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Finland TuureBoelius 
I have heard rumours that some Swedes are proud of how your government has handled coronavirus because a lot of old people have died. They think it's a good thing because the number of pensioners has gone down, and the dependency ratio of your country has improved. Is this true ? /discuss
2020-07-11 21:46
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Prepare for salty swedes xd
2020-07-11 21:47
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Switzerland OHMOHM
Does herd immunity work well ?
2020-07-12 12:48
yes,because refugees are more important than pensioners
2020-07-11 21:51
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Can you tell me how many refugees sweden took in since corona started?
2020-07-12 14:36
Gustav | 
Sweden günT
You literally posted this exact same thread a couple of weeks ago
2020-07-11 21:51
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This is an important issue that must be discussed!
2020-07-11 21:56
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but on a csgo site?
2020-07-11 22:44
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Finland OldStager
2020-07-11 22:48
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i know but its still csgo not politics right
2020-07-11 23:38
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off topic -_-
2020-07-12 12:48
How did you find this topic lol
2020-07-12 14:06
Bro ,what do you think? Do you really think that someone somehow knows how our 10 million people feel about the situation? You might find 1 or 2 people on social media but that doesn't count as Sweden.
2020-07-11 21:59
i doubt the people that lost their grandpa/grandma is very happy about it. not sure if the majority is or not
2020-07-11 22:01
I think the vast majority of Swedes think it was handled poorly. Although there did seem to be a lot of Swedes thinking that their strategy was far superior than closing down a couple of months back. They now have like 10-20x the numbers (and deaths) compared to their neighbouring countries. They're lucky that they have such a sparsely populated country with a lot of asocial people. But that's probably also what they based their decision on. Basically if Sweden was bigger than it is, Sweden would probably look like America right about now if not worse.
2020-07-11 22:07
we are liking our strat but not bcs alot have died wtf man
2020-07-11 22:40
I don't know anyone who is proud of the government for the claimed reason. Personally I think Sweden did it better than a lot of countries, putting the responsibility on the individual instead of letting the economy tank and then go to how it is now anyway after the first couple of months (like we see in other nations).
2020-07-11 23:43
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But it's been shown that you have not benefitted economically from no lockdown.
2020-07-12 13:34
Dont you sheep swedes understand that your country tanks more because of the decicion. In Finland we closed for one and half months and companies got aid from the goverment = only few companies went under. In Sweden the companies had to stay open eventhough they had no customers and expanses were running, also goverment doesnt aid as much since ”everything is normal”. Past month 16% increase on bakrupcies in Sweden, 2% in Finland. Now everything is almost normal here and companies are making money. This is not happening in Sweden. Also no country want swedes as tourists and no one wants to go to Sweden, so alot of tourist bussinesses will go down. So in the sense of keeping economy afloat the strategy is a big failure. It is also major failure on deaths and the herd immunity. One month ago they thought that the herd immunity % in Stockholm would be ~40% and when they tested a portion that shows the %, it was 6,7 % which tells that they were epicly wrong even on that. So theres nothing good about the strategy and it will have immense effect for long time on your economy. But as a nation who have always trusted the goverment, swedes dont even question it eventhough the facts are there, it is quite sad actually. (I have relatives there and i hope it eases soon)
2020-07-12 13:39
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Sweden frozze90
Dude... there are loads of us questioning the government. wtf r u on about......
2020-07-12 14:17
Great point. It's objectively true without a doubt that sweden's strategy is bad and for example finland handled the situation way better
2020-07-12 14:28
But we have more unemployment and more bankruptcies than any other nordic country during the pandemic.
2020-07-12 14:05
device | 
Denmark JKTP
Sweden did not handle it very well. But Denmark and Norway didn't do it THAT great as we hype it up to being. I mean we have higher gdp per capita and less poverty so we had more breathing room. But we actually supported our business that got hit by corona and locked down. Sweden did not Sweden to do list against corona: - Nationalizing Paychecks for people in self quarantine/locked down (Like germany did) - Strict guidelines + Requirement to wear masks in highly crowded areas (Like Japan) - Closing down all Festivals + Large events (Like everyone else in the world) That was enough for Japan to shit on what everyone else in the world did even though they have a city with 50 MILLION PEOPLE.
2020-07-12 21:54
2020-07-12 12:41
litteraly havent heard anyone say that
2020-07-12 12:47
They also decreased pension payment by 2.7% recently. Refugees welcome <3 Sweden don't like old people, they like young healthy males with great attitude and willing to work hard for a living
2020-07-12 13:24
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Yeah, they don't like the older, native Swedes who weren't a bunch of brainwashed communist punching bags. It's pretty logical, really. -Remove the older, (mostly) non-brainwashed, native population -Make room for immigrants -Use the former pension funds to support the immigrants
2020-07-12 14:17
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majority of swedes wants to send immigrants back, atleast 500k of them
2020-07-12 14:39
and our leaders is a fucking joke, leftist and feminist so I understand what you mean
2020-07-12 14:40
Yes many people think that it’s good. I don’t.
2020-07-12 14:04
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Sweden so brainwashed
2020-07-12 14:15
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2020-07-12 14:21
They copy paste the government all day long the cocksuckers. Believe all they say.
2020-07-12 21:42
"Swedes are proud of how your government has handled coronavirus because a lot of old people have died" lmao what the fuck? who told you this? Trump?
2020-07-12 14:11
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Its actually true, look it up
2020-07-12 14:37
Yeah, less pensioners (most of them native Swedes btw) = more money for immigrants, so progressive!!
2020-07-12 14:14
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You clearly don't know about Sweden or swedes
2020-07-12 14:41
Well 99% of swedes will believe what media feeds them so if they say we are doing good then the swedish people will blindly believe it, even though they can see the numbers that we clearly are not doing good.
2020-07-12 21:48
best solution imo. sweden big balling once again.
2020-07-12 21:55 This video just explains it all
2020-07-12 21:57
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