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Fun history facts
rain | 
Czech Republic CyberBOT 
There was a guy in ancient china who served as a police officer. He was transporting a group of prisoners when a few of them escaped. At the time this was considered a martial offense (=punishable by death), so instead of delivering the rest to prison, he freed them and formed a rebellion with a portion of them. This rebellion eventually overthrew the then ruling Qin dynasty and the man is known today as Emperor Gaozu of Han, founder of the Han dynasty
2020-07-09 09:12
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Thx, nobody asked but it was actually interesting.
2020-07-09 09:15
Thx, i get it Fun Hstory Fact #2 When Julius Caesar was kidnapped by a group of pirates and held hostage for ransom, upon finding they wanted 20 talents fo silver (620kg) for him, he made them increase it to 50 talents (1550kg) because he was 'obviously' worth more. He also recited his own poetry to these pirates It kinda makes you understand why his friends may have felt the need to stab him
2020-07-09 09:18
India mr_magician
where do you find such facts?
2020-07-09 09:21
I have some of them from my high school history teacher, most either from books or the internet (although it's always good to fact-check these)
2020-07-09 09:24
ok thats cool mens
2020-07-09 09:25
Or maybe his "friends" stabbed him because he did a military coup (after beating pompey etc. in battles) to overthrow the senat, took all their power and became a dictator)))
2020-07-09 09:34
He was told to return to Rome, but Ceasar feared prosecution and so did not return. This got him labeler as a traitor, which prompted him to take a ssingle legion and start a civil war. After defeating Pompey, he returned to Rome (meanwhile being governed by Marcus Antonius, appointed by Caesar) Technically speaking, he was appointed as a dictator (the term had a different contextual meaning than it has today) in a 'democratic' election (it is unclear how democratic that election actually was). Taking the senate's power was a gradual and lengthy process
2020-07-09 09:49
Nice input, thanks. Long time since I read into this tbh.
2020-07-09 10:30
To be fair I could do with a revision myself
2020-07-09 10:32
He betrayed the Cicero , im glad they killed his ass.
2020-07-09 09:53
I've heard he swore he'd found them back after being freed and he would kill them. And he made it. Is it true?
2020-07-09 13:57
2020-07-09 09:17
Kinda cool to know
2020-07-09 09:17
A guy by the name of Robert Liston was a surgeon in the 19th century. He once performed a surgery so quickly that he accidentally cut of his assistants fingers. Both the patient and the assistant later died from sepsis and a spectator reportedly died from shock, resulting in the only known medical procedure with 300% mortality rate
2020-07-09 09:27
that was quite funny
2020-07-09 11:49
Ironically enough, he was one of the better surgeons at the time, having lower than average mortality. At the time the speed of the operation was directly proportional to the patient's chance of survival, and Liston was the "fastest knife in the West End" He also advanced the field quite a bit and was the first to perform a surgery with modern anesthetics
2020-07-09 12:03
Poor guy, talented but managed to fuck up pretty badly.
2020-07-09 12:38
That's not even the biggest one really, he onse got so enthusiastic while amputating a leg that he also accidentally cut off the guys nuts. And another time, when a boy came in with a big swell on the neck and he was arguing with his assistant if it was an arterial blood clot or a skin tumour. Liston went like: "Who's ever heard of arterial clots in one so young?" and he popped it with a scalpel. Turns out that is was a clot and the boy bled out right there
2020-07-09 13:32
wtf was this guy doing to cut the nut in the process? Lol, nice facts, mens(, really entertaining. You look like the kind of people who can just spark a fun conversation out of nowhere
2020-07-09 13:55
More like start the most random conversation with a couch. The reason things like this hapenned is because they didn't really have anesthetics before, so they did all operations on concious patients. There had to be a group of people just to hold the patient down (he/she was writhing in pain) and st the operations had to be quick, often under 5 minutes. This led to errors like this
2020-07-09 14:19
Is this actually true? I've seen this many times but never believed the part about the spectator dying from shock.
2020-07-09 12:52
"However, this single surgery took a victim even earlier. The procedure was being observed by an elderly doctor in a dress coat with long tails. In the confusion, Liston cut through the man's coat. He wasn't cut, but because blood was spurting around, the old gentleman didn't know that. Feeling the tug, and seeing himself covered in blood, the man collapsed on the floor, had a heart attack, and died."
2020-07-09 14:00
If true, that's quite something.
2020-07-09 14:12
Dying by "shock"? What does it mean?
2020-07-09 13:58
"However, this single surgery took a victim even earlier. The procedure was being observed by an elderly doctor in a dress coat with long tails. In the confusion, Liston cut through the man's coat. He wasn't cut, but because blood was spurting around, the old gentleman didn't know that. Feeling the tug, and seeing himself covered in blood, the man collapsed on the floor, had a heart attack, and died."
2020-07-09 14:01
Ty! Very nice thread.
2020-07-09 14:03
That story i didnt know but i knew about the fastest knife in the west thing
2020-07-09 15:10
cool story thx
2020-07-09 09:17
Russia Drapery
This perfectly demonstrates how weak China is.
2020-07-09 09:17
Not really, rebellions and coups happened all over the world for most of history. The french had theirs because the royal family kept parading around with wealth when their country was starving to death, we (the Czechs) had one against the catholic church that helb back a crusade, it's been wild man
2020-07-09 09:22
Russia Drapery
It was a joke man
2020-07-09 09:28
2020-07-09 09:31
That is much more complicated than that lol
2020-07-09 13:59
what? a smart thread in hltv? impossible
2020-07-09 09:55
You flatter me sir, I just like history
2020-07-09 09:57
same here but when i get into hltv i expect rate gf +18 or s0mple toxic threads
2020-07-09 10:01
Yeah, I feel that btw, did you knwo that Plato won the gold medal in Olympic games for WRESTLING 3 times?
2020-07-09 10:05
my man was jacked lmao
2020-07-09 11:29
Imagine Aristotle questioning Plato on something he said and Plato's just like "Fight me!"
2020-07-09 11:45
Well this was interesting +++ Great thread bro
2020-07-09 13:06
Denmark Jeffersond
Nice thread man!
2020-07-09 10:08
Thanks Did you know that the firs documented use of the word OMG was in 1917 in a letter to Winston Churchill?
2020-07-09 10:21
2020-07-09 10:29
China Xi_Jinping
this would not happen in modern day china
2020-07-09 10:12
I'm fairly sure they thought that back then too
2020-07-09 10:18
hail Xi!
2020-07-09 12:49
Captain Morgan was a real pirate and not just the cover of some alcohol
2020-07-09 10:24
Nice, didn't know that one The most successful pirate in history was a Chinese prostitute, commanding over 1500 vessels and 80,000 sailors Her name was Ching Shih
2020-07-09 10:31
he was a Welsh guy, right?
2020-07-09 12:49
Yep, sir Henry Morgan
2020-07-09 13:14
The last time Rupert Murdoch had sex the world trade center was still standing...
2020-07-09 10:29
I feel like you're implying something :D
2020-07-09 10:34
Yes I agree kill all police officers and torch the system
2020-07-09 10:31
That's not what this thread is about man :D
2020-07-09 10:33
Yes we must re-write history and give the power to the people! Right on bro!!!
2020-07-09 10:36
Could you please troll on the actual political threads?
2020-07-09 10:38
Nt prodka Chinese people are a myth
2020-07-09 10:40
ekul | 
Switzerland NtroP
Went through all the facts, honestly one of the top HLTV threads
2020-07-09 12:44
Thanks bruv, happy to provide
2020-07-09 15:15
Fact you have never heard of: Oldest golden treasure found on Earth was found in Varna, Bulgaria and it dates back to 4600 BC. The person who was buried with all that gold looked like this according to science - And this was what they found in his tomb
2020-07-09 12:48
Fuck me that's Shang Tsung!
2020-07-09 13:21
2020-07-09 13:32 Look at him tho All that aside, that's pretty cool
2020-07-09 13:33
China ShinnWong
not "history" history,but kinda fun gaddafi’s coup he is a lucky ass guy,also died by assfucked
2020-07-09 13:03
2020-07-09 13:16
Yugoslavia RIP_MY_NIP
I think Salmonella Academy has a bunch of videos on dumb historic figures and facts.
2020-07-09 13:20
Looks fun, will watch when I get home from work. lol 'salmonella' it's Sam O'Nella :D
2020-07-09 13:25
Yugoslavia RIP_MY_NIP
oh shit ahaha, my bad
2020-07-09 13:26
Cracked me up, well done :D
2020-07-09 13:27
LETN1 | 
Poland Szcz
Nice What is your favourite time in history mens))))?
2020-07-09 13:21
Not sure if I have a specific favourite time period, but it definiely wouldn't be the dark ages
2020-07-09 13:26
And now they eat bats and get the plague.
2020-07-09 13:27
China fact: Whole HLTV: *INTRESTING*
2020-07-09 14:00
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm That aside though, just one guy mentiones bats (#59), and that gives me hope
2020-07-09 14:02
2020-07-09 14:08
Armenia Yerevan
In the early 1920's Armenians rebelled against the Soviet rule in 13th of february and actually won the Soviet army in multiple battles and captured Yerevan on 18th of february (in five days) , the Soviet tried to retake it but the rebels managed to force them to retreat, Sadly after lots of bloody battles the Armenian nationalist rebels where forced to retreat away from Yerevan leading to the soviet recapture of the city, the rebels retreated to the mountains of Armenia still holding big cities like Kapan under their control, and proclaiming the "republic of moutainous Armenia) eventually the Soviets crushed them. But the Armenians revolutionary spirit eventually insipred and fired the Georgian uprising of 1924. Not really a fun fact but a interesting one for sure.
2020-07-09 14:21
Sweden DanDolme
"You tell me to do this He tells me to do that You are all bastards Go fuck your mother" - General Zhang Zongchang
2020-07-09 14:39
I also have a fun history fact: Australia lost a war to fucking birds. That was it, fuck off.
2020-07-09 14:41
Quick tip, don't mention the Emu War to australians, it seems to be a bti of a no-no from what I've heard
2020-07-09 15:19
Pretty interesting facts.
2020-07-09 18:38
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