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political threads
United States xxxhoshi 
why do political threads (especially ones about racism or ones clearly made by right wingers) get nuked??? most of them aren't offensive in any way, shape, or form.
2020-07-07 11:34
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Because its ban bait
2020-07-07 11:35
most of them have a bunch of literal nazis literally saying they love adolf hitler and they stay up way too long
2020-07-07 11:35
United States xxxhoshi
not true at all. i just tried replying to a comment in a thread where everyone was being civil just for the whole thread to be deleted
2020-07-07 11:37
better to delete them all than wait for the nazis to come out of the closet again
2020-07-07 11:42
???????? what kind of stupid fucking logic is this
2020-07-15 07:17
Audi | 
Germany I_car
Most threads with a lot of comments end up deleted
2020-07-14 16:27
Happens to me too, guess thats the risk you take for posting in a cs forum tho
2020-07-14 16:27
Got sauce? And me not agreeing with your leftie ideology =/= me being nazi you goddamn imbecile.
2020-07-15 09:43
They are offensive most of the time. And the comments are usually even worse.
2020-07-07 11:35
jonathan e is trump
2020-07-07 11:36
ZywOo | 
Switzerland OHMOHM
Bc leftist got offended and reported to Jonathan
2020-07-07 11:37
cuz government, media and lobbys keep lobbying for a divided minority, and as long we keep arguing about political views, we'Re fkd but the reality is they all workin together.
2020-07-14 16:27
cam | 
United States girls
my post my choice
2020-07-14 16:31
You answered alone
2020-07-14 16:32
USA politics is pointless and you shouldn't care unless you are rich enough to afford lobbyists.
2020-07-15 07:15
+1 theyre mostly stupid, but theyre fun
2020-07-15 07:16
HLTV 2020 is nazi random 10 year bans with no given reason got banned for once calling the moderation bad, turning into a shitty overmoderated mainstream site
2020-07-15 07:20
Eh most forums and social media sites are getting more and more censorious and authoritarian in nature. It would require strong regulation to actually force them to pick either they are a platform and everyone gets to speak or they are a publisher and they get to moderate their comments but they are also libel for anything they publish on their site. This regulation seems to be gaining traction in America with more and more politicians getting behind it. I'm usually not one for regulation but I think the internet has reached a point where it's become important enough for everyone to be allowed a voice on it.
2020-07-15 09:48
That doesn't work. A website owned by a private company has to have it's own rules. You can't just put up a site and say "go ahead, say whatever, share whatever, do whatever". You would be shut down in a second. If 4chan or 8chan was hosted in the US they would be down by now for sharing CP and other insane stuff. And the site owner would probably face legal charges.
2020-07-15 09:54
That's why they are trying to get reform. A websites own rules may not contradict the rules of a country it is operating in. So if America says a website has to allow freedom of speech if it is a large public platform. Then twitter has to allow freedom of speech, at least in america no matter what their own policy is. and obviously I mean within reason and guidance of existing government law. so no threats of violence, slander, libel, support of terrorism. These are all restrictions that exist under government law and it would be in violation of the US law if they were to do this obviously US law is soft on Twitter. There were thousands of cases of support for isis and active isis twitter accounts around about 2016 and there still probably are active twitter accounts belonging to terrorists but because of the size of social media they can't really do much about it apart from ban them when they are reported.
2020-07-15 10:15
That's not how it works. If 7 of my friends and me go marching into a supermarket in nazi outfits, carrying a swastika flag and heiling, the store manager is allowed to tell us we're not welcome. And no matter how much we cry about freedom of speech etc it's still his store and his rules. The same goes for a website. It's still "private property".
2020-07-15 10:14
I don't think you understand what reforming means. And no not every store manager is allowed to, mobile companies have been told in the past in America that they have to allow everyone to use their services including Nazis and communists and whatever other extremist ideologies there are because they are an essential service. Twitter and Facebook are like the telecommunications companies of our time. Yes they're private but they can still be treated differently to other private companies. Different laws and regulations are made for different companies.
2020-07-15 10:18
You're conflating things. No one can deny you service due to your political, sexual or religious orientation. But they can tell you to leave their store if you use it as a platform for spreading political messages. You can use Twitter and other sites no matter your political affiliation or ideas. But you're not allowed to spread whatever message you want to. Their TOS is there for a reason. Just like you can't advocate racism or pedophilia here without getting booted.
2020-07-15 10:21
Because rightwingers think playing video games causes real life violence and a game where you can play a literal terrorist is soooooo offensive and should be banned?
2020-07-15 09:51
2020-07-15 10:03
The voices calling for banning certain video games are always and have always been rightwingers.
2020-07-15 10:04
2020-07-15 10:05
Alright give me an example then?
2020-07-15 10:06
Lol,You are the one claiming here, how would I give examples?
2020-07-15 10:07
Well since your comment was "no?" I was assuming you could discredit my point about it only being rightwingers wanting to ban certain videogames. If it is left-leaning parties too I ask for proof of that. It's your claim that it isn't only rightwingers so I figured you must have some examples. Do you?
2020-07-15 10:10
Alright since you are a typical leftard who talks all in aur let me present you some examples. I searched " ban violent games " on twitter and this came up Now check his latest retweet it's from a famous right winger from America.
2020-07-15 10:14
That's your proof for lefties wanting to ban violent video games? A famous rightwinger saying "might as well ban violent video games too" ??? That's your proof?!?
2020-07-15 10:16
Omg how thickhead are you? I linked the first tweet that came after search. It was a Right winger who thinks banning violent games is stupid that's why he used it in sarcasm.
2020-07-15 10:19
Another one She writes "Marxist feminist" in her bio
2020-07-15 10:16
Again, I don't hear anyone calling for a ban. What's next? Anita Saarkesian? Even she didn't call for a ban. Keep searching and poke me when you got something of interest.
2020-07-15 10:18
Keep searching stfu please now first you claimed it's the right winger who want to ban violent games but at the time of proof I have to prove that they are not typical leftard. Now stop replying me you fucker.
2020-07-15 10:21
Do you always get this mad when your argument fails or is it just this one time?
2020-07-15 10:23
What a delusional piece of shit.
2020-07-15 10:27
Again, I fail to see anyone calling for a ban like rightwingers have. I can tell you cigarettes are bad for you. That doesn't mean I wanna ban them. You keep grasping at straws rather than provide a lefty source calling for the ban of violent video games.
2020-07-15 10:44
I glossed over the article. Can you pinpoint where it called for a ban on certain videogames in case I missed it?
2020-07-15 10:49
Bruh, I literally never said leftist want to ban it. It's you who claimed RW want to ban it. I gave you examples of how left think video games is encouraging alt-right agenda .why would right wingers want to ban something that is useful for themselves. I will rest my case here you are too thick.
2020-07-15 10:55
Ehh? Because someone with a lefty agenda says video games have a conservative worldview probably doesn't impact the moralistic right and have them go "oh well, if lefties don't like vidya games we love them". I'm sorry but that's the worst argument I've ever heard. It's like saying a lefty feminist thinks porn is degrading to women so rightwingers suddenly love porn? Can't you see how flawed that logic is?
2020-07-15 11:05
1.It's not that Right wing love it beacuse left hates it. 2.Right wing loves it beacuse basically its most right platform nowadays.Go to game discussions,forums,groups or anywhere you will find them fascist,supremacist,misogynistic etc. Ex-4chan.gaming community is home of alt- righters.
2020-07-15 11:20
It seems like you get your political understanding from looking at 4chan rather than listen to what politicians propose. Fair enough. If your idea of politics are obscure edgy sites I think we're done here. I don't know what to say. Did you learn about Capitalism from Habbo Hotel ?
2020-07-15 11:24
Audi | 
Germany I_car
Nothing about violence, but you have people like Trump saying videogames can be the cause for some school shootings lol
2020-07-15 10:45
Trump wants to save his ass and balmeshifting Also America Politics =/= world politics And btw feminists
2020-07-15 10:48
Audi | 
Germany I_car
Trump is representative of rightwing ideology, a random person on twitter isn't representative of an ideology
2020-07-15 10:53
As I said Trump is not whole right wing.
2020-07-15 10:57
Audi | 
Germany I_car
But it's at least an important part, not like a random person on twitter, and it influences American right-wingers and some right-wing from other places
2020-07-15 10:59
If you would have said that Right wingers are against video games 10 yeas ago It was valid. But Now it's not it's mainly feminists,SJWs and boomers now.
2020-07-15 11:12
Audi | 
Germany I_car
But your most relevant source is a shit article from the guardian (at least it's something i guess)
2020-07-15 11:15 Edit: From the article "House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R) and Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick (R) have both cited video games as one of the possible causes of the shooting, rhetoric that Donald Trump himself has now echoed." (note that it doesn't call for a ban though. But it clearly shows Trump aren't alone blaming video games for violence).
2020-07-15 11:28
I dunno, I always declare right wing positions and I'm still not banned somehow
2020-07-15 10:14
Audi | 
Germany I_car
If you are respectful you won't get banned for sharing your views, and a thread getting deleted doesn't mean the creator of the thread gets banned
2020-07-15 10:47
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