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S1mple #1, online is irrelevant
Norway sterksomfaen 
Everyone who suddenly stopped cheering for s1mple, and jumped on zywoo bandwagon dont forgot there has been only one big offline lan this year, katowice. Where s1mple + NaVi destroyed everyone. When online began just about every good team (fnatic, mouse, navi etc). suddenly dropped off and fucking BIG are performing, how can online results be relevant? Fucking big??? And now everyone (sheeps) thinks Xantares +Syrson > s1mple, zywoo, cerq, kennys, device, ropz etc. How can you expect s1mple to perform when his whole team becomes hot garbage because online? When every round is a retake or 1vsx scenario because his team falls likes flies to shit cis teams, of course you have to save. Doesnt mean hes baiting. Wait till major and you will see whos truly the best team. Think for 1 second pls ty
2020-07-05 00:13
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You are just upset that BIG has achieved more success than Na'vi have in their entire lifetime in CS:GO!
2020-07-05 00:13
check raiting and #1 espesially.
2020-07-05 00:27
Statistics and rankings, all s1mple has ever achieved
2020-07-05 00:28
#1 is #1. Even G2 deserved it somehow.
2020-07-05 00:30
Enjoy it until tomorrow
2020-07-05 17:48
I think it depends on Vitality-Big. If Big wins, Navi can stay i guess.
2020-07-05 18:19
Dont think so since vitality will still get a lot of points, if big wins they could even get #2
2020-07-05 19:01
2020-07-05 00:43
Laughed so fkn hard bro
2020-07-05 08:44
BIG has achievements? lmao
2020-07-05 09:00
Denmark dyinbyran
Youve gotta be the most braindead baiter in this site lol even you if you consider just this year ,navi has achieved far more than big
2020-07-05 09:21
Such as what? Winning the CIS qualifier?
2020-07-05 17:47
Denmark dyinbyran
So yekindar won the katowice 2020?
2020-07-05 18:48
I don’t know if you realised, but we’re talking about BIG not YEKINDAR.
2020-07-05 19:03
Denmark dyinbyran
dude are you for real ? I sarcastically meant that navi won the katowice 2020 which is already the biggest achievement for any team this year and also it was LAN So def navi >big
2020-07-05 22:21
Two is greater than one last time I checked
2020-07-05 23:42
Denmark dyinbyran
wdym by two is greater than one ?
2020-07-06 10:35
BIG is greater than Na'vi
2020-07-06 19:14
Sweden fastflop
Im not a navi fan but pretty sure navi has achieved alot more than big
2020-07-05 09:25
Ukraine volod1m1r
2020-07-05 17:55
0/8 very bad bait
2020-07-05 22:24
Denmark iLoVeReD
S0mple #1, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
2020-07-05 00:14
NiKo | 
Russia reguix
Havent seen many who jumped from s1mple to zywoo,but have seen plenty of ones who jumped from device to zywoo ,just cuz astralis is gone and device cant carry
2020-07-05 00:33
+1 or because they are glory hunters. And switched to another top 1 contender + they don’t like S1mple.
2020-07-05 01:58
Hello Sam2k
2020-07-05 00:34
Adequate opinion = sam2k? Expected from Finland btw.
2020-07-05 00:36
He has a good opinion but generally leans towards NaVi in what he typed, f.e "the best team in the world" etc. Also this is something that Sam2k would post on HLTV, (probably more delusional than rational but anyways) so you can't really call me out from that either
2020-07-05 00:39
expected from EU flag to call out nationalities while hiding behind a non-national flag omegalul
2020-07-05 00:40
What's even more cringe is that 95% of everyone hiding behind an EU flag is from some shitty country like Portugal/Poland/Serbia xD
2020-07-05 01:45
who the fuck is sam2k?
2020-07-05 00:53
Just a guy that have his tongue just a bit longer up s0mple's ass than you....
2020-07-05 09:02
Denmark dyinbyran
😂8/8 Accurate description
2020-07-05 09:20
2020-07-05 16:51
Your tongue is brown...
2020-07-05 21:39
ur head is fat XD
2020-07-05 21:42
2020-07-05 18:58
imagine calling out nationalities while having EU flag,
2020-07-05 09:01
it's too hard to understand for hltv kids bro. Don't even try. Adequate people who understand smth in this game realize what can happen on LAN
2020-07-05 00:35
D4v1ce> Scameriono s0mple
2020-07-05 00:37
Yo wtf, you were s1mple supporter if I recall correctly
2020-07-05 17:54
Guy plays CS 24/7 and bait teammates and still gets his ass beaten by 19 yo kid.
2020-07-05 08:47 stats dont lie zywoo top 1 and s0mple not even top 10
2020-07-05 08:52
And name checks out dont lie too
2020-07-05 18:51
#20 stats dont lie
2020-07-05 20:29
leaf | 
United States Frotha
Yes, the massive sample size of two lans
2020-07-05 08:55
Dont give wrong facts , navi didnt destroy everyone, they barey won FaZe , 1-2 rounds in favor of FaZe and Faze would ve been on NaVis place
2020-07-05 09:09
United States RAK47
Who the fuck say xantares+syrson>zywOo? But yeah they are performing better than somple Somple who always shits in his pants against zywOo lmao
2020-07-05 09:23
Simple was better than Zywoo in most of the online games too. Zywoo has only been better in the past month and a half or so
2020-07-05 09:25
well said my man :)
2020-07-05 09:29
Nepal sasukeee
2020-07-05 17:52
+1 s1mple top 1 2020
2020-07-05 17:52
2020-07-05 17:54
only s1mple #1 forever
2020-07-05 17:53
S1mple has done more than any player and peeked the highest He never stays cold on big stages and always a performer You can't deny that what he has achieved is tough to achieve
2020-07-05 17:57
True, delusional kid who thinks zywoo will be top 1
2020-07-05 18:21
Very smart op
2020-07-05 18:22
NAVI WON KATOWICE... OHH OKAY WITH A BROKEN/OVERPOWERED GUN NAMED SG 553. AFTER IT'S NERF AND GAME BEING FULLY ONLINE, NAVI BECAME DOGSHIT. I STILL REMEMBER COMPLEXITY R*PING THEM. ALSO, s1mple has lesser DPR, lesser impact than ZywOo and least % of support rounds in the team, Another proof s1mple is baiter :) 0.04 impact more while having the same overall rating, lesser kpr, better % of opening kill attempts, lesser awp usage and having 3 years lesser experience. 'aNgLe hOlDeR' nice excuse lmfao Also 'ZywOo player of the week 78.6% support rounds' but ''gEtTiNg hEaViLy sEt uP bY tEaMmAteS" Not to mention, ZywOo has higher rifle usage than awp in the past 1 month and still has better performance than s1mple. There are stats proving everything, only blind s1mple fans can't see them. s1mple is the one being heavily set up by teammates, plays pistol rounds with upgraded pistols and kevlar just to have lower pistol rating than ZywOo, forces deagle or scout on every single eco round just to ruin economy, gets dropped his favourite AWP by flamie with 'acheron' or 'the prince' skin and drop flamie galils and famases in exchange, never buys enough utility which is proved by his low utility damage per round stat and somehow has the same rating as ZywOo despite having better kpr and dpr and being years ahead in experience, oh yeah everything he does is lesser impactful which is proved by his lesser impact rating If s1mple is really better, why does he have only 1.07 rating across his career against vitality compared to ZywOo's 1.34 rating against Navi. Is he scared of ZywOo's presence in the server?
2020-07-05 18:56
stats checked out Zywoo>>s1mple /closed
2020-07-05 18:58
Finland Nettimies
Woah, slow down there. His team didn't just suddenly become hot garbage, it has always been, except electronic.
2020-07-05 18:59
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