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Brazil raiboltin 
What was the hardest subject you've ever faced/studied? Could be from school, college, work and whatever. For me: learning the theory behind what we called Electricity 2 in highschool or the Fourier Series also in highschool
2020-07-09 03:30
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Switzerland Titan))
chemistry i am smart person that like to learn stuff but god this was boring and so much to memorize
2020-07-09 03:32
yes, never could stand Biology or Chemistry. Any specific chemistry subject?
2020-07-09 03:33
Biology is 95% memorizing >:( not hard, but jesus, give me a break
2020-07-09 04:14
ikr, takes literally 0 braincells to be good at, there's not much innovation and problem-solving requirement. I wish i liked that subject and went to medicine college. Literally memorize everything and get loads of money (this market is so overestimated in Brazil). feelsbad
2020-07-09 04:47
biology sucks
2020-07-09 05:27
2020-07-09 05:35
2020-07-09 06:41
2020-07-09 07:24
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
2020-07-09 03:33
it's not hard, its just boring
2020-07-09 03:34
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
Thats what makes it hard
2020-07-09 03:36
for me the hardest will always be the ones you like (so youre interested in) and you just simply cant understand a thing due to its difficulty. It hurts the most
2020-07-09 03:37
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
Idk, when I like something I find it eazy to study, so I understand it eventually, but cant bring myself to do something boring and not get payed
2020-07-09 16:06
Xyp9x | 
Portugal k7k0
+1 i have increadably shit handwriting and just find it mega boring
2020-07-09 15:07
Algorithms & Datastructures the theory is easy, but the projects are too complicated for me given the time constraint
2020-07-09 03:33
you are braindead sorry bro
2020-07-09 03:51
:( feelsbad
2020-07-09 03:51
Physics Too much calculation.I feel dizzy doing physics problems.
2020-07-09 03:34
wdym? Physics is probably the closest subject to your real life and what explains the most. I always found it so interesting although i had many bad teachers
2020-07-09 03:35
Yeah it's close to real life and interesting but physics need a lot lot lot of reading books and doing exercises.That‘s tiring :(
2020-07-09 04:02
in my physics courses, the calculation was minimal (as opposed to mathematics) and it was mostly understanding what formula combinations to use and how/why
2020-07-09 03:44
ehhhh in my opinion maths need more thinking and less calculation than physics. Some sick models takes a lot of calculation and lead to a complicated expression. However maths always have beautiful conclusions.
2020-07-09 03:57
wonder what physics courses u have taken for maths to have less calc lol
2020-07-09 04:13
ye maths is a beautiful subject :]
2020-07-09 05:26
Investment Analysis
2020-07-09 03:36
isnt it all based on softwares and machine learning nowadays?
2020-07-09 03:37
Yeah I guess, but we did it all with equations. It was really hard and boring.
2020-07-09 03:37
I can imagine, were you at economics college?
2020-07-09 03:38
I was an accounting major, but this class was required for some reason.
2020-07-09 03:39
I mean, most of accounting colleges in Brazil has a bunch of Philosophy/psycology grades. Probably about 40% of the course, that's dumb af if you think about
2020-07-09 03:40
Lmao wtf, that's weird. Never seen that here.
2020-07-09 03:41
im probably exaggerating (hope so) but when i say their grades i remember that scaring me, it was actually accounting sciences so idk if there's a difference. Our colleges are impregnated with leftism, it's actually insane. The only powerful colleges are the military ones
2020-07-09 03:43
I don't think there's a difference with Accounting Sciences. Just different coursework in Brazil I guess.
2020-07-09 03:46
2020-07-09 03:41
United States flipfone
Advanced high school physics for me was really hard
2020-07-09 03:44
Singapore repu1se
Linear Algebra
2020-07-09 03:49
I would say you rather had a bad teacher linear algebra is really cool and kind of high iq watch at least 3blue1brown (1.5 hours total explains a lot of core ideas) If you are still interested of course, for detailed explanation watch any gilbert strang course
2020-07-09 03:53
Singapore repu1se
yes my prof is garbage at teaching. online resources were much better but what i found hard was applying concepts to questions, a lot of times i read the question and have no idea what im supposed to do or use
2020-07-09 16:55
i found it quite easy. i had studied it before getting to college so idk
2020-07-09 03:56
Portugal YANRAZA
Trying to understand the minds of my faceit teammates
2020-07-09 03:50
Quantum chemistry at university, hardest subject I've ever had. Soon finished with masters in synthetic organic chemistry and I've never had a harder subject than this.
2020-07-09 03:56
who is ur waifu?
2020-07-09 04:04
Maybe Rin Tohsaka. You?
2020-07-09 04:12
calculus 3, statistics on college and ita(brazilian iit jee) physics questions
2020-07-09 03:57
90% of calc 3 is useless, at least for software engineers. Retarded old men can't let go of tradition
2020-07-09 03:59
true true true useless for almost everybody
2020-07-09 04:02
90^ of Calculus professors are delusional old fucks with a massive ego
2020-07-09 15:05
look at indian iit jee mens))) that exam's question paper literally makes people pee in their pants here
2020-07-09 05:16
Japan Sayon4Ra
Personality Development. Cuz im introvert.
2020-07-09 04:04
2020-07-09 04:17
My penis.
2020-07-09 04:21
expected from brit
2020-07-09 05:20
IIT JEE physics Geography, Bengali, computer science theory
2020-07-09 05:01
ay damn jee physics is not too difficult if ur coaching teacher is good
2020-07-09 05:15
I guess it's just me, but I didn't attend any coaching, just school and tuition, mains was pretty fine but advanced, meh
2020-07-09 05:34
yeh advanced would be very tough for you then ngl coachings make it way easier but also tougher for students...they provide all the material but its tough af
2020-07-09 06:34
anything with numbers
2020-07-09 05:09
Social science (in india) and biology Idk why social sc. is taught in so much detail :/
2020-07-09 05:18
Biology! I forgot about that, I took bio in 11 and I fucked up. Parents said that there's job security in medical field, but why study when I hate bio?
2020-07-09 05:35
lol i stopped believing in bio in 10th And there's too much study in the medical field even after college, and most of it is just mugging up, so.....not for me
2020-07-09 06:31
high school biology is pretty easy - you just scratch the surface of the things however medicine is just on another level
2020-07-09 06:39
nah, indian high school bio was also too much for me :/
2020-07-09 06:57
all the core subjects always did shit in them, only classes i did well in were i.t, health and economics
2020-07-09 05:20
Wouldn't say math is the hardest subject in general but differential geometry got me fucked up
2020-07-09 05:22
Fluid mechanic.too many aspect or variable to look for. Seems like the only subject without exact number
2020-07-09 05:30
2020-07-09 05:35
For me, it was science. I just got out of eight grade where my science teacher was literally the worst teacher I’ve ever had. It was basically a college class, a lot of work with little instruction where we just had to figure it out. It was like that the whole year. We had 3-4 big projects, and it was just no instruction and “figuring it out.” My brother had her when he was in eight grade as well, so my parents knew about her tendencies and how shit of a teacher she was, so they were lenient on my grade in the class. Fuck science
2020-07-09 05:35
Life xaxaxa
2020-07-09 06:54
very true , Life is just a test , if you be a good boy and pass the test , u might make it to heaven in your next life ;)
2020-07-09 07:16
probably chemistry late 10th grade its not that the material wwas especially hard, but it was too hard for my brain to focus on while having no meds probably the worst 4 months of my life
2020-07-09 06:57
Israel The_Donald
2020-07-09 07:12
so far (currently in 2nd year of uni IT ) Pre-Algebra , i still have statistics and another Maths Subject to pass , ahhhhh shitt
2020-07-09 07:15
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