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Let's compare csgo platforms
Brazil NP_Kuroi 
I live in Brazil so my options would be A) MM Full-on cancer, leavers, baiters, afks, 10yo's yelling, team killers, you name it. Mostly every match has at least one person wallhacking but normally it's 2 or 3 people. 64 tickrate. Won 9 matches didn't rank up lost two matches in a row, downrank. Challenge: 11/10 "Just queue with friends bro" Friends are less likely to actually follow calls and strats than randoms. And they can't aim too. B) Faceit Somehow there are 9 argentinian / chilean players for every brazilian player, but no, separating them from each other would be too hard for the platform. So you get a full team that can't communicate. A Faceit lv. 2 player may be a gold nova 2 with 300 hours or a global elite lan tournament experienced player with 8000 hours. Random skill levels make it so that 9 in 10 matches are going to be a humiliating 16-0 for one side and there's nothing the other team can do about it. Racism everywhere, argentinians start the warmup calling the brazilians on their teams and on the other team "little black monkeys" as they all do. If you shortly call out the name of a position you saw an enemy in, let's say, "A long!", you cry out on the mic, the argentinians will instantly and automatically reply "shut up negro". Each and every one of them, no exceptions. C) Gamersclub People in there are trying so hard you'll get steamrolled over voicechat after your first mistake, even if you win the round clutching a 1v3 situation, they'll bitch about your positioning, your movement, anything they can criticize. When you say you're not a pro player, everyone will find the fact strangely amazing. How can you be playing gamersclub and not be a competitive tournament-winning money-earning established csgo pro? What the hell? BUT There is no -say in gamersclub So for that reason, it takes the cake.
2020-07-11 21:43
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There are also pugs / mix community servers here. Stay away from them. The minute you win 2 rounds in a row killing 2 or 3 enemies, a 10yo boy will call the ADM (probably his older brother) and you will instantly get kicked and banned for life from that server. Happens every time so not worth even trying.
2020-07-11 21:46
2020-08-04 07:31
Join a team? Why expect a team environment when you're playing pick up games? It doesn't work that way in any game or any sport.
2020-08-04 07:35
Georgia Megobari
All trash))
2020-08-04 07:39
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