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The NA FaZe
shox | 
United States raymoney 
Liquid is the NA FaZe. So much star power on paper and yet only one maybe two guys ever show up in one game leading to their eventual defeats. You never want to make roster changes because you know how good the players can be and you don't wanna gift them to another team you could lose against, but at the same time you need to make a cut. At this point I think nitr0 is run his course with the team. He needs to go. In his place they could bring in another IGL maybe daps or Fallen both would work decently imo. Ideally Fallen because you would get an IGL and a dedicated AWPer. This roster needs a change. They are not even the second best team in NA rn
2020-07-05 01:59
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Yeah, but at least FaZe can make roster changes. Liquid are far too stubborn
2020-07-05 02:01
Maybe they don't want to do so because of major points or maybe they still think that they're gonna be better on lan.
2020-07-05 03:34
well either way at least one of them is going to VALORANT
2020-07-05 03:41
dead game
2020-07-06 07:12
Yea coz they've won a freaking grand slam with that roster
2020-07-05 04:46
And they have a good reason to be
2020-07-06 06:19
Canada dennek
-nitro +grim
2020-07-05 02:01
2020-07-05 02:55
NO. WONT WORK. THEY NEED AWPER. THEY NEED IGL. THEY NEED COACH. ADDING fragger for fragger wont work even tho grim is better fragger. They already have 3 good riflers.
2020-07-05 03:25
Canada dennek
kassad grim and naf awp, stew is igling now so no need for igl and liquid is better off without main awper since there are no good main awper who is a free agent now
2020-07-05 03:27 He has 1:5 ratio compared to AWP:RIFLE frags. And he is not having alot of impact with AWP, he is so much better RIFLER, even stew has alot more impact with AWP. stew is IGLing and losing to GEN.G, nitr0 IGLing got them TOP 1 in world and stew IGLing?? They need good IGL. ALEX is best choice, since he proved himself last year by getting them TOP2 ( even tho he had zywoo but still he is pretty good IGL). FOR AWPER smooya is there and he is better than naf. And he is FREE. And I agree with KASSAD.
2020-07-05 03:35
United States Lang315
alex is a decent idea tbh
2020-07-06 06:40
2020-07-06 02:24
Faze either need a new coach or an actual IGL because NIKO's game plan of, "ok go kill" isn't enough in modern counter strike.
2020-07-05 02:01
ALEX has joined the chat
2020-07-05 02:06
But was he a good IGL? Vitality wasn't exactly amazing when he was with them. I think they might be better off waiting for OG to kick one of their three IGLs that they have and maybe trying for one of them even if it's for a short time just to provide some structure.
2020-07-05 02:11
agreed i think their best option is +kassad
2020-07-05 02:44
vitality was top ~2-3 in the world at one point, and they were contenders for big event finals, and this was while apex and shox were playing horribly. ALEX was also their 2nd most consistent fragger, so I think he would be a good fit for FaZe.
2020-07-05 02:58
I mean OG will kick obv worse IGL, or unless FAZE buys them out. And they wont. And OG players are getting big money and I think they believe in this project alot, so they wont leave that easily. And valde wasnt good IGL in north either, he is good fragger but as IGL just not that good at tier1 scene. NBK has been good but again ALEX replaced him, means alex was better. Last ALEKSIB, yes he is good and might even work. BUT OG will ask for alot of money and faze wont pay that much. And OG wont likely kick him as he is the best IGL in OG. And FAZE had chance before to grab him but they didnt. SO most likely they will get ALEX.
2020-07-05 03:28
Only Aleksib is good pickup on IGL role.
2020-07-05 03:33
vitality had the same gameplay with alex that they have now, its either zywoo carries or they lose. with shitty players like rpk, apex and washed up shox ur strats can be amazing and u wont be a consistent top 1 team. they still managed to be a top team despite of the bad players that hold them back.
2020-07-06 02:19
roster needs change - true not 2nd best in NA - true needs fallen / dedicated awper - false
2020-07-05 02:02
+1 NAF and Stew are good enough depending on the circumstance, and there's not many great AWPers available anyway. Also FalleN is definitely not the solution, considering MIBR's form (no matter how much better the Liquid roster is than MIBR's)
2020-07-05 02:40
yeah for sure. It's clear that Fallen is not going to be a solution for any high tier team (top20). What Liquid needs and needed a long time ago was daps, and when daps was a free agent it was a shame that he wasn't picked up. daps leads kind of like karrigan, getting the best use out of all of his players.
2020-07-05 03:16
They need an awper
2020-07-05 02:03
Not much choice at the moment
2020-07-05 02:44
2020-07-05 03:33
He seems to have attitude problems and adren doesn’t seem like the guy to tell him to shut up
2020-07-05 03:50
Someone watches thorins video right
2020-07-05 02:18
United Kingdom alcazar4
fallen XD
2020-07-05 02:24
stfu online cs is as motivating as punching yourself in the dick.. They're probably incredibly burnt out and just honestly showing up to play, that goes for every single team, they might be doing and trying your best but these are awful times.
2020-07-05 02:43
Knowing Liquid, they are 100% a LAN team. They live off of that momentum, especially players like Twistzz who seem unstoppable in clutch scenarios. I would wait for around 2-3 LANs before deciding on making a change. nitr0 did play a lot better today so I would wait.
2020-07-05 05:17
EVERY single team plays different on LAN, we play this game to play ON LAN. FUCK ONLINE that is the epitome of shit, why do you think half of the teams are sucking dick and the other half want to go on vacation until lans.. Absolutely everyone was burnt out and now you only get to play online?? if it wasnt for their salaries theyd all be playing a diff game (im 100% sure they are...) very little motivation going on
2020-07-06 02:11
I agree completely
2020-07-06 02:21
that's why Im saying we should wait for LAN season before wanted changes.
2020-07-06 06:18
no changes needed Liquid is STACKED they have to fix their internal and motivational problems
2020-07-06 16:01
thats why I should say we should wait for LAN matches. They are fine the way they are motivation wise. They just need to work on their CT sides since it has a lot of holes. They never really had ample time to work on strats when they switched IGLing from nitr0 to stew.
2020-07-06 16:02
They should try a new coach before roster changes!
2020-07-05 03:38
You cant compare Liquid to faze. Liquid won grand slam with this roster while Faze won nothing with their current core. It is fact that Liquid roster can work while faze's cant. and liquid dont need a dedicated awper and 'structure' playstyle because almost everyone in the team are used to puggy style. They need to boost their self confidence and everything will be fine again
2020-07-05 03:42
unfortunately Liquid had the streak of wins FaZe was trying to have :/
2020-07-05 04:59
With their firepower they should be on par with eg but all NA teams are being very inconsistent except EG, they need a break and if things dont work out make the changes even though I dont think they will for the points.
2020-07-05 05:11
Fallen isn't able to even make his own team work and you expect him to fix liquid?
2020-07-06 06:56
-nitro +autimatic
2020-07-06 07:04
2020-07-06 07:20
Dude the way they look now is miserable. Furthermore, Liquid towards 2020 and end of 2019 was not good at all. They got destoryed
2020-07-06 20:59
I don't understand why people say "FaZe full of stars"? There are just two stars - Niko & coldzera. Leave this stereotype.
2020-07-06 07:25
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