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coldzera | 
Denmark ChangeMyMind 
That is just my opinion<3 I'm looking for other series, which one would you recommend? 1- Breaking bad 2- Peaky blinders 3- Prison Break 4- Narcos 5- Suits Hounorable mentions La casa de papel ( Money Heist ) Better call Saul Dark? (haven't watched it)
2020-07-10 05:39
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cry | 
Brazil IsFree
Prision break and La casa de papel are garbage good list tho DARK is great, just like you I didnt get into it, just did today, good shit (and I dont even speak german) I also liked Midnight Gospel, but its not for everyone, a bit to spiritual and podcasty. If you like documentaries there are some great ones too
2020-07-10 05:46
Why are they "garbage"
2020-07-10 06:16
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
Very poorly written and the screenplay/special effects feel cheap
2020-07-10 06:25
I would never say that prisonbreak was badly written lol, even won prizes, It's simply not put into your type of taste ^^
2020-07-10 06:30
2020-07-10 08:39
Australia FlaKeXD
prison break was really good at the start but towards the end it was really badly written. I've tried to watch an episode 5 times and it was too boring every time.
2020-07-10 09:04
Canada reeeZ75
after first season it was ass
2020-07-10 09:06
Prison break is from 2005 what did you expect? A marvel lvl cgi and affects cmon get ur shit together its a fkn great series and it didn't win prizes for being a bad series did it?
2020-07-10 08:39
Sri Lanka khorkalba
The first two seasons of Prison Break are worth watching. After that it just becomes hilariously bad...
2020-07-11 12:05
Whats wrong with the other thread with 200 replies?
2020-07-10 05:45
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
Which by the way is almost the same lmao, so much for opinion
2020-07-10 05:50
the 100, the witcher, the i-land, travelers are some others that i liked
2020-07-10 05:50
watched them all other than travelers a bit disappointed with the Witcher but other than great series
2020-07-10 06:16
alright what i get from this is we basically watch the same stuff lmao
2020-07-10 06:21
i see you're a man of culture as well XD hhahaha yeah we do
2020-07-10 08:37
Breaking bad Dark Mad Men
2020-07-10 05:58
device | 
Sweden plikz
Good list I like all of them
2020-07-10 06:16
Breaking Bad Vikings literally top tier
2020-07-10 06:28
United Kingdom JackINF_
Vikings is good but it ain’t on Netflix
2020-07-10 09:15
what you mean? of course it is on netflix
2020-07-11 03:14
United Kingdom JackINF_
I thought it was only on Amazon's Prime Video ngl that's where I've always watched it, mb if it's on Netflix
2020-07-11 11:26
Yeah its on netflix but they have sensor so much from it. No nudity etc. Better on hbo
2020-07-14 15:27
Wtf first time i hear they are censoring Shows
2020-07-14 15:36
Netflix have starte to do it on many of their shows 👎
2020-07-14 18:14
Idk mens sounds bullshit. Why would they censor it when i have mature cuntent enabled? 👍
2020-07-14 19:09
watching vikings atm but gets a bit boring sometimes
2020-07-10 21:24
the 5th season is really long that makes the show feel so boring, but in the 6th season its really cool again
2020-07-11 03:16
Idk im at the episode where they are at Paris
2020-07-11 03:16
2nd, 3rd and 4th season are the best. i really recommend you to watch it
2020-07-11 03:18
Sometimes its like im being forced to watch but im watching it with full focus
2020-07-11 03:19
i've had that feeling once, i took a break and then i hyped myself to watch it again, the most amazing parts are when the things that the seer saw come true, really cool in my opinion
2020-07-11 03:22
AHAHHA WHY DO I ALSO DO THAT. Haven't watched it in a week cause it got so repetitive and now watching some other series but today I might watch it kinda miss my guy Ragnar
2020-07-11 03:36
Brazil nuke_brs
As far as I know Vikings is only on amazon prime video Also Netflix has a series called the last kingdom which is kind of similar to Vikings. I thought it was very nice
2020-07-16 16:04
ropz | 
Romania Laskof
2020-07-10 08:55
breaking bad better call saul american crime story ( they have so many shows, like the people vs oj and the assassination of gianna versace )
2020-07-10 09:07
good list but i will keep peaky on the top and breaking bad 2nd
2020-07-10 09:07
Breaking Bad, Peaky Blinders, Prison Break, LCDP first 2 season and Better Call Saul aren't Netflix series then. Netflix bought out a few percentage of this series.
2020-07-10 09:10
allahim akil fikir ver yarrabim
2020-07-10 21:24
niye kanka
2020-07-14 11:24
iyimisin? Netflix shows darken netflixde olan hersey Walt Disney olsun ama netflixdeyse Netflix showu olur benim yazdigim anlamda. Netflix original shows yazsaydım anlamı degisirdi o zaman evet senin dediğin doğru olurdu ama degil
2020-07-14 15:19
2020-07-14 15:38
tamam kanka kusura bakma
2020-07-16 15:57
Prison breake Breaking bad Money heist Elite 13 respons why Vikings
2020-07-10 09:14
13 reasons why got boring in s 2 and 3 elite too
2020-07-10 21:25
+1 didnt watch elite tho
2020-07-11 11:27
The 4th season is pretty good imo I mean its a high school series, all the seasons are the same tbh
2020-07-14 15:26
United States Jaksin
Better call saul deserves to be on this list
2020-07-10 21:25
Yugoslavia al0))
westworld season 1
2020-07-11 03:18
new sherlock lucifer peaky blinders narcos daredevil
2020-07-11 03:24
Europe Sbinalla
drive to survive dark
2020-07-11 03:42
Lucifer?!??!?!?! ALTA!??!?!??!!?
2020-07-11 03:49
Dark is so good Lucifer is funny
2020-07-11 11:26
netflix original or nah?
2020-07-11 11:28
Sri Lanka khorkalba
The Sopranos Rome Band of Brothers The Wire AKA the four great HBO shows.
2020-07-11 12:07
From those I've watched Peaky Blinders and Suits. Definitely in my top 10 shows. I really suggest you start watching Dark, I think it's #1 in my own personal shows. Others that I might include in my top 5 (well, apart from already mentioned Peaky Blinders) are Blacklist, Lucifer and Sleepy Hollow. Def check them out if you haven't. Also Person of Interest, White Collar, Penny Dreadful, Altered Carbon, New Sherlock and the list just keeps going on..
2020-07-14 11:36
Germany Kellerkind
Dark is a masterpiece
2020-07-14 15:23
yo dark is soooo hard to even understand whats going on and i like it so much bcs of that
2020-07-14 15:30
Sinner, it's a great series new season aswell
2020-07-14 15:32
Yugoslavia seeeed
Just watch Yu Yu Hakusho 🤷‍♀️
2020-07-14 15:32
United Kingdom Quickzao
For me: 1- La casa de Papel 2- Prison Break 3- Shannara 4- You 5- Narcos
2020-07-14 15:35
Funny how no one has mentioned Hounting of Hill House. Not the greatest show ever but still darng good. I enjoyed first two seasons of stranger things. Black Mirror is the best tv series on netflix.
2020-07-14 15:36
Funny how 5 out of 8 shows mentioned is not even Netflix original lmao
2020-07-14 15:38
snow piercer was kinda cool
2020-07-16 15:59
It felt stale to me
2020-07-16 16:06
I don't watch netflix because there is too much political correctness in their series
2020-07-16 16:01
Russia pvcure13
2020-07-16 16:03
sorry to bother you
2020-07-16 16:03
Austria iVolcan
Dark was only first season good
2020-07-16 16:07
1st: Arrested development Rest garbage
2020-07-16 16:09
s1mple - The Undertaker
2020-07-16 16:13
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