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Hardware bans in CS:GO?
Finland Cloud9_1_Major 
Would you be for or against? Why? I know it's possible to bypass them but it would at least stop kids and casuals from cheating
2020-07-10 01:06
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Hardware bans for HLTV first so that people like LuzakabeastfromPoland can gtfo
2020-07-10 01:07
LaimB | 
Lithuania Martis
Don't forget s1v9mple
2020-07-10 01:15
2020-07-10 01:19
he was right the whole time
2020-07-10 01:40
never been delusional
2020-07-10 16:19
-1 cry is free swede
2020-07-10 12:03
Ukraine volod1m1r
xaxaxaxa nt alt of DELUSIONAL_BIG_FAN
2020-07-10 12:06
-1 cringe navi hater
2020-07-10 12:14
sam2k/s1mple_best also
2020-07-10 04:45
sam2k Is already gone
2020-07-10 12:04
Switzerland Jeded
How big is cheating a problem to justify hardware bans, because I don't know about you but since the free 2 play update in 2018 I haven't played with anyone that was blatantly cheating and even if they were it was barely noticeable.
2020-07-10 01:08
I have played in the last month against at least 3 spinbotters 5 blatant cheaters and possibly at least 10 legit cheaters in global prime mm
2020-07-10 01:09
do you play MM? It's literally impossible not to face cheaters at all
2020-07-10 01:10
Switzerland Jeded
I play like 2 games of MM a day and I never see cheaters
2020-07-10 01:14
I play like 10 games of Valorant matchmaking a day, i never see cheaters
2020-07-10 05:03
ropz | 
Germany lor3nz
i played like 6 Valorant mms in total and all of them had cheaters
2020-07-10 12:00
yea i think you played against jermans
2020-07-10 12:01
ropz | 
Germany lor3nz
doesnt matter if it were jermans or not you xenophobic shit Valorant has not a less % of cheaters than csgo
2020-07-10 12:03
HAHAHAH you re the most funny jerman ive ever seen
2020-07-10 12:03
i got 1 cheater last year you prob have shit trust factor
2020-07-10 01:19
Trust Factor as a whole is a shitty system. I've read the patent posted on reddit (yeah, ik, reddit is shit), it says that Trust Factor depends on account age, inventory value, number of reports, amount of time spent on CS:GO + other games, stats, other banned accounts, etc... Apparently having a few years old account with 2k+ $ of skins and 2k hours isn't enough, I'm rather an average player who rarely gets any suspicious kills thus I'm rarely reported, my stats aren't that godlike either, I don't have any other banned accounts. Yet, I am facing spinning and blatantly wallhacking guys almost every MM match.
2020-07-10 01:25
Its a great system, people that deserve to play with cheaters play with them and normal people dont. You are either toxic, played with friends with cheats, connected to a banned account... Me and all my friends that play csgo together or seperatly, never get any cheaters.
2020-07-10 11:45
In mm it feels like it became way worse recently. Also it seems like theres a thing going on with cheaters weirdly using legit looking accounts. Today in mm I had a guy blatantly cheating ( he didn’t even pretend he was legitbecause he got rekt few times and said we cheat , and toggled then), but he had skins and a 10 year service medal on his account. But it feels like it has become worse this month. Before I didn’t get any people IThought were cheating (except nonprime which is literally unplayable) but now I feel like there is one suspicious guy half of the matches
2020-07-10 01:16
indeed, Sparkles made a video about those legit looking accounts that people use to cheat, everyone who has no idea what we're talking about, should check it out
2020-07-10 01:18
The weird thing is that at least the guy I played against was cheating so blatantly that I dont believe that any overwatcher would be fooled by that. Idk but either vac net or some part of the anticheat messes up with these accounts or they have some weird way of getting these accounts for so cheap it doesn’t matter when they get banned, like if they get hacked accounts or something like that. Something is going on with the cheaters rn for sure.
2020-07-10 01:27
yep, true
2020-07-10 01:28
u got a link mate?
2020-07-10 16:22
2020-07-10 16:25
World Beard43
It's been that way for a long time, 10 year accounts, heaps of commends, often with those bought pins. They even have a bunch of decent skins sometimes.
2020-07-10 01:38
Just play MM and you will know it. I upload every match data to and it says at least in 55+% of my games (LEM-GE rank game) there was a 1+ cheater. And funny part is my trust factor isn't even that low.
2020-07-10 01:16
Switzerland Jeded
I pretty much only play MM, I'm LEM and I never suspect anyone of cheating, no one in my games convinces me enough of cheats
2020-07-10 01:17
Then EU servers ain't retarded like asian servers I guess? Anyway some of regions definitely need HW ID bans considering how MM is flooded by cheaters there. Meeting cheaters in every 2 games (not all of them are blatant tho, they are trying soo hard to pretend to be a good player lul) is enough for me.
2020-07-10 01:26
they definitely are fucked no matter where you're from
2020-07-10 01:28
Lol. Its full of them. You are either trolling or too shit to see if a player is good or just prefiring based on wh or radar hack.
2020-07-10 01:29
Switzerland Jeded
I do overwatch cases often, I'm telling you, I don't get cheaters in my games
2020-07-10 04:39
2020-07-10 16:41
just because YOU dont see cheaters does not mean there are no cheaters. i dont see a problem in hardware bans. should keep cheaters from making a new account and start cheating again
2020-07-10 11:52
Netherlands Bogdanoff
Hardware bans are bad. Ez fix is to Just ban all cheats😎😎
2020-07-10 01:12
2020-07-10 01:13
anything to dispel cheaters. Nothing worse than try-harding a game and you get some shitkid to toggle because he's gonna lose. Suddenly becomes a god, only hs, all info.
2020-07-10 01:17
ZywOo | 
Germany 7RU7H
100% for hardware ban
2020-07-10 01:17
Will never be. if they meant to be, they would be here long ago. this game exists for 7 years btw, so stop being delusional. valve makes $$$ by kids cheating getting banned and then most likely ending up buying the prime status. they already earned enough when people were buying the full game version when it wasnt free to play.
2020-07-10 01:20
at the same time, the cheating problem stops new people from playing the game, they could bring Valve as much money with microtransactions and whatever the fuck not. Imagine going into a non-prime match as a completely new player and see everyone cheating every match. You wouldn't be very motivated to continue playing, would you?
2020-07-10 01:31
2020-07-10 01:26
World Beard43
+1 all for it.
2020-07-10 01:43
I am very curious about this. Never heard of it before. Can you point me to where I can read more about it?
2020-07-10 01:51 this guy explains it briefly but pretty accurately
2020-07-10 13:45
Interesting. Thank you for that.
2020-07-10 16:18
India _Jazz_
I support it.
2020-07-10 04:47
Obviously all for it. Wouldn't mind removing hands from cheaters either but might be a bit extreme.
2020-07-10 04:47
Australia strikebacK
dw that's fair. im all for that too
2020-07-10 11:57
Better not buy second hand hardware, or play from a PC bang then
2020-07-10 12:03
it would be nice to have those kinds of bans on CSGO
2020-07-10 12:07
Ban on ID would be better.
2020-07-10 14:12
maybe id only. there's a lot of people playing from like internet cafes and people trying to play from the same computer in the place will have an unjust ban.
2020-07-10 16:26
the problem is, and i've noticed long time ago, 99% players that YOU guys think they cheat actually dont cheat (im not counting spinbotters) you just suck dick and cant accept the fact that the player can have a great day or is just good or tryharding csgo 24/7 to get better and better those wh accusations can be almost everytime explained by a good gamesense or info from their team or aimbot or some kind of aim assist ? try playing DM for atleast a month every day , buy a good mouse with good mousepad dont fucking play on 7 sens you fucking helicopters and you will see you will get accused for using aimbot mor often im not saying csgo is cheats free but ITS NOT THAT FUCKING BAD
2020-07-10 16:28
+1,if someone hits a prefire/lucky rng shot/sick flick everyone starts crying in the chat
2020-07-10 16:36
yes and there is no way you can convince the guy that he is wrong and noobish dickless crybaby
2020-07-10 17:15
I've read that people in asian countries play a lot in gaming centers. So, it would not be wise to give hardware bans.
2020-07-10 17:17
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