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Kick Nitr0
koosta | 
United States Hubterbean 
This guy is a bot like unbelievably bad. Liquid are winning 9-6 and he has 2 kills and he isn’t even main support he has no place on this team
2020-07-04 03:15
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OK | 
Peru TheJuan
And add who
2020-07-04 03:16
Alex Floppy Grim Cooper Autimatic
2020-07-04 03:17
asian duo must reunite for NA to get another major
2020-07-04 04:07
I doubt autimatic will give up his fat chinese salary
2020-07-04 04:10
Liquid is a LAN team, they'll be fine.
2020-07-04 03:16
Nitr0 isn’t even igl what does he bring to the table
2020-07-04 03:20
he is captain america :DDDD
2020-07-04 03:55
allu | 
Finland Porro
nitr0 is bad rn but captain america is captain america liquid never let him leave ;:DdDDDDD11
2020-07-04 22:12
when is next lan? they should def. make a change now, that game vs. EG was embarrassing to watch.
2020-07-04 22:06
-nitr0 +Jks
2020-07-04 03:18
Yeah for 4 million dollars his buy out is mental guaranteed
2020-07-04 03:19
-4 million win every major ever = +4.1 million ez profit
2020-07-04 03:20
Yes but they won’t spend that much for him but would be best move rn
2020-07-04 03:21
device | 
Denmark 4vs0
org spends 4 million win 1 major total prize pool 500k around 400k goes to the players, and maybe 40k goes to the coach so the org pulls around 60k per major win 10 majors = 600k win 20 majors = 1.2 mil win 50 majors = 3 mil win 70 majors = 4.2 mil
2020-07-04 04:07
ez 4 naf
2020-07-04 22:07
Yea totally kick nitro because he has 2 kills in one map out of a million maps played, good idea I agree. This erases all the other impactful games he’s had I agree with you 100% bro
2020-07-04 03:19
2020-07-04 03:21
you know that something's wrong when u have worse stats than taco
2020-07-04 03:21
True haha
2020-07-04 03:29
No, kick him because he has a 0.93 rating while not even IGLing
2020-07-04 03:22
2020-07-04 03:28
even if he is igl is that really an excuse to not be able to frag? how did he become pro, because of his mastermind? omegalul, igl excuse is so retarded. no team should play 4v5, all have to be able to frag
2020-07-04 03:59
North America joeS
bro nitro has been bad for a long time
2020-07-04 03:29
If he isn't IGL then he deserves to be kicked lol
2020-07-04 03:50
lol he doesnt really deserve a place on the team. its definitely not 1 game. its been a long time. basically ever since the major or something like that. dude is playing like daps and he doesnt even have a role that would make him contribute in something else than just fragging. NA SIXER.
2020-07-04 22:09
2020-07-04 03:20
+Grim soon. He deserves
2020-07-04 03:23
Yeah but they will most likely do a straight swap with geng for autimatic
2020-07-04 03:28
that's what i thought but liquid is such a great Lan team sooo
2020-07-04 03:44
They won’t make a move until after the major but if I were them I would get rid of nitro now and add alex would be a nuts team
2020-07-04 03:47
yeah idk about alex ii never really liked him.... he wasn't that good in vitality and he aalmost doesn't kill in fpl but idkk
2020-07-04 22:03
NAF | 
India FosFate
Lmao that's definitely never gonna happen. Liquid will not pick a player with whom their ceiling is lower than it is right now. Autimatic will lower the ceiling.
2020-07-04 03:56
North America joeS
+1 Grim deserves it 1000%
2020-07-04 03:30
No please he can go to c9 I just wanna see c9 be good pls
2020-07-04 04:09
-nitro +blameF
2020-07-04 03:25
7 million dollar buyout not happening
2020-07-04 03:28
Poland JKG
Yeah I mean if he is not IGLing anymore then there is no reason to keep him in the lineup I think Liquid should finally look for some serious awper, awper that would be impactful and actually change this team
2020-07-04 03:30
If there in the market for an awper they are going to do a swap of nitro for autimatic that would benefit both parties Autimatic is a good awper and has a past with stewie In gen g nitro can work on being the star again and go back to where he was when liquid was nuts
2020-07-04 03:35
Autimatic isn't awper he is like stew
2020-07-04 03:48
He’s an awper and I’d say a good one he can be a device like awper he just needs to keep working on awping
2020-07-04 03:50
Liquid don't need awper like him.Liquid is team with aggressive playstyle and if they need an awper they must buy aggressive awper like cerq
2020-07-04 03:53
Well then they will be fine with there awp situation and they will add another rifler like floppy or grim or they will add alex
2020-07-04 03:54
Alex-nah nitr0 is better Floppy and Grim-They haven’t shown anything offline yet
2020-07-04 03:58
Nitro isn’t better than alex
2020-07-04 12:34
Germany AutiSimple
Ive been a huge fan of tim since he joined c9 but tbh i dont think he can compete with any top awper. I mean hes very good with the awp but not good enough to be a main awper esp for tier1 team. I like him more when he becomes a rifler tho
2020-07-04 04:00
what is a "device like awper"?
2020-07-04 22:12
why is elige hiding in smokes every single round???/ i fuckn hate online cs
2020-07-04 03:39
Yeah, he's totally useless. There's no point to keep him
2020-07-04 03:39
please add someone like Grim or HEN1
2020-07-04 03:44
They lost 2-0 btw and Nitr0 ofc played like a fucking not the rest of the game
2020-07-04 03:45
2020-07-04 03:46
And add random fpl player. I suggest loba
2020-07-04 03:52
They need to add m0e
2020-07-04 03:55
2020-07-04 03:57
So we're concerned that the old IGL is doing bad and is no longer IGL, while the new IGL is doing bad and is also a terrible IGL.
2020-07-04 03:59
United States JoshDAA
But he isnt igl anymore, no reason to be ass, stewie did mediocre while he wasnt igl. Igl takes a toll on you statwise
2020-07-04 04:04
Blamef would like to have a word
2020-07-04 04:10
United States JoshDAA
Blamef is a rare exception, complexity really lucked out with that igl
2020-07-04 04:20
stew was already a "half igl", nitro only called beginning of rounds while stew did all the mid round calling
2020-07-04 04:10
I think he needs to relax a bit and try to work on having a more aggressive style. Stew's IGLing has them a very calm CT side but a high intensity T side. nitr0's playstyle is usually very calm and so his T side probably doesn't fit (probably why his T side stats sucked). He got better CT side though. I think he is still a good player and I would wait until LANs for further judgement. I still believe in him.
2020-07-04 04:04
All these gold novas hating on Stewie meanwhile this guy who has no role is bottom fragging every game.
2020-07-04 04:06
Peru Dropcon
I mean, ngl its either you kick stew or nitr0. I believe nitr0 is an alright igl, probably better than daps, but I think he doesn't fit in Liquid if he isn't leading. Hope he gets his form back tho.
2020-07-04 04:06
I'm not sure what the answer is but I hope they figure it out soon. As a liquid fan it's been hard to watch them play so poorly over the last several months.
2020-07-04 04:08
Australia csRIOTgo
maybe coz nitro has the worst ping? I dunno... playing out of midwest and all..
2020-07-04 04:10
He’s in Louisiana
2020-07-04 12:35
- Nitr0 + N0thing - ELIGE + Shroud - Twistzz + Freakazoid - NAF + Seang@res - Stewie2k + Skadoodle ez top 1
2020-07-04 22:07
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