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Turkey Onderkalu 
his videos are no longer funny. all the videos are the same(bet ad-tyler1 memes- yelling kids etc). what do you think?
2020-07-10 00:44
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Poland Totali_
His videos were never funny
2020-07-10 00:45
2020-07-10 00:54
2020-07-10 01:23
2020-07-10 01:26
2020-07-10 01:32
2020-07-10 08:54
2020-07-10 08:57
+1 Kids hypin him up just like donhaci
2020-07-10 09:07
Lekr0 | 
Russia V9l1k
2020-07-10 09:44
Georgia Megobari
2020-07-10 10:07
2020-07-10 10:10
2020-07-10 10:40
2020-07-12 09:23
Europe Whatafz
2020-07-12 09:32
2020-07-12 10:08
2020-07-12 11:02
they never were
2020-07-10 00:45
known fact, his content got old
2020-07-10 00:45
They always are funny.
2020-07-10 00:45
i actually like his videos
2020-07-10 00:48
2020-07-10 08:58
Spain N0Love
2020-07-10 09:08
2020-07-10 10:51
Turkey rcepk
2020-07-12 09:20
Europe Whatafz
2020-07-12 09:32
ZywOo | 
Switzerland OHMOHM
Same boring I unsubscribed year ago
2020-07-10 00:48
they never have been funny
2020-07-10 00:48
thats true, but whenever he puts new video, reddit goes crazy about how they think its his best one. bunch of idiots
2020-07-10 00:49
You still browse le reddit? Leave that cancer for good
2020-07-10 10:15
Asuna | 
United States bxteme
Smoke criminal good content Now it’s shit
2020-07-10 00:51
Sweden FL4XY
flag checks out
2020-07-12 10:09
i mean im not wrong
2020-07-12 21:54
Brazil xaxaxaxax
just don't watch then
2020-07-10 00:52
His videos are made for kids...
2020-07-10 00:53
I like it, very excited and funny
2020-07-10 00:55
in the very beginning you smiled a few times but now its just a frag compilation with some music, ads and sometimes moe or t1 screaming
2020-07-10 00:57
Estonia knee_socks
+ Cs 1.6 kill sounds.
2020-07-10 09:52
+1 at the start they were pretty good but later you just realize they all are pretty much the same
2020-07-10 11:13
+1 extremely repetitive
2020-07-12 09:27
2020-07-10 11:20
Yes, pure trash. Reminds me of me after cracking Sony Vegas Pro for the first time
2020-07-10 01:01
Do them for the ez money if it is that easy.
2020-07-10 10:55
running 30s commercial since some time ago and nothing creative anymore imo
2020-07-10 01:02
NiKo | 
Montenegro G1EX
I used to like and watch him back in like 2017, but now it got really stale, so +1
2020-07-10 01:04
well hes just reusing memes all the time so no wonder
2020-07-10 01:06
at first they were good but now they are worse than my poop
2020-07-10 01:06
he was my favorite csgo YouTuber, but his content got old and predictable.
2020-07-10 01:08
Sweden Lagge15
I think it just comes from the first ones more or less spawned genericly in his mind and the rest feels kinda forced. He grow older and as most people who grow older you aren't as quick on picking up memes, so he uses the same memes over and over again. For me the love criminal and the freakazoid ones were the only good ones.
2020-07-10 01:09
Sweden Svahn
Most zoomer comment I've read in months, thx kid
2020-07-10 10:59
Sweden Lagge15
Thanks, I guess. I am more boomer than zoomer
2020-07-10 11:36
Sweden Svahn
Prove it. I say "laser" you say?
2020-07-12 09:06
"Beam me up, Scotty" ?
2020-07-12 09:59
Sweden Svahn
2020-07-12 16:28
Lep | 
Turkey LEPP
watch CagE men
2020-07-10 01:12
underrated guy. Hes gonna blow up I think. Edit: Not actually blow up, but in subscribers and attention.
2020-07-10 01:21
2020-07-10 09:08
Thanks for clearing that up i thought he will literally blow the fuck up
2020-07-10 10:40
lmao when I first wrote it I was like oh no what have I wrote
2020-07-10 15:45
lmao man you funny
2020-07-12 09:20
2020-07-10 01:16
I think his content is still good, It's the same with a little less memes. You just got tired of it.
2020-07-10 01:17
they were never generally 'funny'. more of the fact they are fun to watch and well made content. tbh the one that made me laugh was the jasonr one lmao.
2020-07-10 01:20
he was good some time ago, nowadays even his way of edition sucks
2020-07-10 01:22
Those videos were never funny, it's just that it was good fragmovie at the time, it was hype, today it's recycled, it's become shit for normies kids fed to Twitch and the normies "memes" with cringe music
2020-07-10 01:25
I never found his videos entertaining or funny, the only guy that made cs content and entertained me was that helmutsss (I think that was his nick) guy.
2020-07-10 01:31
unfortunately he stopped uploading to that channel in 2016, idk if he streams or anything
2020-07-10 01:32
take that shit back to reddit
2020-07-10 08:44
If you like his videos, you are probably 12
2020-07-10 08:54
before it used to be gold , now same old meme shit , nothing more creative
2020-07-10 09:01
the best days were when his videos were titles "the X criminal" now its kinda meh
2020-07-10 09:05
yeah agree
2020-07-10 09:07
he didnt last long only the old scream streams were OG
2020-07-10 09:08
recently navi published s1mple highlights which was so much funnier. Anyone watched this?
2020-07-10 09:10
United States Amerika!
I don't think they were supposed to be funny I just thought they were a far more creative way to make fragmovies
2020-07-10 09:33
Funny? His Videos we're never funny But the quality of his videos are getting better
2020-07-10 09:41
HLTV is becoming the same as reddit popular = bad unpopular = good piss off if u dont like him then dont watch him, as s1mple as that. every week there's a new superstitum post crying about his content, why do u even watch him then.
2020-07-10 09:50
before it used to be gold , now same old meme shit , nothing more creative
2020-07-10 10:09
Russia Sur10n
Most likely youtube "recommended" them check out of the brand new Superstitum videos, at least it happened to me like a month ago. His videos not bad, but obviously they're 3x times worse compare to his first big ones.
2020-07-10 10:10
They're literally pretty much the same, He keeps making the same style of videos because that's what gets him views, good for him, like the saying goes : if it aint broke, why change it?
2020-07-10 11:24
I think that is the problem. Its all the same, same memes, same music and shit ads.
2020-07-12 11:07
#75 also he makes most of his money from the ads. Especially cuz he uses copyrighted music :/
2020-07-12 11:11
Everything ends mens. In this case his videos became boring and repetitive. Previously he had cool frags with some memes. Now its about memes with some frags and the memes are pretty old.. back then i didnt mind the ads cuz cuntent was good. Now it isnt and that's why its another negative thing
2020-07-12 11:17
It's objective whether you find the content to be good or bad, compared to everything else on YT the content is rather harmless and i can see why it's entertaining to most of the CS:GO audience. If you don't like it don't watch it, as simple as that.
2020-07-12 13:17
I stopped watching him probably close to 2 years now probably. Yes i know that some people like repetitive cuntent. You can see that from same meme comments on YT aka Me You Or Me So you have chosen death Or some other shit memes that were funny once maybe twice but now its literally under every video on YT
2020-07-12 14:38
YT comments - likebaiting essentially. I'd suggest ignoring the comments tbh
2020-07-12 16:00
I know. What i meant was that comments on YT are just same memes over and over again and people still like them just like superstitum uses same memes over and over again and people like it
2020-07-12 16:40
the moe memes
2020-07-10 09:49
how guardian plays was his best work
2020-07-10 09:55
2020-07-12 11:21
I haven't watched his videos in some time, but I liked his early ones because they were a cool, novel, take on frag movies - with some good humour spliced in. If his videos are feeling formulaic nowadays, that's likely just because the novelty has worn off. As to them being "no longer funny", I expect the reason is much the same.
2020-07-10 10:01
Same boring I unsubscribed year ago
2020-07-10 10:07
He have some good vids like Smoke Criminal and Guardian video but rest just sucks
2020-07-10 10:07
Lebanon ryBBah
Can we find his profile on hltv (if he got one) ?
2020-07-10 10:35
I wish Vital made more..
2020-07-10 10:52
2020-07-10 10:54
Australia mates))
like literally everyone else on youtube, quality decrease in time.
2020-07-10 10:59
Sweden Svahn
As a Swede his failure amuses me. Thank you
2020-07-10 11:03
Ukraine Nzr0
idk.. more like at the start with was something new, now everyone got used to it and now trash talking just unsub instead of going for hate. keep your hate for yourself.
2020-07-10 11:11
you're right.
2020-07-12 09:30
Lithuania Edze
Basic old memes, nothing more
2020-07-10 11:27
SUPERSTITIM cya in hell cykastitum seig heil mouthafucka
2020-07-12 09:29
Sweden FL4XY
2020-07-12 10:12
his content is for 12-14 y.o old kids.
2020-07-12 10:02
Sweden FL4XY
we hawt!
2020-07-12 10:11
United States vip3r_k1ng
Yeah, his videos got old quick, I really enjoyed them in 2017/18 and videos like fer's and FalleN's I thought were really good but he doesnt change much between videos and the long wait between videos and eventually you just get bored of it, I like his idea of doing videos of regular people who hit insane clips from the community though
2020-07-12 11:00
Yea, the memes he’s using hasn’t changed since 2017, this is so annoying, and it’s not like I want to see memes in highlight videos in the first place
2020-07-12 11:05
I loved his videos at first, now they are not so amusing to me. But, its ok to get bored with things, not like he had become a bad content creator at a sudden.
2020-07-12 16:08
his old videos were good but nowadays they're just trash.
2020-07-12 16:29
Denmark Dust_2_Go
Vital csgo better in every way possible
2020-07-12 16:30
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