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Is it Racist?
Frankie | 
Italy J1reN 
Is it racist if i dont like black girls "sexually". i have black friends and really like them and have fun. but when it comes to sex i prefer white girls,is that racist. i think its because most girls are white in my country,and i used to watch white girls only on porno,is that racist tho?
2020-07-07 06:23
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its lowkey racist like its racism deep within but its no big deal
2020-07-07 06:24
dude,this is not close to racism. its just about sex,not about friendship or normal life.
2020-07-07 06:34
bro its natural, everyone is a little bit racist, its nature, but thats not a bad thing
2020-07-07 06:43
You're an idiot if you think he/she is racist for preferring a certain complexion of female attraction especially considering they have multi-racial friends.
2020-07-07 07:10
0/8 you stink
2020-07-07 07:59
You might be racist but J1reN certainly isn't.
2020-07-07 21:00
2020-07-08 00:10
Belgium Miiyata
Check his flag, change might to may
2020-07-08 01:42
Switzerland Titan))
racism noun prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized. "a programme to combat racism"
2020-07-08 17:05
U right but they too dumb to understand it
2020-07-08 17:27
Palestine YankeeM
Never heard of unintentionally racism?
2020-07-08 23:47
just seems a bit unlikely that you don't find a single black girl attractive. it pretty much goes against biology
2020-07-08 00:13
I have never seen a hot black woman. They are almost always very fat and I don't find their faces attractive. It's not racism, just sexual preferences, just like you are not a homophobe for not having sex with other men.
2020-07-08 15:42
again, that seems pretty unlikely. e.g. you are single and naked Nathalie Emmanuel is on your bed and wants sex with you and you are like "nope totally not attracted to you". that makes no sense if you are heterosexual. I mean are you seriously saying this isn't just true for Nathalie Emmanuel but literally every other black model/actress... Not an expert on black models but e.g. scroll through this and you don't find a single one attractive? that's kind a weird e.g. this girl is not attractive to you at all?
2020-07-08 16:32
Following that thought, and keeping in mind that the topic of the conversation is sexual attraction, does that mean there must be at least some male models out there that fellow males are sexually attracted to?
2020-07-08 17:00
not really, this is like trying to prove that god doesn't exist. we can't really look inside other people's brain. but it just seems really unlikely that a heterosexual man isn't attracted to a single black woman. it's much more likely that it's just some racist bias (intentionally or not)
2020-07-08 17:13
The second picture of the woman is unironically not attractive to me, however not because she is black but because she looks like a skeleton lmao.
2020-07-08 17:06
I don't find the girl you used in example, attractive at all. Am I racist then?
2020-07-08 17:15
Lmao I don't feel attracted to any of those black girls you linked to. I must be very racist lol. I like brown latinas but black is Just not attractive for me
2020-07-08 17:18
Stop saying that mixed women are black. Literally half of the people you posted on the first link are mixed, the second pic has a mixed woman as well.
2020-07-08 17:19
Nathalie Emmanuel is mixed, not black.
2020-07-08 18:23
moving the goal post
2020-07-08 18:24
so why you ask if its racist if you lowkey give yourself an answer?
2020-07-08 16:55
Germany N1ceCube
It's not racist, it's called sexual preferences...
2020-07-08 01:24
Which could be enforced by society.
2020-07-08 19:47
pretty sure its because black girls have stanky mitts
2020-07-07 06:25
No, cause if Naomi Campbell or Rihanna come to you I am pretty sure you will forget all these BUT...
2020-07-07 06:29
no,i swear
2020-07-07 06:33
Too bad most black girls dont look like that, and look like they want to open your can for you with their front tooth
2020-07-07 06:33
2020-07-07 06:34
2020-07-07 06:48
United States Amerika!
2020-07-07 06:56
dont @ me
2020-07-08 02:16
2020-07-08 00:04
2020-07-08 15:13
shrek | 
Nigeria S_I_O
2020-07-08 16:52
Ukraine volod1m1r
2020-07-08 18:26
Naomi Campbell ?? i guess you like milfs
2020-07-07 06:34
No , I am older than average
2020-07-07 06:34
the only girl i would sex even if she was black is
2020-07-07 06:36
Good one I would sex her even if she was blue
2020-07-07 06:41
What do you mean "even if she was black"? She's not black.
2020-07-08 00:00
american can't understand his own language,expected.
2020-07-08 01:43
if she was black she wouldn't be that attractive
2020-07-08 01:45
Europe Vallon4
Naomi Campbell is uglier than literally every girl you see on the street, lmao.
2020-07-07 23:59
They are not black. Both of them are mixed race.
2020-07-07 23:59
You're literally a white supremacist, you should be ashamed.
2020-07-07 06:28
Hi grenzor
2020-07-07 08:09
grenzor is back 😲
2020-07-08 00:02
just sarcasm men(((
2020-07-08 00:03
2020-07-07 06:37
what about a bbc ?
2020-07-07 06:37
It’s technically racist if you look at it in the dumbest way possible. In reality everybody prefers to have sex with people of their own race because people naturally are less attracted to something that is foreign. Of course there are cases where people of different races will be attracted to each other, but as a general rule, people will be more attracted to their own race.
2020-07-07 06:39
i think it comes down to the higher likleyhood that you will be paying child support if you stick your willy in a black girl
2020-07-07 06:43
Europe Vallon4
''In reality everybody prefers to have sex with people of their own race'' This doesn't apply to black girls and asian men, especially the former. Nobody wants black girls.
2020-07-08 00:05
"nobody wants black girls" source: trust me bro i browse internet forums
2020-07-08 18:24
Europe Vallon4
Source: literally all studies and surveys on preferred romantic partners ever.
2020-07-08 18:42
"people will be more attracted to their own race". This is false. Just some days ago someone linked a study here about the response rate for the question "are you interested in this person?". It was based on ethnicity and overall asian girls received more yes than white, black and latina girls, even from non-asian guys.
2020-07-08 00:12
Of course because there are factors that play a role besides what I’ve said here. There’s a perceived risk involved in different races as well as dumb luck. What I mean is that people will be more skewed to their own race than other races will be to their race.
2020-07-08 01:20
cope White girls > asian ricefarmers all day
2020-07-08 18:40
having sexual preference is not racism
2020-07-07 06:51
ofc its racist, how wouldn't you waste your entire day thinking about having sex with a person that you don't want to have sex with?!
2020-07-07 06:54
sexual preference isn't racist
2020-07-07 06:58
NAF | 
Sweden sesar
+1 that's like saying it is misogynistic to be gay, because you prefer men over women.
2020-07-08 00:07
2020-07-08 01:34
NAF | 
Sweden sesar
good one
2020-07-08 15:09
2020-07-08 03:57
it's only racist if you dont like black girls because they are black it's racist if you automatically rule someone out because they are black not finding someone attractive is perfectly fine and healthy
2020-07-07 07:07
wtf are you talking about. Ofc he dont want to sex with black girls because they are black. But it called sexual preference. he does not want to have sex with them, not because he believes that black girls are worse than white, but because they do not attract him. And its normal when you live in a country when 90% of people are white
2020-07-07 08:26
but ofc you can find a attractive black girl. but he talk about majority i guess...
2020-07-07 08:27
China SwooksarV2
2020-07-07 08:01
Why put a label on it.
2020-07-07 08:02
its just ur preferences. its racist if u think all black girls have nice booty or all white girls love to get BBC and cucks + simps watch them or all asian girls love to moan like they like to get abuse. etc etc anyways my preferences is shy girls so ez sadistic side show up to them then nicely BDSM action
2020-07-07 08:16
get some help
2020-07-08 15:27
get some help
2020-07-08 17:06
Racism is fake.
2020-07-07 08:16
you will grow up and think every piece of pussy is fuckable.
2020-07-07 08:19
Denmark Bal0
2020-07-07 08:23
no, and I hope you're not being serious with that question
2020-07-07 08:31
Of course it isn't racist...that's just your sexual taste wtf? if whity is your weakness whity is your weakness bruh.
2020-07-07 23:54
United States Hindy
no its preference
2020-07-07 23:56
Greece Graecos
No, it's not
2020-07-07 23:57
No it's not racist, just like it isn't sexism if you're gay or homophobic if you're not gay. Anyone that says it's racist you should pretty much just spit in their face and tell them to fuck off.
2020-07-07 23:57
dude its not racist i got black friends that dont find white girls attractive too its just taste i guess
2020-07-07 23:58
yes /thread
2020-07-08 00:01
no, it's not. Racist: "a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another." Do you feel superior over another race? Probably no. Ok so you're not racist in that department, good. Do you discriminate? This is funny, because, if you feel like you're discriminating black women by not thinking they're attractive, I think you're pretty arrogant. Because you would have to feel as if being attractive to you is a privilege. Spoiler alert : it's not. Ok I'm not actually sure if that last thing made sense. It made sense to me a second ago, but then I reread it and it was all gone. I just took melatonin so, you know...things slow down a bit. uhh end of comment Imma go to bed lol
2020-07-08 00:08
why u take sleep hormones?
2020-07-08 01:36
recently got back from a military bootcamp where you got very little - to no sleep. So when I came back my sleep schedule was all fucked, tryna fix it
2020-07-08 16:39
fix it urself taking meds is a pussy move
2020-07-08 16:51
It's not meds. "A pussy move", bitchboy it's just something to help sleep. It's literally something you can buy at a supermarket. It's almost as good as placebo as far as I'm concerned. You barely know what it is and what it does, and yet you're out here saying "taking meds is a pussy move". Honestly this is so fucking retarded I can barely wrap my head around it.
2020-07-08 17:01
Its a med, how could u possibly say otherwise lol and is mainly meant for older people. Taking meds for "fixing ur sleep schedule" is a pussy move. Lmao at u getting that defensive tho.
2020-07-08 17:04
it's a med in the same way paracetamol is a "med". It barely does anything (at least for me) and it can help relieve some stress of the thing you're trying to fix. I do get defensive when a little ignorant jackass is trying to downplay an issue that was caused by honest hard work. Something you've probably never experienced. I doubt you've worked a fucking day in your life. EDIT: Another funny thing is, it could literally have not even been the melatonin. Maybe I was just fucking tired or didn't actually feel like finishing the comment - as it wasn't worth the effort. Much like trying to teach you something, it's starting to not be worth it. I do think this has been worth the effort so far, as I don't have anything to do right now anyway. It's been a pretty fun mental challenge - trying to understand what goes around in a brainlets's cerebrum.
2020-07-08 17:10
Great job! Love assumptions. No need to get so worked up, unless you need meds for that too?
2020-07-08 17:12
alright, literally no more value to be gained from you now. Not even challenging me any more. Lets end it with the customary 0/8 have a good life, lets hope you can somehow still make something of it.
2020-07-08 17:13
It's trivial anyway. Seeing how defensive you got over something so small was funny, signs of a person who's slowly but surely becoming deranged. We don't want you becoming too mental on us old boy. Can't have you taking that many meds. I'm just feking with ya 👋
2020-07-08 17:25
"Seeing how defensive you got over something so small was funny, signs of a person who's slowly but surely becoming deranged" absolutely retarded statement with no substance. And the rest is just more bullocks. There's just nothing there in your miserable life, is there? haha, but it's ok I'm just feking with ya as well, yungun'! 👋👋
2020-07-08 18:06
Don't take is personal mens)). You haven't took ur meds today, ey. Withdrawal symptoms? A jesting convo. :D
2020-07-08 18:23
I hope you didn't take anything personal, yungun'! You've probably only missed all your classes since first grade, can happen to anyone! Probably just some minor autism symptoms? Just banter of course, eh? 👋👋👋
2020-07-08 18:38
You been spying on me? 👀 No vaccines, cant have autism. 😁 Top notch banter m8 👌😎
2020-07-08 18:43
It is if you are in a forced fixed marriage
2020-07-08 00:12
Denmark Howlite
it depends. what's your skin color. the only way to determine if you're racist
2020-07-08 01:35
just watch bbc porn you will love black girls. no homo.
2020-07-08 01:40
yes also not having relationships with trans people is trans-phobic
2020-07-08 01:41
2020-07-08 03:51
there isnt a single black girl that u find attractive? how is it biologically possible? rihanna? not even one of the famous like rihanna, alicia keys?
2020-07-08 01:41
amber stevens>>>>>all white girl
2020-07-08 01:43
amber is brown, by black i think he means like the african black
2020-07-08 03:41
brown as in mexican? i don't think so..she looks like half black half white probably
2020-07-08 04:07
no, half black half white. didnt even know mexicans were considered brown, they seem white to me
2020-07-08 19:00
i think in the us (which is the only country that uses the term white/black/brown axaxaxa), brown = mexican/indian/arab
2020-07-08 19:35
i was right this is her parents
2020-07-08 04:11
half white mother, white father she is more white than black give us a black woman
2020-07-08 15:39
Belarus uberboy
Damn there are attractive black womens)) but you just linked pretty ugly ones
2020-07-08 15:26
both pictures are from the same girl. she is hot imo
2020-07-08 18:56
I don't find Rihanna attractive at all.. I like brown latinas tho. Lol
2020-07-08 17:21
i'm like u but someone like tyra banks or amber stevens are really fucking hot
2020-07-08 01:41
Who cares if it's racist or not? Stop giving a shit about what idiots think.
2020-07-08 01:43
+11111111 I also don't understand all this racists, not racist bs. I don't like black girls, none of your business men. Why so much drama??
2020-07-08 17:23
World Beard43
+1 lol
2020-07-08 18:36
no, its your choice and preference. Keep going man, have a good day
2020-07-08 02:15
steel | 
Other ToRu
no, next thread
2020-07-08 02:20
2020-07-08 03:50
Black women are ok but wearing weave makes them so nasty and from my personal experience black woman are very masculine/muscular or very fat. I don't want to date a girl more masculine than me just saying.
2020-07-08 03:56
Cya in 10
2020-07-08 04:11
2020-07-08 04:14
China Xi_Jinping
if you're excluding black girls from the very start instead of on case-by-case basis it's sus
2020-07-08 04:19
ropz | 
Switzerland Catze
its like asking if you are homophobic or not because u like girls
2020-07-08 15:12
Belarus uberboy
was about to say it
2020-07-08 15:25
I would like to fuck black and asian girls so fucking hard till they cry and beg me to it racist?
2020-07-08 15:24
get some help
2020-07-08 17:08
why? Is it weird
2020-07-08 17:10
2020-07-08 17:10
but is it weird tho
2020-07-08 17:11
World Notb8ing
Not really, black girls in general are less femine, this might be turn off for those who don't want to fuck a chick who looks like a dude.
2020-07-08 15:37
what black girls are u fucking looking at?
2020-07-08 18:27
2020-07-08 15:46
are you transphobic if you're not into trans people? no
2020-07-08 15:53
no, its not racist
2020-07-08 15:58
It's the same for me
2020-07-08 16:53
ok then i'm homophob because i prefer girls
2020-07-08 16:54
So think like this. It is okay to not like white girls, but it isn't ok to not like girls who are black? No it's not racist.
2020-07-08 16:54
Poland dreamShow
white men prefers white grills black men prefers white grills no racism spotted, just facts
2020-07-08 17:03
races should not be mixed, but we are far beyong that point every race has special abilities and is designed to work best in their natural environment
2020-07-08 17:04
If youre not gay, you hate men.
2020-07-08 17:21
Belgium lil_vodka
i love mens but not in a gay way xd
2020-07-08 19:44
Why care tho? Why giv fuuks? Racist? Not racist? Who cars bro, just put your junk in the trunk you like
2020-07-08 17:24
im not interested in black girls sexually but ebonies are bestest
2020-07-08 17:29
jesus christ, yet another thread from 16 years old white cuck
2020-07-08 18:07
Mongolia Kkura
What do you expect from here
2020-07-08 18:10
yes, you are also homophobic if you dont fuck men
2020-07-08 18:07
Mongolia Kkura
2020-07-08 18:10
Portugal v4tr4
its your preference so nahh
2020-07-08 18:23
Not at all
2020-07-08 18:26
no its stupid to even think so
2020-07-08 18:26
Just wait for a few yers till SJW will force you to merry black woman otherwise you will be labeled racist, fired from work and attacked in social media.
2020-07-08 18:28
Who cares about that, if it's racist or not ?
2020-07-08 18:30
Preferring something isn't racist, you just aren't into darker complexions of skin I presume, some people can't imagine dating white people, period.
2020-07-08 18:44
lol its ur taste like i love all kind of ppl but i cant fap to black women, i need the perfect white girls ur woman taste is already programmed but not racism
2020-07-08 18:45
South Africa HueyAtxri
It's not unless you talk shit about them
2020-07-08 18:52
the amound of retarded people in that thread is really enormous i knew its not racist,just asked to hear some opinions,and i can confirm that this world is full of retards
2020-07-08 20:49
fnx | 
Brazil Jontsz
Maybe, not because you're a bad racist person, but because you were raised by people who thought of white women as the ''best'' to marry or to be sexually engaged with. So it is racist, but it's not really your fault. Or maybe you prefer white girls simply because you do, I'm biracial and I also prefer white girls. And btw, don't use ''I have black friends'' as a way to prove you're not racist, that doesn't really make sense.
2020-07-08 20:52
Palestine YankeeM
You’re an unintentionally racist but that’s alright. Almost everyone is.
2020-07-08 23:48
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