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United States KinglyFish 
The Republican's strategy in 2016 was to court conservative, Catholic Latino voters. This probably would've worked and the Democrats probably would've never been able to win a national election again. Instead Trump gave Latino voters to the Democrats with his "not sending their best people" comment. I can't see Republicans winning a national election ever again after the 2020 election.
2020-07-04 05:00
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After Trump it will just be boring career Republicans and the core Republican base's turn out will probably be lower too.
2020-07-04 05:01
2 party politics is awful in general
2020-07-04 05:01
2020-07-04 05:02
If we're lucky the Democrats split into the centrist half and the further left half led by AOC. That way we at least have 3 parties.
2020-07-04 05:03
one will win over and we'll be back to two parties, FPTP will always end in a 2 party system on a long enough timescale.
2020-07-04 07:50
5Head 🍷ah yes, simple really...
2020-07-04 08:12
i mean, it's really not a complicated concept. the system is literally designed specifically for a 2-party system, and the scenario he described has happened several times in the past
2020-07-04 09:02
I hope trump wins. The next for years hopefully some members of the left die ( I will not name who because I dint trust you bitches) NSA come and get me
2020-07-04 06:10
never would have guessed the violent racist supports trump. i am truly shocked and shaking
2020-07-04 09:03
Trump did not kiss latino ass just for some more votes... Noone else would risk an election by being this genuine. He is an idiot but earned my respect!
2020-07-04 06:26
He probably wasn't even trying to win. He most likely just wanted some publicity.
2020-07-04 07:40
United States krawfish23
his rally was inspiring
2020-07-04 06:27
Yes, the empty seats were inspiring for the Democrats.
2020-07-04 07:40
United States krawfish23
democrats wish biden could give a speech like that
2020-07-04 08:00
I don't think Democrats want Joe Biden to say out loud he wants to slow down testing.
2020-07-04 08:04
United States krawfish23
did u watch the rally today? if not, dont say what was "said"
2020-07-04 08:55
Why would I waste my time watching every Trump rally? He barely makes sense half the time. And didn't Trump say he wanted to slow down testing previously or am I wrong?
2020-07-04 08:57
United States krawfish23
i was referring to the rally today, not his press conference but the rally. I dont know why you brought up his slow down testing remarks
2020-07-04 09:14
To point out you think him saying nonsensical or ridiculous stuff is somehow inspiring.
2020-07-04 09:15
United States krawfish23
read the first part of #32
2020-07-04 09:16
"his rally was inspiring" Well this is all your original comment said, so you could be referring to any rally to be fair. And how cares how good his speeches are. Which campaign promises did he fulfill exactly?
2020-07-04 09:20
United States krawfish23
is it possible for you to stay on topic?
2020-07-04 09:20
Dude if you're gonna be super vague in the beginning and then add details as you go along, then it's gonna be hard to stay on topic.
2020-07-04 09:21
United States krawfish23
His rally today at mount rushmore was inspiring now do you agree or disagree, you should watch the full speech first before replying
2020-07-04 09:22
I skimmed it and didn't hear anything obviously stupid so I guess it's one of his better speeches. I'm guessing after that slow down testing comment, Trump's campaign wanted him to stick to the script.
2020-07-04 09:27
United States krawfish23
good, we can agree that the speech was better than most political speeches in todays era
2020-07-04 09:28
Yes he seemed well spoken for once. Maybe he has a chance of turning the election around if he just sticks to whatever his campaign probably wrote for him.
2020-07-04 09:29
United States krawfish23
yeah, his campaign team is good, trump himself, not really
2020-07-04 09:32
who cars mens)))
2020-07-04 08:05
name checks out
2020-07-04 08:57
Keep dreaming libtard.
2020-07-04 09:00
Demographic changes are factual though. Facts don't care about your feelings.
2020-07-04 09:02
Keep. Dreaming. Libtard.
2020-07-04 09:02
Does this factual reality make you mad?
2020-07-04 09:03
😎👌 get some sleep kid
2020-07-04 09:04
I think an old man like you needs his sleep a bit more.
2020-07-04 09:05
😎👌 I said it's bedtime. One more reply and you're grounded mister.
2020-07-04 09:06
2020-07-04 09:07
its kind of sad that the democratic party is so blatantly for mass migration solely for votes. really disgusting vile people that dont give a shit about their country. republicans are just dumb and incompetent, dnc is evil.
2020-07-04 09:11
Republicans literally tried to do the same thing, appeal to immigrants. Trump just ruined their strategy.
2020-07-04 09:14
because republicans are spineless. they could have ran with a platform to keep america european, expose the reality behind the 1965 immigration act which from the start was a massive lie and betrayal to americans who were literally told that it would not change the demographics of the country. and of course nobody voted for it, there was no referendum. now its too late so they're desperately trying to cut a piece of the pie which is obviously gonna fail, hispanics will never vote for a conservative party even if they align socially because they'd rather vote for free stuff and bringing more of their family over (which is what democrats offer).
2020-07-04 09:20
I think Republicans could've split the Latino vote if they tried. Latinos are religious so their family values, religious platform could've gotten about half of them to join their party.
2020-07-04 09:24
Germany Bier
like they'd ever care about facts lol
2020-07-04 09:24
somewhat thoughtful post, but it is cute that you still have faith in the democratic party. both parties'* primary concerns are maintaining the status quo and serving the interests of their billionaire donors. can we just speed this process up and turn you into a comrade?
2020-07-04 09:07
Dude I'm definitely never gonna become a commie. My ideal future is the economy is fully automated and everyone gets a flat UBI. Talented people or people that want to move up in society can go into government, research science, engineering, computer science, and entrepreneurship for specialized services (for example the culinary industry). The rest of the economy is automated.
2020-07-04 09:12
literally just communism with extra steps, lmfao. "what if instead of providing people with goods and services free of charge, we give them free money to buy goods and services???" would highly recommend you to read marxist literature. please.
2020-07-04 09:25
It's not though man. I'm rewarding people who work in government, research science, engineering, computer science, and entrepreneurship for specialized services. They're gonna get paid much more and have a more prestigious place in society, which is what they've earned.
2020-07-04 09:28
so you essentially want a ruling, elitist class of STEM weirdos and career politicians? alright then.. not even gonna bother arguing with that lmao
2020-07-04 09:45
Serbia embru
its technocracy but everyone is happy underneath?
2020-07-04 10:15
i mean, if we are making an assumption that big, then any ideology or system is acceptable lol
2020-07-04 10:35
Serbia embru
true, i was being ironic tho
2020-07-04 16:10
Isn't that the direction society is headed in anyway?
2020-07-04 15:53
It seems to me that the US political system is ripe for an overhaul. Out with special interest/lobbyist money. Stronger control with language and "facts" in political advertising (know this is hard, because the approving body would have to be neutral) Out with having to campaign and fundraise half the time you´re in office. You were elected to do a job. Out with "winner takes all"/whole states. (Should be noted that England and France are just as bad in this respect) Instead each state should have a number of delegates, that are distributed according to vote - if one candidate/party gets 40% of the votes in that state, they should have 40% of the delegates too. As it is now, about 45% of votes in each state are wasted, because winner takes all. And in every other election we see a president winning, while having the minority of votes. The 2 parties in particular needs to split up into at least 2 new parties each, that could work together on some issues, but work across the Middle on others. MAIN POINT: With no group having the majority, and with having to work with one group on some issues and another group on others, you may get a better climate for cooperation. Republicans into something like these: Moderates Christian values Populist/Nationalist Urban Democrats into something like these: Moderates Liberal/Sanders Minority issues Non-Urban ... or whatever
2020-07-04 09:29
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