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-Bymas +Calyx ?
dupreeh | 
Europe RubyXX_ 
Who really watch and follow both calyx and bymas can comment here is it a okay to be better ? I think with this changes faze gonna be better than this for sure
2020-07-03 12:54
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Calyx is a hardcore baiter, he wouldn't fit into faZe at all
2020-07-03 12:55
he isnt baiting in Envy and he looked really well in NA.
2020-07-03 12:56
He looked better in space soldiers IMO. He's a good player and there is a spot for him on a better team than envy but him going in after NiKo or broky seems kind of backwards. I guess you could also add coldzera, though I don't think he's been anywhere close to his level in faZe as he was in MIBR. He shows it map to map but he's really not been putting in great performances.
2020-07-03 13:00
United Kingdom Twizzlr
'Looked good in NA'. Says it all really.
2020-07-03 15:53
Faze is all baiter bro :D
2020-07-03 12:58
Guys rush b... *Everyone in tunnels* - go man you first bro!!
2020-07-03 13:01
2020-07-03 13:05
+1 :d
2020-07-03 13:11
+1 hahaha
2020-07-03 18:48
Turkey Xetax
calyx already in envy and gets paid well faze should've gotten yekindar before VP gets him
2020-07-03 12:59
2020-07-03 13:08
Argentina Joedash
Faze is interested in ALEX.
2020-07-03 13:11
Bruh they wont pay 600k for a trash player when they still have olof under contract lul
2020-07-03 13:12
Argentina Joedash
They can lower the price tho. I agree with you, but faze needs an IGL. Too much weight for niko's shoulders.
2020-07-03 13:13
Idk,when they had neo as igl they were complete garbage soo
2020-07-03 13:15
Argentina Joedash
But NEO is NEO. I think alex is a better fit for Faze, i mean, i was vitality's IGL and was their 2nd player.
2020-07-03 13:15
Sweden txshirx
"i" Joedash = ALEX confirmed 😎
2020-07-03 13:17
Argentina Joedash
Faze said that they are interested in the ALEX buy out, not that he is confirmed. lol
2020-07-03 13:20
600k for a player with low motivation , who won't travel , hasn't played proper pro cs for 4 months and is practicaly a time bomb cuz who knows when he will get fed up again and just leave. I wouldn't if I was FaZe , but to be honest it's the only available IGL right now aside from lekr0.
2020-07-03 14:30
Argentina Joedash
I agree. But maybe this can work out well. Bymas is too inexperienced to be in faze clan, and unless online somehow stops, faze will not have a boot camp.
2020-07-03 18:48
Sweden txshirx
That's not what I said lol, read it again
2020-07-03 15:54
Argentina Joedash
Its okay, but I don't understand the "i" XDD.
2020-07-03 18:47
Highly doubt ALEX will go. He left Vitality for their crazy schedule, Faze (once LAN's have restarted) have a crazier schedule than Vitality so if ALEX does go and they're not winning everything, he definitely leaving once LANs start.
2020-07-03 13:29
+guardian. jackie chan t1
2020-07-03 13:01
tbh michu looked like better player than calyx in envy
2020-07-03 13:02
but mıchu is awping lately and they already have broky soo
2020-07-03 18:54
I mean, Bubzkji was benched for no logical reason. Perhaps he's got a contract in the works that hasn't been announced yet. If so, there's literally no other team he'd be going to except for FaZe.
2020-07-03 13:09
mouz? instead of botJ
2020-07-03 13:29
I don't think a roster change is the right call for mouz and karrigan knows it. And even if it was, they wouldn't bring on Bubzkji, because that would leave them with an explosive AWPer, and three high-performing riflers. The support/entry role that chrisJ plays wouldn't be there.
2020-07-03 13:32
is he igl?
2020-07-03 13:14
Sweden txshirx
No Calyx is not IGL
2020-07-03 13:18
2020-07-03 13:19
faze have the biggest baiter already.
2020-07-03 13:20
cold xd
2020-07-03 13:27
2020-07-03 13:20
600k tho
2020-07-03 14:04
Yes, but very good igl and three years ago niko 500k? I don't remember exactly. needs the faze an good igl
2020-07-03 15:50
bubzkji >>>
2020-07-03 13:22
Netherlands dabadpad
what faze need is young talent with unlimited potential to bait for coldzera.. so yeah.. bymas is better option..
2020-07-03 13:28
dont think so . Bymas has potential but its hard to perfom well start in a Tier1 team. If he could start tier2 3 team then stand in faze would be better rn
2020-07-03 13:32
could work, but i would say just keep bymas and get rid of botzera for an igl
2020-07-03 13:29
2020-07-03 13:37
good option but i think they are looking igl
2020-07-03 13:42
Calyx is a baiter
2020-07-03 14:26
FaZe Michu pls
2020-07-03 14:27
FaZe need a IGL -rain +NEO
2020-07-03 14:33
Alex to contact
2020-07-03 15:51
BobZ | 
India Ez4ez
+lekro is better
2020-07-03 18:51
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