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Even in their decisions, know the online season will be a fiesta, tryhard the major qualifier to already be guaranteed a spot and then take vacation to make sure they don't lose to shit onliners and get flame like other top lan teams, one step ahead as usual
2020-07-06 18:15
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Xyp9x not coming back and i bet Astralis never gonna win anything anymore.
2020-07-06 18:31
Portugal hybridz
+1 if they do comeback props ... but it will be very hard
2020-07-06 18:32
Assuming gla1ve and Xyp9x actually return to the roster (as they probably will), Astralis will come back swinging. But one of the core 5 leaving is a real possibility... If it happens I'd be much more worried.
2020-07-06 19:12
Netherlands Titanos
-dupreeh +es3tag
2020-07-07 16:34
So -the best entry fragger in the world +a mediocre player? Yes, everything checks out but I'm being factual here
2020-07-07 16:39
Europe Juuzou_
Not really. He’s not the best entry fragger in the world
2020-07-07 16:56
Agreed #50
2020-07-07 17:05
Netherlands Titanos
definitely not the best entry fragger at all. He's proven he's a really good and solid player, but es3tag's better
2020-07-07 16:58
Yeah I agree actually. I just got a little pumped up when I saw this because definitely better Entrys exist. But tbh, he's a great Entry Fragger, A fantastic secondary awper, decent lurker and he can go toe to toe in 1v1 aim battles with virtually anyone. I'm not impying that Es3tag is bad, I'm just saying that from what I've seen from him, he's just okay against the best teams while dupreeh has the capability of putting up MVP numbers. Es3tag can shape into any role Astralis give him, but frankly, so can dupreeh.
2020-07-07 17:05
Netherlands Titanos
Sure dupreeh can do anything, and is a great entry fragger. Heck, he won 4 majors. I'd just like to see some new blood replacing him, because frankly, dupreeh has never stood out to me. He's not an insane AWPer, not a great IGL, not great at clutches, doesnt have an outstanding personality, he's just, meh. He's great, but he's meh. es3tag > dupreeh
2020-07-07 18:31
Europe Juuzou_
Agreed. But esetag didnt prove himself on the absolute s tier level yet.
2020-07-07 21:17
Netherlands Titanos
2020-07-08 00:09
Tell me one thing es3tag s better compared to dupreeh
2020-07-07 17:10
Netherlands Titanos
Why did you think Astralis want him so badly? es3tag can do literally every role.
2020-07-07 18:31
Andorra chill_sage
2020-07-07 17:15
name checks out
2020-07-06 18:32
You know astralis will just come back and win the major as usual
2020-07-06 18:40
I can bet my mom they wont
2020-07-06 18:49
You said the same last major probably
2020-07-06 19:05
No i didnt and i see u got hard time to understand Astralis not gonna be same roster anymore ever.
2020-07-06 19:11
Xyp and gla1ve will comeback in like a month or 2 but nt
2020-07-06 19:15
Gla1ve will xyp not
2020-07-06 22:05
2020-07-06 23:08
im not, its pretty obv xyp not coming back if u can read between lines.
2020-07-06 23:33
Brazil !nStinct
So why they skiped cs summit?
2020-07-06 22:08
because they dont have players?
2020-07-06 22:11
Brazil !nStinct
You drunky XAXAXAXA, they played an event 5-6 days before summit. Stop_baiting
2020-07-06 23:03
and then they didnt have players
2020-07-06 23:32
Brazil !nStinct
They got out 3 weeks before cs summit start, please Stop_baiting
2020-07-07 02:40
Why u are lying in internet?
2020-07-07 14:26
Brazil !nStinct
Why u are baiting in internet? Just go on hltv and see that they do what im saying, bye brainless
2020-07-07 16:27
they played tournament week before summit and then they didnt have players. tell me point where im lying?
2020-07-07 17:38
They didn’t need the points plus they’d probably lose 20% of their total points for fielding 60% of their main roster
2020-07-07 05:24
Entering summit without gla1ve and Xyp9x would mean losing 40% of their points, and even if they won they would only gain a few hundred. It wasn't worth it.
2020-07-07 16:54
don't listen to him, dude's just trying to get rid of his mom
2020-07-06 19:16
Lithuania SeNSeO
2020-07-06 23:08
no they wont , not this time . the team is done
2020-07-07 14:28
2020-07-07 14:32
2020-07-07 16:31
Pakistan LoOuU2
Agreed mens, bestest minds in the scene
2020-07-06 18:42
2020-07-07 02:46
What can you expect from GOAT IGL
2020-07-06 18:43
People are making fuss over a player break, like wtf bro
2020-07-06 18:45
Vitality will win the major!!!!
2020-07-06 18:46
Vitality couldn't win summit against Big, let alone the major against Astralis
2020-07-07 02:47
Difference between #1 and #2 at summit was miniscule in terms of rewards
2020-07-07 09:56
Vitality lost to Avangar in the major... I guess starladder major wasn't "miniscule"
2020-07-11 03:52
NBK stopped talking at starladder
2020-07-11 11:51
2020-07-06 18:48
But wouldn't this one and a half month player break be enough ? And even before the major, there will be 3 months of mostly online cs And what if the major is postponed if corona continues ?
2020-07-06 19:20
wow thats very weak mentality... didnt expect that from astraloss thank you for revealing this insider information
2020-07-06 19:21
Kkkk acting like it's mandatory to take part in that online clown fiesta
2020-07-06 23:05
danish mentality
2020-07-07 17:12
astralis players wasn't agree with 7 players system i guess
2020-07-06 23:04
+1 Astralis 300IQ as always
2020-07-06 23:05
Gaystralis sucks and you suck them kid.
2020-07-09 14:31
Can't wait til' they come back and literally murder everyone else
2020-07-06 23:08
Astralis is just as Rambo. Everyone parties till he comes back from retirement and kicks everyone asses. Asstralis probably means Asskicker in a language of the world Can't wait for them to win next major to shut up everyones mouth.
2020-07-06 23:56
astralis outdated
2020-07-07 02:44
2020-07-07 14:32
2020-07-07 16:36
RpK | 
France HippzZ
2020-07-11 04:03
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