pita explains the recent situations as threat's decision and not just the managements.
2020-07-03 15:08
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