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I will fix any team
rmn | 
Portugal eilzinho 
Title. I will fix any top 100 team with realistic moves only.
2020-07-10 21:49
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2020-07-10 21:52
rmn | 
Portugal eilzinho
-tournaments +vacation and practice
2020-07-10 21:53
Fix Movistar Riders and rooster
2020-07-10 21:53
rmn | 
Portugal eilzinho
Riders: -eastor +sunpayus only after road to rio circuit though Rooster: -CS:GO +Fortnite
2020-07-10 21:55
Netherlands Titanos
Let's hear if your FaZe move is the same as everybody else's..
2020-07-10 21:54
-Bymas +jks ALEX is the best option, but I put jks in there for fun
2020-07-10 22:05
Netherlands Titanos
<3 9/10
2020-07-10 22:08
Good move, but what happened to realistic moves only?
2020-07-21 13:55
"ALEX is the best option, but I put jks in there for fun"
2020-07-21 13:59
Yeah I gotcha, just felt like there was no reason to put jks there if this was realistic "only". I'd love to see jks on FaZe but what they need imo is a support player. Someone like chrisJ, Twistzz, RUSH, to give them that extra structure.
2020-07-21 14:08
Latvia Natsuu1
Liquid Astralis BOOM NaVi
2020-07-10 21:54
rmn | 
Portugal eilzinho
Liquid: -nitr0 +Grim (not realistic to take C9/GenG/EG players) Astralis: just wait for gla1ve and xyp9x to return BOOM: wear a mask so they can travel to international LANs, I think they can easily be a top 50 team Na'VI -flamie +sdy
2020-07-10 22:00
Poland mlodzier
Members of NaVi wont play with sdy so never gonna happen /closed
2020-07-10 23:01
1. why? 2. +lollipop21k then
2020-07-10 23:02
They have conflicts between each other As I know, especially s1mple And they won't kick Flamie rn, so no gonna happen. Flamie has a God mode and experience that lollipop21k doesn't have.
2020-07-10 23:53
Fiflaren has a lot of experience too, doesn't mean he would make a good pro. Flamie just can't play at tier 1 level anymore
2020-07-11 00:04
Poland mlodzier
Flamie is like Rpk dude, you cant ask for better teammate in CIS region, deffo Perfecto should be change for someone better (FL1T for example)
2020-07-11 00:50
Flamie doesn't make a lot of sense in a team with Boombl4 and Perfecto already in a supportive role. It's either - flamie or - Perfecto and +a fragger with good aim
2020-07-11 01:00
Boombl4 said that Flamie is the best teammate he has ever played with
2020-07-11 10:45
Heretics,no g2 or Vitality players(alex allowed)
2020-07-10 21:56
They are as good as they will ever be. Maybe -xms +young french speaking talented player, but realistically, unless they get a bigger org, they will be the ones losing players to better teams. P.S. They can't afford ALEX
2020-07-10 22:03
2020-07-10 21:57
Give them time
2020-07-10 22:05
Well its been 7 months?
2020-07-10 22:06
Snatchie joined like 2 months ago. Plus they just won MDL.
2020-07-10 23:48
Kazakhstan Massaget
2020-07-10 22:00
If the rumours that Jame is the IGL are true: -AdreN +lollipop21k
2020-07-10 22:08
if buster comes back it will be fine
2020-07-21 19:56
Turkey heilung
2020-07-10 22:03
Give them time, they made a roster change less than 2 months ago
2020-07-10 22:04
Sweden RaaCCooN
2020-07-21 13:38
2020-07-21 13:40
Sweden RaaCCooN
they change igl they need more time than if they change entry
2020-07-21 13:41
Yes, I said they needed time.
2020-07-21 13:42
2020-07-10 22:07
Not top 100, but: +RIZZ +Cunha
2020-07-10 22:09
cunha again? btw who IGL? a bit unrealistic but +emp +KILLDREAM/Rizz
2020-07-10 22:47
Emp isn't good enough and killdream and fox won't be playing together anytime soon. Their intention right now is to add obj and rizz and have fox as IGL, so he can IGL in this scenario too. There's just not a lot of PT talent available right now. ZELIN isn't leaving OFFSET, sAw are untouchable and killdream and fox won't play with each other, which leaves cunha as the best player left. Only other guy who could fit would maybe be kustom. Having obj and fox on the same team is a waste
2020-07-10 22:52
yeah forgot about all that drama. I think OFFSET will disband but if im not wrong pr and ZELIN play the same role. RIZZ and emp for me are the best options.
2020-07-11 00:34
2020-07-10 22:07
2020-07-10 22:09
2020-07-10 22:11
-online +LAN
2020-07-10 22:12
2020-07-10 22:28
Sweden fantaoskar
2020-07-11 01:11
Lol they'll be utter garbage on LAN too
2020-07-11 09:54
Fnatic got burnt out by the packed online scene. They are a team that play a loose style and go off feeling more than set structures. Once you're working from home, playing CS under pressure all day, you'll lose that feeling. After the break, regardless of LAN or online, they will be better.
2020-07-21 13:57
United States raymoney
2020-07-11 23:05
2020-07-21 19:53
Moscow five academy
2020-07-10 22:18
Man, you really went looking for the bottom of the top 100 LOL I'll save you the time, this is team #100:
2020-07-10 22:20
Fix Moscow five academy please
2020-07-10 22:32
-CS:GO +PUBG enough russian hackers in my faceit matches already, go play minecraft or something
2020-07-10 22:34
2020-07-11 03:34
bump, comment on this, i'm bored
2020-07-10 22:45
2020-07-10 22:57
ty for bump mens))
2020-07-10 23:13
you didn't say hi );;;;
2020-07-11 03:21
Hi mens))
2020-07-11 03:22
thx mens)))
2020-07-11 03:23
bump again, I'm bored
2020-07-11 22:44
Brazil pererakl
MIBR( in my opinion they only need time)
2020-07-10 23:00
Give it 2 or 3 more months, disband if it doesn't work. I love that team, but if they can't get it together, it's probably better for everyone to go their own way
2020-07-10 23:02
Brazil pererakl
I think they will never disband, because they are not winning tournaments but in majority they are getting into top 4 on it. they only got really bad at RMR's and that is sad but the got 2nd at blast premier.
2020-07-10 23:07
Top 4 but they've only been playing NA teams because of covid. Realistically, money wil never be an issue because they have a huge fanbase and will always get viewers, merch sales, sponsors, etc... But I really doubt this core can seriously compete as it is
2020-07-10 23:07
Brazil pererakl
In my opinion, if they get consistent they will be at top #20, because their performance at blast premier was really good and deserves a top #15 in world, but sadly they not got consistent and got disqualified from the major, but with time they will get consistent.
2020-07-10 23:13
"got disqualified" ehm what...?
2020-07-10 23:21
I think they're top 20 (or very close to it) right now. Problem is, the expectations are for MIBR to be better than just top 20. Their fanbase and the entire CS community expect those players and that org to be a top 5, at minimum top 10 tean.
2020-07-10 23:21
Europe Lupuu
2020-07-10 23:27
-pietola +jemi
2020-07-10 23:41
2020-07-10 23:27
Disband and let iM and XELLOW join some European teams if they don't qualify for MDL
2020-07-10 23:32
You are kinda right,there's not much hope in the romanian scene,IM and xellow could easily play for better teams.The only change that you could make and it may pay out is -seminte +blytz
2020-07-10 23:38
Slovenia Quicker007
2020-07-10 23:28
-covid +LAN
2020-07-10 23:30
Slovenia Quicker007
Same fnatic?
2020-07-10 23:38
Yeah. Any changes now and they're probably out of the major too, so just give them time
2020-07-10 23:42
Slovenia Quicker007
Thanks men) i agree with your opinion
2020-07-10 23:54
2020-07-10 23:29
-5$ +Buy gaben a big mac in exchange for unbanning jamppi
2020-07-10 23:33
-x7 +zehn/any good rifler from saunistan
2020-07-11 03:28
Europe Lupuu
Kova esports
2020-07-10 23:40
2020-07-10 23:42
Russia ImAmnesiac
2020-07-10 23:51
No fix needed. They are clearly the 2nd best CIS team right now. #1 in CIS Road to Rio points and have a spot at next season of ESL Pro League. No reason to change
2020-07-10 23:57
I agree, good point
2020-07-11 09:51
United States notawaffle
i would like to see -idisbalance +degster see how things play out with a different awper cuz degster is really good
2020-07-11 01:03
Idb was a bit unstable back then, but now he is second-best on his team. But it would be entertaining for sure (same with sh1ro/Elian)
2020-07-11 10:03
2020-07-11 00:23
They're fine right now. They will probably qualify for the major, no sense in losing 20% of their points. But if you really want to make a change, -koosta +Grim
2020-07-11 00:32
Denmark valt3rr
Idk why people keep thinking koosta is the person they should get rid off....
2020-07-11 04:39
2020-07-11 09:56
I mean, who else? s0m is inconsistent but very good when he shows up. autimatic is not the greatest AWPer by far, but he gets the job done. BnTeT is self explanatory, as is daps. koosta is the one left over. I don't think they need any changes, and I think koosta is a high level player who is consistent. He's not a playmaker, but with BnTeT, s0m and autimatic on that team, they don't need another playmaker.
2020-07-21 14:01
S0m is not good, Koosta plays shitty roles and is still better than s0m. The stats don't die. 6 months rating: entry stats 6 months: flashes thrown 6 months: In every single category he is better than S0m. S0m is way to underwhelming, he shows up once and its all people remember about him.
2020-07-21 14:08
That's what I said. Inconsistent but good. He's still young and up-and-coming, give him a few months and he will improve. Given the Major is looking unlikely to happen om schedule, in theory he has more than half a year to work on it.
2020-07-21 14:12
if I was removing anyone from that roster it would be s0m. Koosta has experience and is playing well. S0m in inexperienced and playing like crap. -s0m +grim would be interesting but forcing grim to play in koosta's positions would be dumb. I think look at the next 2 events and see how they are, if s0m keeps underperforming, sign grim and get rid of him.
2020-07-21 14:22
I really don't see the point. koosta is performing well in his current position. Why move him? I also don't think s0m has underperformed really. The team is only half a year old, personally I think they have been on a steady rise since the start and there's really nothing saying s0m has halted it much. As far as I am concerned, the team are still finding their footing. EDIT: Also, I doubt Grim will find his way on a top roster in NA any time soon. He's good and deserves to be in a top team, but unless Triumph can BECOME that top team, he's not getting on any of those rosters any time soon. Besides, I'd rather see him on Cloud9.
2020-07-21 16:49
I never said to remove anyone, I only said that if they were to remove koosta, then grim or whoever they sign will have to play bitch roles which is dumb. Same with s0m, I think give it a few events and if he keeps performing like shit get rid of him for a young star like grim.
2020-07-21 16:50
True though I disagree with them making any roster moves at all for the forseeable future, no matter the results. daps has a way with developing players.
2020-07-21 18:13
United States notawaffle
flair i expect no answer cuz this team perfect :)
2020-07-11 01:05
-CS:GO +Minecraft How they are #76 I have no idea they wouldn't even be top 200 in EU/CIS
2020-07-11 01:07
United States notawaffle
penny tweiss and mada are actually good tf u mean almost beat triumph
2020-07-11 01:09
100T after major
2020-07-11 01:10
-Gratisfaction +Some young talented EU/CIS Awper, there's like 100 of those guys better than Gratisfaction
2020-07-11 01:18
2020-07-11 03:23
Maybe. There's a bunch of good EU/CIS AWPers better than Gratisfaction
2020-07-11 03:28
2020-07-11 03:29
Sure, why not
2020-07-11 03:30
2020-07-11 03:30
big yikes
2020-07-11 08:28
United States raymoney
2020-07-11 23:08
Why would he leave OG?
2020-07-21 14:02
Imo if they perform well enough at Major (aka playoffs), they shouldn't make roster issues. I think Grat's problem was down to coaching, and ImAPet has done a good job so far. If they wanna make roster changes I agree with you they should go international. I have a dream that one day, in a few years, 100T will be: jks (rifle) jkaem (entry) ZywOo (rifle/2nd AWP) Sico (AWP) dexter (IGL) Unlikely to ever happen but would be one hell of a fucking team.
2020-07-21 14:05
The problem is that these days, AWPer is the most important role (outside of IGL). You look at tier 1 teams and most of them have high impact player (often more than one) on the AWP who can play aggressive. Maybe a few years ago you could have more of a supportive awper, but not anymore.
2020-07-21 14:11
I disagree. I'd say the opposite is true today: teams with star players are good, but they fall short if they don't have support. FaZe have 4 absolute top level players, some of the best in the world. Their 5th is their biggest issue. Bymas and olof have both failed to provide the support needed to get the team to winning tournaments. NaVi are a prime example. s1mple and electronic are two of the best players on the team, but the reason they started losing after Katowice was because flamie, Perfecto and Boombl4 stopped supporting them. There's a clear difference in their performance before and after Kato and by watching their games it's clear it's the support that's missing. It's too much even for electronic and s1mple to handle. Astralis is another example recently. Surely, device, dupreeh and Magisk, all 3 of them Top 20 players of 2019, should be able to carry JUGi and Snappi to at least bring home a few games? But no. Before BLAST, Complexity had the same issue. blameF, poizon, oBo, k0nfig, were performing at a really good level, but RUSH wasn't providing the support needed. And despite ZywOo consistently performing at a top level, Vitality have only had success recently because the other 4 have begun supporting him enough to bring home the wins.
2020-07-21 14:18
Denmark valt3rr
2020-07-11 04:38
2020-07-11 01:17
They made a roster change very recently, let them grow. Plus, they're in a very good position to make it to the major
2020-07-11 01:19
Brazil lucubista
i fix SA teams (BRA and ARG) TeamOne / Yeah Steelega dumau latto b4rtiN Maluk3 Mibr Fallen Taco Fer Coldzera ELiGE (speak portugueseand has good contact with team) Boom Boltz Felps KngV Chelo trk Sharks Leo_Drunky Exit jnt ableJ Lucas1 Isurus Luken Nikom 1962 Noktse Meyern Pain biguzera hardzao PKL yel shz
2020-07-11 03:26
where's vsm
2020-07-11 03:33
Brazil lucubista
as he can not play major I did not put on any team
2020-07-11 04:04
2020-07-11 04:20
why would elige go to retirment home?
2020-07-11 09:57
United States stripesy
2020-07-11 03:26
2020-07-11 03:30
idea for lulquid fix EliGE cerq leaf (bcs bra7iz mad at leaf) floppy golden thoughts?
2020-07-11 03:32
Good luck buying out EG, fanatic and C9 players
2020-07-11 03:40
i'm not thinking realisticly just wanted to throw it out there
2020-07-11 04:20
More like elige fix
2020-07-11 11:33
INS | 
Australia CLEGGY
2020-07-11 04:06
Not much australian talent left. Maybe -malta -hatz +2 EU/CIS riflers if they are willing to do that
2020-07-11 11:50
Denmark valt3rr
Heroic and mouz
2020-07-11 04:37
Heroic: Recent line-up, give them time mouz: #48
2020-07-11 11:47
Sweden fatedman
2020-07-11 04:43
Stop 322ing every week
2020-07-11 11:42
2020-07-11 04:50
Changing a player now would probably put them put of the major and they have been improving recently, so no reason to change right now
2020-07-11 11:31
Havu and Ence
2020-07-11 09:53
Havu: -hoody +uli ENCE: #50
2020-07-11 11:45
Argentina OcellusNG
2020-07-11 18:59
They made a roster change 1 month ago and qualified for ESL Pro League. Let's see what this lineup can do before making changes.
2020-07-11 19:06
G2 and c0ntact
2020-07-11 22:46
G2: -AmaNEk +Bubzkji c0ntact: -emi +Kjaerbye
2020-07-11 22:51
2020-07-11 22:52
He support very good
2020-07-11 22:53
Yeah, he supports the other team. He's a good player but not goid enough for a team that wants to be consistently top 5
2020-07-11 22:53
fnatic, nip, ence, og yeah
2020-07-11 22:54
fnatic: #24 nip: #13 ence: #50 OG: maybe if they didn't do so well at cs_summit I would say they should make a change but I think this lineup should be given a month or 2 more to prove themselves
2020-07-11 22:58
Mexico sneakyboy
honoris lyl
2020-07-11 23:07
2020-07-11 23:14
Mexico sneakyboy
agreed but u said fix any team
2020-07-11 23:14
Sometimes veterinarians have to recommend euthanasia. Same here
2020-07-11 23:16
Mexico sneakyboy
2020-07-11 23:16
2020-07-11 23:07
They made a change less than 3 months ago and are winning almost all of their matches. Nothing to fix
2020-07-11 23:18
United States raymoney
OG is they were to make a change b/c I think they need one
2020-07-11 23:12
2020-07-11 23:14
United States raymoney
yeah I know but like if you were to remove someone
2020-07-11 23:14
maybe -issa +kjaerbye/bubzkji?
2020-07-11 23:14
United States raymoney
good ifx
2020-07-11 23:15
2020-07-21 13:13
Sweden eddex76
2020-07-21 13:18
They need to stop pretending like they're still a tier 1 team and go grind tier 2/3 tournaments (Malta Vibes, Nine to Five, etc...) for a couple months. If they can't do well in those tournaments, disband and build an EU team around f0rest and hallzerk.
2020-07-21 13:22
fix something in Poland, so Poland could be strong in CSGO like good old days
2020-07-21 13:46
Stop making so many changes and let teams develop. They have enough talent for 3/4 tier 2 teams. See if TaZ or NEO are interested in coaching.
2020-07-21 13:56
very wise words men
2020-07-21 13:52
Not team, but player. Where would you put oskar
2020-07-21 13:59
Depends. Other than czech and english, does he speak any other languages?
2020-07-21 14:01
not team but, maybe u can form best south korea team
2020-07-21 14:01
I honestly don't know enough about the South Korea scene.
2020-07-21 14:08
Kazakhstan jetlEG
fix Syman & Winstrike
2020-07-21 19:11
Syman: just added kade0, let's see what they can do with him first. Winstrike: They need an IGL, right? Maybe +S0tF1k
2020-07-21 19:45
Fix polish scean
2020-07-21 19:49
2020-07-21 19:52
2020-07-21 19:58
Find 5 players willing to commit to a team ffs. They change a player basically every week
2020-07-21 19:59
yea, but fix this plz
2020-07-21 20:03
percy smf anarkez sinnopsyy radifaction Try this lineup for a month or 2
2020-07-21 20:07
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