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Wtf happened to Twistzz
United Kingdom yaletalksbusiness 
Used to be so insane.... he would open bombsites on his own with that juicy 65% hs rating, win most gun fights and had one of the best crosshair placements in the world. It'd be normal for him to go +10 or more in games. But now he's just garbage.... He rarely goes positive anymore and loses most of his gun duels. The other day he was losing every gun duel to Stanislaw.... Fucking Stanislaw of all people. He needs to get off this shitty support role because it doesn't fit him...
2020-07-05 07:00
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he started smoking weed
2020-07-05 07:01
I bet it was NAF who introduced weed to him.
2020-07-05 07:09
2020-07-05 09:41
Argentina WaSTe_D
2020-07-05 11:06
i used to be godlike when i smoked weed, now im sober 4 years and im washed as fuck
2020-07-05 10:23
Vietnam Sooaside
he started playing with Bot2k and Elige toggled off cheats
2020-07-05 07:10
the same 'bot2k' has more trophies than the entire german scene lmao
2020-07-05 08:30
Vietnam Sooaside
Im not german
2020-07-05 08:43
you like big which means you like them bot2k>bug clan
2020-07-05 09:31
bringing up past achievements is irrelevant. the only thing that matters is how teams are in the present
2020-07-05 10:22
So forest, getright,snax, Guardian and all of those legends are not legends because nowadays they are not winning tournaments?
2020-07-05 11:04
Being a legend has nothing to do with current performances. Where do you get your idea that legends are not legends from? Because I never discredited their achievements. All i'm saying is that making an arguement about a teams / players past achievement is irrelevant
2020-07-05 12:53
Those people are legends cuz of their past achievements, so by your logic being legend= irrelevant because they are called legends for having great achievements in the past
2020-07-05 15:49
He's saying some average player like stewie2k shouldn't be able to rely on his past achievements as a TEAM not a player when he's been dogshit since. Difference between Stewie and players like Snax, GuardiaN, F0rest etc... is that those players actually dominated the game whereas stewie had 1 really good round in a major final.
2020-07-05 16:00
And yet, people still remember him as a smoke criminal, what does it say about him?
2020-07-05 16:21
That he was an onliner... Clearly his "smoke criminal" didn't work well on LAN and thats why he's still performing like shit to this day. Look at his stats LAN vs online: at the bottom you can see he's good vs top 5 online but dogshit vs top 5 on LAN.
2020-07-05 16:22
That what big fan would say
2020-07-05 18:28
Rejin | 
Estonia Scyie
Bot2k isnt really a bot cause he plays bitch role on liquid, if he was on any other team he would perform no doubt
2020-07-05 08:32
+1 Thought he was a bot but then checked his impact rating
2020-07-05 08:35
Vietnam Sooaside
sorry my bad, he started playing with stewie2k as igl which made him bot2k
2020-07-05 08:43
Israel GrandpaZ
So true. People hate him for no actual reason besides maybe his character. He's actually a decent player.
2020-07-05 10:43
Bitch role lmao
2020-07-05 16:02
2020-07-05 16:02
United Kingdom StephenSka
he grew bad hair
2020-07-05 07:11
2020-07-05 07:12
weed and twitch hoes killed his career bring back 2018 twistz
2020-07-05 07:13
Brazil Toxic_BR
He became a vegan, its ruining his aim.
2020-07-05 07:18
did he really??
2020-07-05 10:21
Liquid is a shitty online team + I think its silly to compare LAN form to online
2020-07-05 07:24
He's been off his game for a while, ever since Liquid fell off at the end of 2019 he hasn'e been getting and average rating above 1.07
2020-07-05 07:34
Needs to practice more, and style his hair less.
2020-07-05 07:28
why judge by appearance?
2020-07-05 08:02
why say something dumb like that?
2020-07-05 08:03
name checksout, what a loser
2020-07-05 08:22
You saying like he cant see trough his hair
2020-07-05 18:29
He plays anchor positions, and therefore is often avoided by the enemy team leading to a low rating.
2020-07-05 07:51
he takes being a pro for granted now, he'd rather be watching anime and looking at pics of dudes
2020-07-05 07:54
2020-07-05 09:44
he made a Rose tattoo, rest in piece
2020-07-05 08:01
he canadian
2020-07-05 08:06
After he cheated his gf, he went down. KARMA maybe
2020-07-05 08:08
NAF | 
India FosFate
He went up after that lol. After Liquid fakera, he dropped off. He had around 1.05 rating after September 2019. He is better now, with 1.11 Rating atleast. [Was 1.20 (NAF 1.18, EliGE 1.25) during Liquid run]
2020-07-05 08:18
United States Frotha
His Baiting is getting figured out
2020-07-05 08:21
Its online He had good rating at Katowice and Blast Dont forget he is support now instead of being entry fragger.
2020-07-05 08:23
United States Frotha
Of course, Twistzz always has a good rating because he has a good KAST and stays alive.
2020-07-05 08:51
2020-07-05 17:19
he wasnt entry even in 2018 and 2019 lol...
2020-07-05 10:21
He was entry in some maps
2020-07-05 17:19
some maps...overall he was their most passive player in both 2018 and 2019 and yet his performance was way better
2020-07-05 17:21
He wasn't support in 2018 and in IGS time.Liquid changing roles from tournament to tournament.
2020-07-05 18:25
im not saying that he was support but he wasnt their entry fragger. he was overall their most passive player last 2 years
2020-07-05 18:30
Its changes nothing With time TL will change his role i hope
2020-07-05 18:32
the only one who could take support role is nitr0. noone else
2020-07-05 18:34
2020-07-05 18:58
He's gotten older. Most players will see their mechanical ability drop off with age.
2020-07-05 08:35
He’s literally only 20, his mechanical ability hasn’t even peaked yet
2020-07-05 09:21
Isnt he fucking 20? F0rest has better aim and he is a decade older then him
2020-07-05 09:43
Tell this to RpK and f0rest
2020-07-05 10:32
I don't get it either, he used to have one of the best aiming abilities in the world, I get that players eventually fall off, but this is too harsh...
2020-07-05 08:41
United States krawfish23
sad times
2020-07-05 08:46
he plays valorant now
2020-07-05 08:56
China Yao_Ming
75 ping
2020-07-05 09:10
They fukcin changed his role and positions even when he was playing really good at them and they never did it back so that's what is wrong with him
2020-07-05 09:20
Bulgaria cuddleslut
he's good tho? When i watch him play he always hits stunning shots. Imagine watching rating, how delusional you have to be? Even if we had the best aimer of all time. He could be just getting killes from behind or from the side, or he could get flashed, there are many factors which can make you look like you're performing bad even tho there was simply nothing you could do. He just happen to be put in a bad place in a bas time. That doesn't make him bad lol
2020-07-05 09:26
weed and cheating on emy, his ex-gf (she plays for clg red) so karma struck hard. Other than that he still has one of the best HS% in the world, Liquid just lost its groove. I'm expecting some roster changes in Liquid. Either -nitro or -naf and +someone from gen.g, most likely autimatic, as he's the primary awp now like nitro.
2020-07-05 09:33
remember when Friberg could single handedly open up sites?
2020-07-05 09:43
Russia VelsVivard
The feeling time for Liquid is over and so the fellas in the team have lost their form too.
2020-07-05 10:08
why do people excuse him with being support and not "entry fragger" anymore? he wasnt entry even in 2018 and 2019
2020-07-05 10:22
stew and elige playing more valorant than cs, thats why..
2020-07-05 10:31
2020-07-05 11:08
he is too entertained with his milf gf
2020-07-05 10:46
You dont lose aim dules because ur a support player he just does not practice enough
2020-07-05 10:47
Too much soya milk and busting nuts in girls You can see by his voice and dress sense he has very low testosterone. He needs to refrain himself for big tournaments.
2020-07-05 10:55
He doesn't have a shitty support role, nitr0 and Stew play the shit roles, Twistzz is extremity, like NAF, never changed, never goes first, except on his zone, that's what everyone does in his roles tho, but that's pretty much all, he's a baiter That's why he clutches a lot imo Stew brings more than him -nitr0 +acoR or FalleN -Twistzz +ALEX -adreN +kassad or ave
2020-07-05 11:05
Mongolia Kkura
How about -nitr0 and +Grim
2020-07-05 18:30
STOP I see this shit EVERYDAY IT WON'T WORK FFS If you have 500 hours in csgo you can understand that nitr0 has shit roles and that Grim is baiting in the trio like EliGE, it won't work, or Grim will underperform af Stew is still a bad IGL anyway
2020-07-05 18:42
The best player in Liquid is and always will be NAF. Eliige was god tier for a while but he's Just not consistent these days. Twistzz is easy to tilt so if the team is on a high he performs well, if his team is on a low he feeds like Stewie.
2020-07-05 11:08
liquid just got a hot streak for a small amount of time while the other top teams had problems of their own and NA fans overhyped then af! and now they are getting surprise by this? NA will always be the laughing stock of esports, Everything just went back to normal.
2020-07-05 15:54
Yea liquid kind of had it easy last summer when everyone else was slumped. Their performance was still nothing to question. It just worked.
2020-07-05 15:58
''Fucking Stanislaw'' lmao, he even top fragging nowadays xd (Some games) Just earlier this year E.G was pure garbage, suddenly they win every match. I never liked Stan or Tarik really, always enjoying when E.G gets rekt xd Yeah Twistzz dunno what happend, Elige really didnt look that good yesterday either. Liquid kind of dropped of a bit i feel.
2020-07-05 16:02
Has given up on cs to become his true self, a femboy
2020-07-05 16:01
dating older woman
2020-07-05 16:02
What else do you expect from a team with shit2k
2020-07-05 16:02
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