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HLTV Biz Manager come kkkkk
Respect | 
Brazil TabzeN 
i'm not an expert but i think that's not your target audience kkkk I don't speak chinese and never searched about masks and clicked in chinese sites in my entire life kk (i'm also not using vpn k)
2020-07-09 22:44
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brazil strikes again
2020-07-09 22:45
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
nt thats want you want you just dont know it yet
2020-07-09 22:45
but hltv ads are personalized to each user. why u get this lgbt stuff ???
2020-07-09 22:46
u exposed him so hard lmao
2020-07-09 22:47
can you even read the thread? lol
2020-07-09 22:49
2020-07-09 22:48
United States Globebuster
you don't even want to know his browser history...
2020-07-09 22:48 Damn only 1400 KC? That's a steal
2020-07-09 22:48
1400kc omg i want
2020-07-09 23:09
France Niinyop
the mask has holes in it
2020-07-09 22:52
Aaaa das hawt
2020-07-09 22:55
ads are personalized to your data lmao
2020-07-09 22:54
#14 It's a mix of your data + Site ads, in this case it must be frmo HLTV because I NEVER searched about it, it's surreal the amount of people that comment withotu reading the thread
2020-07-09 23:03
"i think" well ur wrong kid
2020-07-09 23:13
if the Ads are neither from HLTV and Browser Cookies so they came from your ass then
2020-07-09 23:22
You may have not searched for the exact niche, but your search history must've somewhat aligned with the sort of ads you're seeing on the site
2020-07-09 23:23
wdym ads are normal they are personalized by ur searches i searched a lot cooler last week all i see different types of coolers
2020-07-09 22:59
read the thread b4 commenting ffs, never clicked and searched about chinese stuff and masks, besides that i got lots of ad based on what i researched but that's not the case
2020-07-09 23:01
i read #12 still stands
2020-07-09 23:04
Mby u watched chinese porn, or clicked at a chinese link.
2020-07-09 23:10
I watched but it was in english and I used incognito tab
2020-07-09 23:23
Google still spies on you when using incognito mode you "incognito". Try to load up a brand new system in virtual machine, try searching for specified products, then use a normal window and boom.
2020-07-09 23:43
its also google ad
2020-07-09 23:00
Brazil Arishock
it's a google ad, they don't have control over it
2020-07-09 23:05
2020-07-09 23:08
cry | 
Faroe Islands surni
i got a nordvpn chinese ad. very nice
2020-07-09 23:12
wtf i only have beting ads, i havent bet for months
2020-07-09 23:15
HLTV's sponsor
2020-07-09 23:22
Imagine having ads wtf
2020-07-09 23:48
it's advertising from google
2020-07-09 23:50
Brazil Snaipa_
Don't embarrass our country like this bro, the ads are from your browser
2020-07-09 23:53
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