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Russia win73ry 
What languages do you already speak and what language do you want to learn? I speak Russian (native) and English (B2 level I guess) and want to learn Putonghua and Japanese in the future (not a weeb, though.)
2020-07-04 00:31
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Native:Russian Second:English Want to learn:Python Languages world split suffers
2020-07-04 00:33
romanian ofc english,idk what level and some basic french
2020-07-04 00:33
stinx | 
Sweden günT
I speak Swedish and English fluently, studied German for 6 years, understand Norwegian flawlessly and Danish to some extent. Would like to learn Dutch to complete all the major Germanic languages.
2020-07-04 00:34
can't really recommend it since it's kinda a useless language but seeing that you already know German and English (Dutch literally being a mix of those) it shouldn't be too time-consuming to learn a fair bit :)
2020-07-04 00:38
stinx | 
Sweden günT
Yeah I've tried reading some Dutch and I really do understand a good chunk of it. Does seem like a combination of German and English, and even my Scandinavian proficiency does help even more, so like you said, it wouldn't really take that long for me to learn at least some conversational Dutch.
2020-07-04 00:46
I think dutch will be no prob for you
2020-07-04 13:23
Bymas | 
Lithuania fl4wV
Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, English, Polish, Estonian.
2020-07-04 00:35
Russia win73ry
How similar are Lithuanian and Latvian? Why have you learned Estonian?
2020-07-04 01:38
Lithuania picoloco
it is similar to Lithuanian u can understand it. I think it is like ukrainian and russian language, u can understand some words and then sentence of course
2020-07-04 13:12
Bymas | 
Lithuania fl4wV
I play as a team for 2 years with people from Estonia and Latvia.
2020-07-04 18:18
Russia Slavaa
2020-07-04 01:42
leaf | 
Canada ZHF
I know french and english. And I want to learn spanish
2020-07-04 00:35
Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Russian(little), German.
2020-07-04 00:36
Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, little German
2020-07-04 13:18
Native: Dutch English C1 German B2 Spanish A2/B1 want to learn Russian
2020-07-04 00:37
Russian not close at all to any languages what you know. Will be hard to you. GL
2020-07-04 01:45
yeah I know man, not planning on becoming fluent, just the basics. Might just fly over to St Petersburg and live there for 2 months and learn in a language school or something
2020-07-04 12:09
I wish I was as ambitious as you
2020-07-04 13:25
2020-07-04 00:37
PUTONGHUA??? cringe mandarin & english
2020-07-04 00:39
Russia win73ry
How's it cringe? Putonghua is the official name and we also call it like that in Russian language, that's why I named it "Putonghua."
2020-07-04 01:35
portuguese english (my grammar is terrible but somehow i can communicate very well, thanks to runescape) italian and spanish i can read and communicate a little bit, but i always mix the two languages while speaking lmao i tried to learn russian but its too hard and i gave up. now im learning jerman and i want to learn french after that.
2020-07-04 00:39
Finnish and English fluently, Swedish decently, a bit of German, a bit of Russian and some words and phrases in Greek. I want to learn more Russian
2020-07-04 00:40
Native: Finnish C2: English B2: Swedish B1: German A1: Japanese Languages I want to learn: French and Chinese
2020-07-04 00:40
norwegian and english
2020-07-04 00:40
same would like to learn any other language, but will never bother to do so
2020-07-04 01:39
yea personally i dont see a point in it. in real life i speak norwegian and on the internet i watch for the most part youtube and twitch in english. never needed to use any other languages for anything else
2020-07-04 02:05
Korean & English very good . Basic German and bit of Japanese . I honestly want to learn Russian because i want to understand people in MM
2020-07-04 00:42
2020-07-04 00:46
Spanish Argentinian I can also understand a few chilenians words
2020-07-04 00:50
France daniel19
speak french englando i understand a bit of spanish wish i could speak german and russian and read arabic i guess
2020-07-04 01:34
Romania Samanturi
Romanian - Fluent English - Fluent French - Quite a lot, can have nearly a full conversation in French Spanish - A tiny bit
2020-07-04 01:39
Germany Lifant
Native German, fluent English and basic french I wanted to learn Russian but not really dedicated enough
2020-07-04 01:40
Why do people want to learn russian? Wanna impress some ruski ladies?
2020-07-04 02:07
Russia win73ry
One of the most widely spoken languages in the world.
2020-07-04 02:32
I mean most of us want to learn russians to understand all the ruskis in MM.
2020-07-04 12:20
matchmaking reasons for the most part.
2020-07-04 12:20
portuguese (native) english (B2) german (between A2 and B1) spanish (i never studied but is kinda 80% intelligible I guess) I´d also like to learn the main slavic languages, romanics and germanic languages and finish
2020-07-04 02:09
i want to learn Norwegian and dutch, since those are both places id like to move to
2020-07-04 04:00
Native:Finnish and Swedish Fluent in english and ok in German Want to learn Maybe dutch or hungarian
2020-07-04 12:11
Georgia Megobari
I know russian, georgian and english, learnian german
2020-07-04 12:13
English Java JavaScript Python Japanese (Haven't spoken it since high school tho)
2020-07-04 12:14
Hokkien Korean Mandarin Malay English
2020-07-04 12:15
mandarin(native) english(my grammar is terrible but somehow i can communicate very well, thanks to hltv)
2020-07-04 12:17
English - Fluent German - B2 Slovak/Czech - native Can easily understand polish and little russian
2020-07-04 12:20
Czech Republic LidoOP
Czech - native English - B2/C1 German - B1 Arabic - A1
2020-07-04 12:25
How come you speak Arabic? Out of passion or family?
2020-07-04 13:16
Czech Republic LidoOP
Just my passion and for potential use in future
2020-07-04 13:18
True, lots of sheikhs and their oil monopolies, nice mentality. I find Russian the "future" language, considering English and Chinese are the leading ones at the moment.
2020-07-04 13:22
Czech Republic LidoOP
I'm planning to master arabic and then move on to another one and speak as many languages as possible
2020-07-04 13:26
Hindi- Native English- quite good German- A2 (Yes I'm Indian
2020-07-04 12:30
Native: Russian, kazakh. Others:English c1, turkish b1, polish a2, also some python, javascript, c, and R. want to learn: french, italian,spanish, german.
2020-07-04 12:59
Portugal NabasKi
Native: Portuguese Decent in English, my French and Spanish aren't terrible either. Can also work with C, Python and R. Would like to learn German or any nordic language, as I'd like to work there in the future.
2020-07-04 13:04
Portugal ByeTeR
Portuguese-native English-B2 mb C1 Currently learning german Fluent at C#, done some works with Python and now working on OutSystems
2020-07-04 13:09
Polish English Czech/Slovak German Russian Would like to learn : Spanish, Dutch or Lithuanian
2020-07-04 13:10
Other than my native language: English - C1 German - A1/A2 (but don't have certification yet) I want to learn Russian and maybe Norwegian/Swedish. Chinese would also be lovely but it's stunningly hard.
2020-07-04 13:15
fluent in hebrew, polish and english learning french
2020-07-04 13:15
Brazil Arishock
Portuguese (Native), English (C1), Spanish (B1). I'm thinking about starting French, German, or Mandarin classes soon.
2020-07-04 13:22
Spain Kyuuta
Spanish native English c1 4 years of German 3 years of Japanese I wanna learn either Swedish/Finnish/Norwegian (I plan on studying there, heard there’s great design unis at Finland but idk about the other 2) and get better at both my Japanese and German, since I’m not quite fluent.
2020-07-04 13:23
Lithuania picoloco
Lithuanian, English talking fluently. I can understand almost everything in russian, but cant reply to it (basically like a dog). Want to learn French or Spanish, since it is global languages...
2020-07-04 13:23
portuguese spanish(ez) english(almost fluent,just need to get rid of the brazilian accent when speaking) want to learn german/scandinavian languages
2020-07-04 18:22
Danish English German Some basic understanding of Swedish and Norwegian Took an italian class for a year. I can understand and say some words but not enough for a fluent conversation I had Latin too, but that's not spoken but do give a good understanding of Roman Languages and grammar
2020-07-04 18:32
Poland GodLk
Polish English Russian
2020-07-04 18:33
Turkish English Deutsche i want to learn spanish
2020-07-04 18:35
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