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kennyS | 
Sweden Shvetsiya2k 
Interstink country in the heart of Europe.. Slavic country with a little bit of Germany influence.. like beer instead of only vodka They make beers and have some They use "Jan" instead of slavic "janusz" They are slavic country with some central european infleunces
2020-07-10 17:56
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Czech Republic Rewask
2020-07-10 17:57
Do Czech speakers understand Russian and Polish? I think so Atleast u could learn Russian easy
2020-07-10 17:58
Czech Republic Rewask
Polish is really easy to understand, Russian less so but learning it is still easy.
2020-07-10 17:59
Czech Republic Luck9nN
I can understand a little of polish when spoken, can understand almost everything when written, with russian I have russian relatives so I can speak a little and understand most.
2020-07-10 18:06
Polish people do understand some czech but slovakian language even better
2020-07-10 18:10
i agree, im from slovakia and i can talk with polish guy no problem
2020-07-11 00:00
Russian is harder, mainly because of azbuka.
2020-07-10 18:23
Czech Republic prokda
no we don't, only some words
2020-07-10 21:37
yes czech can understand polish and polish can understand czech only a little bit
2020-07-10 23:47
never heard of that state
2020-07-10 17:57
- USA - Geography pick one
2020-07-10 17:58
never heard of your shithole either, wait nvm chernobyl happend in ukraine or however its called right?
2020-07-10 18:00
nt chernobyl happened in USSR
2020-07-10 18:01
so your country is known for absolutely nothing? great, well done.
2020-07-10 18:01
yeah, we are literally USA puppet state
2020-07-10 18:02
known for Ivan Mazepa :D legend
2020-07-10 18:04
nothing wrong with that tbh
2020-07-10 18:05
device | 
Denmark JKTP
More like... the civil unrest
2020-07-10 18:33
ukraine is known for its sports, best boxers in the world. USA is knows only for its burgers so stay fat
2020-07-10 22:06
lmao klitschkos are garbage and floyd>vasy nice fakeflag btw russki
2020-07-10 22:16
all you know if klitchko lmao, clearly retarded kid who never watched boxing in his life and only play csgo indoors. Check out Vasyl Lomachenko and Oleksandr Usyk, just 2 examples, i can send more.
2020-07-10 22:31
YOU CANT EVEN READ LMFAOOOO check my comment you absolute fakeflagging idiot, i know more about boxing and mma than you ever will, please stop talking shit buddy.
2020-07-10 22:35
fat neek i was born and raised in uk, u dumb burger, your country is only famous for racism and donald trump, you didnt even mention usyk in your comment before, clearly know nothing about boxing
2020-07-10 23:05
you can only insult in broken english like the slavic scum you are lmao you know shit about boxing if you say ukraine has the best boxers, because its obvious that the usa has and had the best boxers in the history of boxing you absolute fucking fool.
2020-07-10 23:06
hahaha broken english? If you dont believe im from england it doesnt change the fact you know nothing about boxing, right now usa is GARBAGE at boxing, no where near uk or ukraine level. You are a fucking immigrant whos insecure about their country, change your flag you pathetic USA fan
2020-07-11 10:16
broken english only insults only assumptions no boxing knowledge lost argument defending ukraine despite uk flag clearly fakeflagging literally one of the dumbest people i have ever met online. keep malding russki
2020-07-11 10:32
1. broken english? Where tf is my english broken, quote me then you morron. American english lmao 2. Only insults for retards like you who are racist even though you are an immigrant lol which is ironic. 3. Assumptions? Where? I know you are a fat neek who sits in his room all day, not to mention immigrant. 4. No boxing knowledge? LMAO America is no where near uk and ukraines boxing level you retard. 5. Defending ukraine because you are a racist shit. 6. When you finish school let me know, come to London and give me your whatsapp and then we can talk you little pussy, but immigrants like you have no money for tickets
2020-07-11 10:36
stopped reading after "morron" dude youre actually hilariously dumb
2020-07-11 10:37
ye stopped taking you seriously when i saw you supporting usa lmao
2020-07-11 22:52
Its not even about boxing lmao its just one example, you are so delusional and racist its unbelievable, when you stop asking your parents for money then reply you little shitter
2020-07-11 10:18
2020-07-10 18:01
Germany hjngvnhgg
expected from retarded country
2020-07-10 22:00
another baited low iq german
2020-07-10 22:14
2020-07-10 17:58
name czechs out
2020-07-10 18:00
Jdi do píči
2020-07-10 18:01
Czech Roflpublic
2020-07-10 18:06
Why so many pornstars tho?
2020-07-10 18:08
Mainly atheists. In the last 400 years we were fucked over many ideologies and religions so... yeah.. we sort of stopped giving a fuck.
2020-07-10 18:24
Thats sad. Like imagine dating a girl and then you find out she did gangbang porn... Do people respect pornstars there or they think its something you shouldnt be proud of,like pretty much all the EU countries think. That it is a disgusting job.
2020-07-10 18:29
Pornstars are probably like less than 0.1% of Czech population, it's not like your chances to date one are high. "Do people respect pornstars there or they think its something you shouldnt be proud of,like pretty much all the EU countries think." That pretty much applies to every country including USA whose porn industry is huge, I don't see it being much different in Czech Republic.
2020-07-10 18:45
Rather a pornstar, than an onlyfans girl.
2020-07-10 21:38
LOL i think an onlyfans is better,since you can just post bikini shots,rather than getting bukkaked by 10 fat 40y old guys
2020-07-10 21:45
I would not date both tbh.
2020-07-10 21:48
I agree
2020-07-10 22:01
Like we invite them to talkshows so
2020-07-10 21:41
wait are you actually inviting them to talk shows??? I know that we had one pornstar that was interviewed by major TV news site,but people made fun of her lol and thats its. No one really takes them serious here.
2020-07-10 21:47
Actress in her own way. People here are weird. On one hand extremely indifferent to others, do whatever you want as long as it doesn't harm me. On the other hand Czechs more than often like to give advice about things they know nothing about. What a strange world to live in.
2020-07-10 22:13
Yeah nothing really weird about it, just basic talk with her, how she got to it, how much money does she get etc.
2020-07-10 22:26
Most of those pornstars arent even from Czech Republic
2020-07-11 18:49
Czech Republic Tr3jx_S
2020-07-10 18:09
Czech Republic Luck9nN
I feel like here, in Prague and more west like MANY words are from german, I sometimes wonder when I see how many of them, Id say we are like the perfect balance between the west and east, have the best of both, worst of none. Come and visit, I guess our only disadvantage is we tend to be quite racist. But I guess that does only count in the countryside. We cheap, we good beer, we nice, we beautiful, come visit Czechia today
2020-07-10 18:15
worst of none ? dude czech republic is communist country that is pretending to be right wing but otherwise nice country
2020-07-10 21:52
+1 lmao 90% of the people think all of the males that have long hair should be lined up to the wall and shot. they are very intolerant to people who dont look the same as most other people, listen to different music, play different games, do different sports etc. studied there
2020-07-10 23:21
Czech Republic Luck9nN
-1 def not true if you werent the unluckiest person ever or if you studied in city like ostrava or smth because I know no people that would ever look at somebody like this, I guess you have to try really hard to piss of any people I know or live between. I guess everybody has an opinion but I really dont know any people that meet your description. Only people that vote SPD and listen to Ortel (fascist band) and want to leave EU and stuff
2020-07-10 23:44
2020-07-10 18:16
Cross Club <3
2020-07-10 18:21
Czechstreets SeemsGood
2020-07-10 18:40
2020-07-10 18:41
They use "Jan" instead of slavic "janusz" these two are both independent and different names, at least in Polish
2020-07-10 18:44
What's this ad about
2020-07-10 18:47
"Earn 1400 Czech crowns monthly", they want to scam you mens))
2020-07-10 18:49
wtf how can jonathan e allow that men((((
2020-07-10 18:50
get 53€ monthly nice
2020-07-10 21:57
Canada reeeZ75
Czech republic and Finland are the only two euro countries I would want to live in.
2020-07-10 18:54
Eh you dont wanna live in finland, trust me on that Unless u wanna live in the most social awkward nation on the planet
2020-07-10 21:45
I'm literally the one to blame
2020-07-10 22:03
Me want live in only USA NA
2020-07-10 22:00
What seems so interesting about CZ?
2020-07-10 22:20
it has a pretty good firerate for a pistol and you can get good frags on ecos.
2020-07-10 23:22
I can't, always miss everything and get overrun by glawks
2020-07-11 10:33
Yet still have a lower GDP Per Capita than Slovennia, Seems like Latin influence does better than Germanic influence :)
2020-07-10 18:58
Nominal you mean?
2020-07-10 22:07
Yes, Nominal...the only one that actually counts. PPP can be really tricky (bullshittery).
2020-07-10 22:09
The GDP per capita is the same, maybe slightly higher. Yeah, but if you mean nominal you would be right.
2020-07-10 22:19
??? Jan is also a popular name in Poland
2020-07-10 21:34
Slovakia too.
2020-07-10 21:42
we are best country in the world tbh.
2020-07-10 21:37
Though alot of overweight and ugly people from your country
2020-07-10 22:03
like from all other countries nothing special
2020-07-10 22:26
wdym? a lot of the czech girls are pretty hot.
2020-07-10 23:22
Though you are not that free and I heard that it's very corrupt?
2020-07-10 22:37
How does corruption affect freedom?
2020-07-10 23:16
Czech Republic Luck9nN
We are free as possible :D like really we can do anything travel anywhere, with the corruption I guess we could get little better. Still 0,1% of like Belarus and stuff. I mean they are dictatorship but still
2020-07-10 23:50
Finland ok_men
2020-07-10 21:40
They are russians
2020-07-10 21:44
Czech Republic prokda
2020-07-10 21:53
2020-07-10 21:58
Slovakia weedko222
Yeah, they are saying it about Slovakia either xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxxaxaxxaxaxaxaxa
2020-07-10 22:12
you know that slavic people are split up and not every slav shares every characteristic?
2020-07-10 22:13
"They use "Jan" instead of slavic "janusz" Damn, I gained respect
2020-07-10 22:14
ah yes, i see you
2020-07-10 22:39
I'm going in Prague soon. Im curious about their food, what is typical there?
2020-07-10 22:39
why would u travel rn
2020-07-10 22:39
Why not? UK doesn't have much to offer anymore. I'm looking for something new?
2020-07-10 23:33
because of the virus, i dont want u to be sick((
2020-07-10 23:33
Typical food is Svíčková, and before you go to Prague check out Honest Guide on youtube, so you dont get scammed.
2020-07-10 23:14
You are talking about this channel: ? :))
2020-07-11 22:10
yes :)
2020-07-11 23:18
the cuisine is pretty heavy.
2020-07-10 23:23
Poland mlodzier
Watch out on Prague its really tourist trap, just dont eat anything on Praga I and you are gucci (I reccomend to see Mucha's Museum)
2020-07-10 23:24
kkt | 
Czech Republic cortan
Smažený eidam třicítka with tatarka and hranolky is top trust me
2020-07-11 18:42
i have fun when playing cz sk people peace <3
2020-07-10 22:41
czech girls aint half bad
2020-07-10 23:22
Czechia best country and im in love with czech girls, only cant pay by card in many places and trains are terrible late or dont go at all, but you'd have to be slavic to understand why its the best country to live in
2020-07-10 23:25
kkt | 
Czech Republic cortan
There is so much boomer in Cz, thats why we still do not pay by card, and thats pretty much even why dont we have Euro yet
2020-07-11 18:41
Poland mlodzier
So friendly country, but I felt like if you are not Czech you will never been treated the same as they does themselves. Otherwise really good country, one of the few slavic country that progressing in a good way
2020-07-10 23:28
+1 i have been there many times and its really cool
2020-07-11 01:28
If any czech bro can host me in Brno for 2days I have a grill I really want to visit))))
2020-07-10 23:55
kkt | 
Czech Republic cortan
Are you going to pay by your grill? lool
2020-07-11 18:40
she taken mens(((
2020-07-12 00:37
kkt | 
Czech Republic cortan
Honza gang
2020-07-11 18:39
Ok, and? We also use Jan instead of Janusz
2020-07-11 18:51
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