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Betway is a scam site.
Nepal Sir_Illuminati 
Do not bet on betway. They will limit your account after you start winning.
2020-07-10 14:35
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I dont win, so no problem
2020-07-10 14:35
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89
me too but I also never bet so maybe thats why
2020-07-10 14:37
NAF | 
Netherlands Ramskis
2020-07-10 15:20
2020-07-10 15:55
Not my problem because im never winning 👌😎
2020-07-10 14:36
Flair checks out
2020-07-10 15:30
2020-07-10 15:48
Slovakia bad_at_life
thats happening on every betting website, you will get banned when you start to win
2020-07-10 14:37
I did some research and heard that Pinnacle is good for winners, Not sure tbh.
2020-07-10 14:42
bet on bet365
2020-07-10 14:38
same thing betway or bet365
2020-07-10 14:40
I don't get limited on Bet365 just get fully verified and they let you do what you want
2020-07-10 14:52
win big amounts and then you will see
2020-07-10 14:53
Try Bet-at-home Won over 10k last year...didnt have any problems with withdraw and sometimes you get withdraw instantly
2020-07-10 15:10
available only in EU
2020-07-10 15:19
b365 limit, pinnacle does not.
2020-07-10 15:29
Germany MackyGee
Like every betting site ever.
2020-07-10 15:21
can confirm i get limited on betway and bet365 after couple days btw zero problems with pinnacle
2020-07-10 15:23
Now I am moving to Pinnacle.
2020-07-10 15:28
Canada reeeZ75
what happens when you get limited? only certain amount of bets? or certain amount of money on said bets?
2020-07-10 15:34
certain amount of money 1-10 usd max
2020-07-10 15:44
Canada reeeZ75
is that typically permanent or do they set a certain date it gets reset?
2020-07-10 15:45
permanent. check my old topic
2020-07-10 15:49
2020-07-10 16:58
They asked me for my source of income first, I submitted it. They limit my account to $135 monthly deposit. Then i sent my additional source of income, they increased it to $320 monthly. Then I tried to deposit money, i could not do it. I asked them then they said this month the limit will be of $135 only. It will get reset next month and they increased to $320 as well. Well lets see if i will be able to make a deposit next month. All this came after i won around $600 from $25 deposit on cs summit.
2020-07-10 16:58
Just don't bet at all, lol.
2020-07-10 15:23
If you're looking for a 100% legit gambling site who won't hold your funds make sure to only gamble on a site that is registered in mainland europe or UK, anything in Malta, Curacao or Gibraltar and you could get ripped
2020-07-10 15:26
I am moving to Pinnacle now. Lets see how they are.
2020-07-10 15:29
United States JoshDAA
This seems like an ad for pinnacle
2020-07-10 15:33
lol no.
2020-07-10 18:40
betway lmao
2020-07-10 15:51
Do not bet
2020-07-10 15:51
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