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rain | 
Norway TritoNOF 
Where do you think he will go if he goes through with leaving Barcelona? He's already showed discontent with how the club is managed and called off negotiations over a contract extension, so if he goes through with leaving the club where do you think he'll go?
2020-07-06 03:40
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i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq
sissy is never gonna leave cause he knows he'll get exposed if he does, he's just trying to force the board's hand to fire barto/get a good coach but he wont leave
2020-07-06 03:44
shox | 
Serbia nzzm22
You are stupid. Barcelona has played like any other possesion based team for over 5 years now. Prime tikitaka definitely made him look better than he was and played to his strenghts, but if you think he isnt the best player in the world in any other team that doesnt hsve a really distinctively different playstyle to him youre delusional.
2020-07-06 03:47
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq
he'd be perfect for PSG, he'd get to play against 19 Eibar's in a season and get to choke in CL every year, it's perfect
2020-07-06 03:55
shox | 
Serbia nzzm22
choking in CL? 2 winner goals in 2 UCL finals vs UTD 2009 and 2011 Singlehandedly creating the biggest ucl playoff comeback up to that point vs Milan in 2012? with 2 solo goals. 2011 humiliating Real Madrid singlehandedly with one of the best solo goals in UCL history Scoring 5 fucking goals in a single playoff match against Leverkusen making a record that still stands Being the UCL top scorer 6 times Some of the best performances ever in UCL playoffs against Arsenal, Bayern 2015 etc. And thats just the top of my head. Here is a hltv like site with ratings based on a lot of factors for football. His best performance to date is UCL 2014/ 2015.
2020-07-06 04:06
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq
and no one, not even him, will think about those achievements when he looks back at his career and realize he choked a 3 goal lead twice. they're good achievements dont get me wrong, i never said hes a bad player, hes definitely a top2 player all time, but he has benefitted from the system (uefa) greatly which is what will eventually hold back his legacy. same think like people will always wonder what kind of a player pele would be if he didn't play for brazil or something, i think messi could suffer from the same fate if he doesnt prove himself outside barca. he should leave if he's smart, i just dont see it.
2020-07-06 04:22
1. He will NEVER leave Barcelona 2. Because of point 1, I have no idea where he would go if he actually left.
2020-07-06 03:44
United States notawaffle
i would love to see him in the premier league on a team like Leicester City who dont have a history of being dominant but are rising as one of the best
2020-07-06 03:44
Hmmm, I agree that I'd love to see him in the Prem, but I doubt he'd join Leichester tho. If he's going to EPL the only club I could imagine him joining is Man City. He has a good friend there in Agüero and a manager that both he trusts and that trusts him. This is, of course, assuming that the ban gets overturned
2020-07-06 04:17
United States notawaffle
yeah you're probably right hope that ban doesnt get overturned though :)
2020-07-06 04:25
is this a troll comment?
2020-07-06 04:18
hes gonna join his papa on mancity
2020-07-06 03:56
he wont leave barcelona despite all the bad signings they did..he's just putting some pressure on the players, but i'd like to see him with guardiola again.
2020-07-06 04:02
Yea same, I think he'd perfectly fit in Guardiola's City assuming they overturn the ban ofc
2020-07-06 04:14
Peru novo_199
I think he will go to Italy or France, smaller leagues were he gets to have fun
2020-07-06 04:16
he's the biggest footballer on the planet, just bargaining himself to get rid of barto. he will 199% chance retire at barcelona
2020-07-06 04:18
He said is coming to corinthians, becauz he loves corinthians
2020-07-06 04:22
FaZe Clan
2020-07-06 04:30
Would be nice if he goes to Juventus to see CR7 and Messi playing together.
2020-07-06 04:30
Messis is Barcelona
2020-08-08 23:21
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