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UFC 251
Netherlands Lurox 
Guys what are your predictions for the main card tonight? Kamaru Usman vs Jorge Masvidal Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway Petr Yan vs José Aldon Jéssica Andrade vs Rose Namajunas Amanda Ribas vs Paige Van Zant
2020-07-11 22:55
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desi | 
Slovakia (yo)
Masvidal ez
2020-07-11 22:59
go away
2020-07-11 22:56
India samsnow
Please get a life.
2020-07-11 22:57
Are you disgusting
2020-07-11 22:59
United Kingdom rywana
2020-07-11 23:48
nope it was not ez
2020-07-12 07:52
2020-07-12 07:58
Netherlands Lurox
I think Jorge Masvidal, Alexander Volkanovski, Petr Yan, Jéssica Andrade and Amanda Ribas
2020-07-11 22:57
Kamaru Usman is such a beast though, I don't think anyone is close to him in his division. Although I do think Masvidal has upset potential
2020-07-11 22:58
I disagree, Usman didn't impress me at all in that Colby fight and Colby was landing punches left right and center but never in a million years is Usman going to a stand up match with Masvidal like he did vs Colby but I do believe Masvidal is gonna win via ko
2020-07-11 23:08
I agree that was one of his poor showings but I still think he's better than Masvidal
2020-07-11 23:09
Usman is a way better wrestler than Masvidal yes but Masvidal is the better striker for sure and Usman's gameplan is probably going to be kneading Masvidal on the floor with some added flour
2020-07-11 23:19
did u watch masvidal vs maia ? usman is gonna ragdoll this guy and end his hypetrain masvidal got lucky tbh he beat no one , till was a lucky punch , askren was pure luck tho he would beat him anyways because askren was washed and had hip injury , diaz is a definition of overrated bum it will be one sided matchup
2020-07-11 23:36
From 5 years ago or something when Maia won by split decision? No Masvidal didn't get lucky, he's just a very good striker but yeah it's definitely a possibility that Usman is gonna do the same to Masvidal as he did to Woodley and just own him on the floor but if Usman is stupid enough to go to a boxing match with him then it's Masvidal all day long
2020-07-11 23:46
3 years ago , maia was 39 , walking like an old man , still took masvidal down whenever he wanted ez for usman
2020-07-11 23:49
He was ranked number 2 or something and on a roll and took down my man Gunnar Nelson along the way:(
2020-07-11 23:52
Yeah Usman is the logical pick, but I wouldn't count out Mas... If he catches usman with that left hook he throws when he psuhes his left shoulder out and feints his right hook he could catch him good. In a pure technical striking match no way for Mas :()
2020-07-11 23:09
On our Central Eourpean time, when aproximetly does Jorge vs Usman start ? And do you guys have you know some links :D
2020-07-11 23:26
main card starts at 4:00 CET, main event around 6:30, I assume
2020-07-11 23:29
Livetv Google it ..
2020-07-11 23:30
It's usually around 30 minutes per fight and the main event starts at 4 so technically the fight should be at around 6:30 but I would recommend 6 am to be safe and you can always watch Volkanovski v Holloway which will also be a great fight.
2020-07-11 23:36
wym if u are not casual u should be watching the whole main card its fucking fire except Paige VanZant fight
2020-07-11 23:39
Well he asked for a main event so I gave him the information. I myself will be watching the whole thing.
2020-07-11 23:40
ill post links when it start don't worry bro
2020-07-11 23:36
Thank you bro. By the way, for who are you cheering for ? My heart is with Street Jesus
2020-07-12 00:25
on this card only rooting for petr yan i don't think anyone in this world finds kamaru usman likeable and for masvidal , i think hes cool but he is very lucky to be in the position to fight for the gold usman will kill him tho sry to disappoint u (:
2020-07-12 01:55
Usman Ski Yan
2020-07-11 23:28
paz | 
North America Mereko
I really hope masvidal gets it done, he didnt look energized enuff tho, the travel,tests and shit idk. Usman is very tough and yet to lose. pls god bless the streetjesus once again for the #resurrection
2020-07-11 23:38
u will be disappointed
2020-07-11 23:41
paz | 
North America Mereko
hope not :(((
2020-07-11 23:55
United States TrashPanda
I don’t think Masvidal has a chance against Usman and I think Usman will dominate all rounds to decision Holloway I believe is going to win in decision Yan K.O.s Aldo in the 2nd round Namajunas dominates and gets a T.K.O. in the 3rd Ribas is going to fight well against my crush Zant and win in the 4th by stoppage I have bets on all these fights so I hope my picks are right.
2020-07-11 23:40
i got it like that too except i belive volkanovski beats holloway
2020-07-11 23:42
United States TrashPanda
It’s gonna be really close. They pair up so well I just think Holloway puts up the points and aggression to pull a decision in his favor.
2020-07-11 23:45
aldo gonna shock a lot of people tonight, cant wait.
2020-07-11 23:56
United States TrashPanda
Hope so. Would like to see he back, but I just don’t see it.
2020-07-12 00:13
mad burger lol go sleep
2020-07-12 05:59
why so mad gopnik lol
2020-07-12 06:01
go sleep gmo burger
2020-07-12 06:11
cam | 
United States girls
rose<333333333333333333333333333333cute and delicate
2020-07-11 23:41
United States TrashPanda
Ain’t nothing delicate about Thug Rose lmao
2020-07-11 23:46
rose is a qte for sure, yea she isnt as appealing anymore as she was when she had long hair, but her personality is gold.
2020-07-11 23:52
United States TrashPanda
I think she’s hot as fuck with or without hair just the fact she could beat the fuck out of me even though I’m a purple belt and trained mma my whole life scares the fuck out of me lmfao.
2020-07-11 23:56
bruh she a strawweight, if youre not a midget and actually have some striking experience you gonna put her to sleep lol
2020-07-12 00:00
United States TrashPanda
How about you roll with a black belt straw/fly weight girl then come back to me. You don’t understand how high level she is lmao but okay dude. You’ve obviously never been humbled in the gym
2020-07-12 02:33
i lost a sparring session to a 16 yo thai in koh samui when i was 20, i definitely been emabarrassed before, i am just saying theoretically you wont have any problems putting her to sleep considering she only weighs 115 pounds lmao.
2020-07-12 02:46
Kamaru Usman vs Jorge Masvidal--> probably the hardest one for me to predict here, Masvidal has a chance if he can KO Usman early, if not It goes to Usman for sure, If I have to say one right now I would go with Usman. Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway --->Volkanovski EASY AS FUCK Petr Yan vs José Aldo---> Yan also pretty easy I have no doubt on this one. Jéssica Andrade vs Rose Namajunas --> this fight is hard to predict but I would say Andrade takes the W. Amanda Ribas vs Paige Van Zant--> Van Zant is a pretty spectacular fighter but she doesn't have that much skill anymore, I'll go with Ribas on this one.
2020-07-11 23:46
imagine disrespecting the featherweight goat aka the blessed express like that, easy decision for max. imo aldo has a way better chance than everyone thinks, he is definitely the more well rounded fighter. also rose vs andrade is the easiest to predict on the main card imo, if you watched the first one you saw rose absolutely dominating andrade, this will be a 3 round foght that favours rose and reduced the chances for andrade to get a lucky slam or punch which is basically her only chance. rest i'd agree minus pvz being a spectacular fighter lmao note: i am extremely biased when it comes to max
2020-07-11 23:51
I absolutely love Holloway but man, those last 2 fights I've seen of him I'm severely disappointed. I don't think we will get him back. I meant spectacular as of using superman punches and entertaining stuff, but she is not a top fighter by any means. As for Aldo goes he is way past his prime. He doesn't stand a chance. We will see when the night ends if we are right or wrong. I'll come here :P
2020-07-11 23:54
i mean the frankie fight was a an easy dub for him but frankie is way past his prime. and volko was just sharper the first fight, i jusr hope max made the right adjustments, but from what ive seen hes doing more hiking and cod videos than fighting lmao, also no sparring at all this entire camp, no idea how he plans on winning this but i am not ready for the blessed era to be over yet :(
2020-07-11 23:55
He is back for real holy shit. He did a fantastic fight. I'm glad I was wrong about Max. He didn't win although I think the third round was for him
2020-07-12 06:54
like the first fight volko clearly won but i just dont see how max lost this one tbh, trying to be as least bias as possible i honestly think he won this one feelsfuckingbadman
2020-07-12 06:56
most of us thought It was 3-2 Max, even Bisping but this is the UFC brother. When fights are close anything can happen, sometimes even straight robberies.
2020-07-12 07:04
I reckon Petr Yan will win against aldo decision, he is miles above him fitness wise and has a good stand up game with dominant submissions on the ground. Easy match up for Yan. I love and I think he is great and the true meaning of a martial arts fighter but this matchup is really bad for him, volkanovski will kick the shit out of his legs and holloway wont be able to adjust in the later rounds and put the final blows like he likes to do. I would love to see holloway win but the chances are very slim in my opinion. Usman v Masvidal is one of the most hyped matches of the year, but is there really a reason behind it? I reckon Usman will be able to take him down a couple of times and win 3 rounds. Even though Masvidal is probably the best boxer in welterweight I don't seem him catching Usman too much. I would also like to note that Masvidal has a really good team behind him this time, I heard they worked a lot of takedown defense and clinch scenerios.
2020-07-11 23:44
United States WumboCumbo
It's hard to pass up that +600 on Paige
2020-07-11 23:57
if max losses again i dont know if i'd even watch the main event. praying that all the warzone games and hiking trips somehow got him back on track lmao
2020-07-12 00:02
+trainings via Zoom haha
2020-07-12 00:54
Netherlands Lurox
2020-07-12 01:18
wow kazakh guy got a fight tonight
2020-07-12 00:42
Kamaru Usman Alexander Volkanovski José Aldon Jéssica Andrade Amanda Ribas
2020-07-12 00:48
Kamaru Usman - better fighter overall, and probably will keep this fight in the ground the most of time Alexander Volkanovski - better strike and already have won Max, Max is a excelent fighter, but came with 1-2 in last 3 José Aldo - the biggest featherweight in the MMA story, Aldo is bigger, stronger, and have more weapon to win this fight, yeah is not the same old Aldo, but fighting for a new Title, with opportunity to make story, Aldo by tko in the 3rd Jessica Andrade - as the name says, Jessica "Body Slam" (translation from Bate-Estaca) and the same method she used to win the first fight, I think will be the way for the second victory, Rose is superior striker, but Jessica is way heavier and stronger than Rose, and ground game will be the best opition for her Amanda Ribas - opponent: Paige FAKE AS FUCK Vanzant nothing more to say
2020-07-12 01:00
no chance andrade wins this bro
2020-07-12 01:57
Makwan Amirkhani > Danny Henry
2020-07-12 00:50
United Kingdom Twizzlr
Namajunas by Decision, Yan by TKO, Volkanovski by Decision, Masvidal by TKO.
2020-07-12 02:04
United Kingdom ward^
Jorge Masvidal TKO Alexander Volkanovski KO Petr Yan KO Rose Namajunas Decision Amanda Ribas TKO
2020-07-12 02:13
Namajunas & pvz win tko. Aldo wasnt even win his last fight, bad scoring by the judges, Yan will win. I think Holloway get his revenge today, he just need to let go of his hands, he was holding a lot on 1st match. Tbh I don't think anyone will beat usman other than Khabib, he's not gonna get KO by masvidal, usman win via decision. ( Anyway usman never gonna fight khabib, he said that on jre podcast ). But if somehow masvidal win, I hope he calls out McGregor. Gonna be a big fight ever on MMA history. PogChamp.
2020-07-12 02:22
Jorge Masvidal, Alexander Volkanovski , José Aldo, Jéssica Andrade, Amanda Ribas
2020-07-12 02:45
Usman, Volk , Aldo, Ribas, Rose.
2020-07-12 02:59
when is mauler
2020-07-12 03:08
July 25
2020-07-12 03:15
Sweden b0ncenz
Who u got Paige Van Zant Rose Yan Volkanovski Masvidal by murder
2020-07-12 03:10
wtf i made official thread but now that you ask, Street Jesus BlessedExpress Petr Thug Rose Amanda
2020-07-12 03:12
usman, volkanovski, yan, no idea about grills should be ez for usman but I want masvidal to win
2020-07-12 03:22
I think both usman and masvidal are overrated and in my opinion its the weakest weight devision right now. Usman will win by decision. I think holloway can win this with a better fightplan
2020-07-12 03:29
Netherlands Lurox
Lets go guys !!!!!
2020-07-12 03:51
Jorge Masvidal supporter here!
2020-07-12 03:53
2020-07-12 03:55
Cry noob
2020-07-12 03:56
holloway and usman!
2020-07-12 04:00
Are people saying Usman so admins don't ban them for racism ?
2020-07-12 04:13
cam | 
United States girls
this chick got huge tits o they are implants too wtf
2020-07-12 04:17
paige vanzant get rekt you fucking hoe LOL
2020-07-12 04:26
van zant - gtfo from elite ufc, u are joke not fighter xd
2020-07-12 04:28
Japan AYAYA_Clap
Amanda Ribas is so good!
2020-07-12 04:36
vanzant is such a joke and has always been
2020-07-12 05:57
amanda ribas is so beautiful and such an amazing personality absolutely love her! hmm my preds for tonight Jose aldo Holloway Andrade Gamebred
2020-07-12 04:38
masvidal could upset
2020-07-12 04:39
cam | 
United States girls
this brazil broad loosk like coldzera
2020-07-12 04:44
Rose´s Boxing is the best in WMMA.
2020-07-12 04:47
These punches are just pokes and barely doing anything to Andrade, what was the stat, 50ish strikes and you can barely see damage on Andrade’s face
2020-07-12 04:59
Look at the head movement, angling, footwork etc. its not about how powerful the punches are. Im talking about technique etc.
2020-07-12 05:01
Absolutely, I agree about her technique but the purpose of that is to do damage and these punches from Rose were kind of only tickling Andrades face. Her technique and touching got her the win at least, so who am I too judge
2020-07-12 05:22
bra71L trying to put fingers into opponents gloves classic dirty move from bra71lian
2020-07-12 05:33
Lets go Aldo. Really hope he can get the last big win. True MMA Legend
2020-07-12 05:37
beaten in a pile of his blood
2020-07-12 06:01
Well. Every legend has to go sadly and its no different with José. Thanks to him i got interested in MMA. Hope he retires now. Yan was the better man.
2020-07-12 06:01
idk i think he is highly overrated and dominated the weak era tho he must be considered a legend
2020-07-12 06:02
i mean he is not even old , he is 33 but i think fighters are just way better in 2020
2020-07-12 06:04
he had some wars in there in the past that probably took a couple of years off his career though
2020-07-12 06:08
Well at one point he was 24-1. Yes the scene was weaker back then. The fight against Mcgregor ruined him after that fight he was never the same. But if he really retires i wanna thank him for everything. Stiil beating KDZ,Edgar,Mendes,Lamas,Faber and Florian is one hell of a career
2020-07-12 06:11
king of rio for a reason, absolute legend of the game, nobody is going to deny that.
2020-07-12 06:11
Yeah, now i hope Max gets the belt back atleast.
2020-07-12 06:11
ahahahah dirty tricks didnt help wAldo
2020-07-12 05:56
United States DiabIo
? baldo
2020-07-12 05:58
2020-07-12 06:00
United States DiabIo
legend killer Petr Yan is so good hes going to murder sterling
2020-07-12 06:01
that fucking siberian gopnik is scary as fuck
2020-07-12 06:04
2020-07-12 06:07
Fight back
2020-07-12 06:00
volkan > hairy mexican pedo max holiday
2020-07-12 06:07
blessed era coming to an end
2020-07-12 06:13
nvm max is looking sharp af volkanovski is doing nothing in that cage
2020-07-12 06:32
2020-07-12 06:50
How's the result so far guys? Can't watch yet. Are Holloway vs volkanovski start yet?
2020-07-12 06:23
Ribas won, Namajunas won, Yan won Volk vs Max 2nd round starting soon
2020-07-12 06:24
Max looking good so far. Let's go blessed era still not end yet.
2020-07-12 06:30
So far so good. I hope he can get his belt back.
2020-07-12 06:31
He is slowing down tho on this round. I'm worry about him get into championship and final round
2020-07-12 06:35
The leg kicks are starting to get him now. Im worried right now, but i believe in him
2020-07-12 06:36
max won't get finished and he is up 2:1 or even 3:0 he got this one in the bag
2020-07-12 06:38
feels bad man
2020-07-12 06:52
choked so hard
2020-07-12 06:52
The 3rd was close but i think he got the edge. But when i saw the takedown in the 5th i was like "aahhh fuck Volks" winning. feels fucking bad man
2020-07-12 06:53
Coming into 5th round I'm worried about max. I feel like 1 or 2 takedowns will secure the win for volkanovski. With max looked so tired, it's not hard for volkanovski to take him down. Sad man
2020-07-12 06:55
+1 Agree with that im so fucking sad right now
2020-07-12 06:56
no conor no UFC
2020-07-12 06:40
xDDD fuck your useless McClown. He can only beat old men in pubs and drink his shitty whiskey. Overhyped trash. Btw you just proved you don't watch any fight sports ;)
2020-07-12 06:42
ok myanmar, excuse me in mycountry we dont have shawling bald fighters
2020-07-12 06:45
your country has no fighters and i'm fakeflaggin
2020-07-12 06:47
no fiighters? ok you just proved you dont watch fighting
2020-07-12 06:48
conor is irrelevant since khabib destroyed him but nt casual
2020-07-12 06:44
the man that is afraid of all the competitors in two weight classes so he decided to retire for the 3rd time?
2020-07-12 06:48
Europe men)
any streaming linc guys ?
2020-07-12 06:45
Europe men)
#91 working ty
2020-07-12 06:46
Holloway is back holy shit. That's the only surprise of tonight for me. I thought he was done for good but what a performance
2020-07-12 06:49
2020-07-12 06:50
holloway choked so hard , he had 2-0
2020-07-12 06:51
he had 3 0
2020-07-12 06:52
3rd round is a draw for me. He got cocky and slowing down at the last 2 rounds.
2020-07-12 06:53
probably, im 100% subjective so i won't go to deep into it. Feel scuffed and disappointed. Wanted Max to win too much
2020-07-12 06:52
The 3rd round was his although I have to admit It was close. Max won for me but this is the UFC, you never know.
2020-07-12 06:52
United States DiabIo
lol Holloway thought he had 3 rounds and got sloppy never trust the judges
2020-07-12 06:51
holloway choke
2020-07-12 06:52
Im not sure it was a robbed for max or not. Tbh I'm scoring draw at 3rd round, and 4th & 5th round to volkanovski. That takedowns tho :( so unfortunate for Holloway. Good fight.
2020-07-12 06:52
We can't talk about robbery, I also think Max won the third round but It was close to be fair.
2020-07-12 06:54
for me holloway won... unfair
2020-07-12 06:53
2020-07-12 06:55
highway robbery also choke in last round
2020-07-12 06:55
robbed clear 3-2
2020-07-12 06:56
Hollowed robbed, lol
2020-07-12 06:56
we got fucking robbed and i am actually sad rn
2020-07-12 06:57
it wasn't a robbery , 3rd round couldve gone either way , i had it for volkanovski too max had 2 - 0 lead and choked so hard and thats it
2020-07-12 07:02
definitely didnt "choke so hard" lmao, everyone saw him get the first 3 with 2 knockdowns and more significant strikes in every single one of those 3. he got robbed
2020-07-12 07:52
He throws sissy pouches ... never a real fighter
2020-07-12 08:05
would punch you unconscious with a soft lead jab lmao get lost kid
2020-07-12 08:07
Big choke by max, wish he wasn't easily get takedown at 5th round. Should be a comfortable win for him. But with that kind of performance, Yan probably will kill volkanovski then.
2020-07-12 06:58
yan is a bantamweight bro he doesn't have the power to hurt volkanovski who was 215 lbs when he was rugby player
2020-07-12 07:00
Oh shit I thought he can fight volkanovski xd
2020-07-12 07:05
how tf can you be 100 kg with 168cm height?
2020-07-12 09:05
2020-07-12 09:46
mex chocked on judges dick fella
2020-07-12 07:01
2020-07-12 07:02
Unpopular opinion but i hope Usman wins
2020-07-12 07:07
Masvidal looking so nervous lmao
2020-07-12 07:07
popular opinion but i hope Mansvidal wins
2020-07-12 07:10
it will be
2020-07-12 07:11
Usman already in his comfortable position 10 seconds into the round xd
2020-07-12 07:14
Europe men)
nice defense by masvidal
2020-07-12 07:17
He look shaky man.
2020-07-12 07:18
Europe men)
i feel usman can take every punches like it's nothing
2020-07-12 07:19
Yeah. Every pressure that he makes into masvidal gonna makes masvidal so tired imo. Masvidal really need to do more punches. And do some damage.
2020-07-12 07:20
Europe men)
yes usman kinda fighting like pussy he didn't do that in his last fight
2020-07-12 07:22
Wait what? I thought he does the same thing to Colby & Woodley. Just keep fuckin pressure his opponent into the cage for 5 rounds xd
2020-07-12 07:23
Europe men)
watch the fight with colby it was striking all long he's using mcgregor shoulder style shot a lot in this fight tho
2020-07-12 07:24
They weren't wrestling because they both are great wrestlers.
2020-07-12 07:27
Europe men)
You're right man
2020-07-12 07:27
The different is McGregor did that shoulder strike without even push cowboy into the cage. And broke cowboy nose too. Lmao
2020-07-12 07:27
Europe men)
wtf is happening
2020-07-12 07:29
Masvidal need a time out xd. I don't think that hit his dick tho
2020-07-12 07:30
Europe men)
he did not but usman did the same in his last fight vs colby and took advantage
2020-07-12 07:31
He should knee him out tho when usman try to single leg him. Xd rip askren.
2020-07-12 07:34
Europe men)
ahahah imagine if this happen in the 5th
2020-07-12 07:35
masvidal wont have enough energy fighting like that :'(
2020-07-12 07:20
Agree. That push into the cage makes him so hard to even get a relief breath. Lmao
2020-07-12 07:22
Ukraine Taira
RIP hype fight
2020-07-12 07:24
Rip that $200k on masvidal
2020-07-12 07:25
colby vs masvidal would be so great faaaaaaaaaaaq
2020-07-12 07:27
It would be almost the same as usman vs masvidal
2020-07-12 09:48
Usman is fucking boring
2020-07-12 07:28
What is this? Lmao
2020-07-12 07:29
Masvidal already lose. This even brutal than what usman did to Colby & Woodley.
2020-07-12 07:31
Europe men)
he's just winning because of the wresting
2020-07-12 07:32
part of the game
2020-07-12 07:33
Europe men)
you're right today you have to be god tier wrestler and powerful striker if you want to be the one
2020-07-12 07:36
Yeah that his style. It's boring but it's working.
2020-07-12 07:33
Europe men)
khabib style
2020-07-12 07:35
If somehow gaethje knock out khabib. Love to see him gain some weight and fight usman. Although he is looks way too small compare to usman xd
2020-07-12 07:40
Europe men)
gaethje gonna be destroy by khabib. everytime it's the same every new opponent we got hopes then the fight happen xd
2020-07-12 07:42
United States DiabIo
Masvidal short notice fight tho
2020-07-12 07:34
+1 the money is too good to ignore I guess
2020-07-12 07:35
United States DiabIo
grappling champ yawn 😴
2020-07-12 07:35
Grappling can be awesome to watch, when its khabib working and tearing down people like nothing. but i can understand why people find it alittle boring
2020-07-12 07:40
I actually find Khabibs grappling even more boring
2020-07-12 08:26
Masvidal can't even use his hands anymore. That's why he throw a desperate kick.
2020-07-12 07:37
2020-07-12 07:39
It's funny cause I have no idea how to purchase the PPV. It's damn unclear on how to do it on both ufc and ufcfightpass website. I have subscribed for 1 year to the fight pass and there's no a link to tell you "hey buy the PPV"...
2020-07-12 07:41
dont you have any broadcaster in your country with the rights selling the ppv?
2020-07-12 07:43
UFC Fightpass xD It's the only answer I got. It's funny to see that in 2020 a company like UFC doesn't have a clear process to buy PPV.
2020-07-12 07:46
2020-07-12 07:42
It's funny cause I have no idea how to purchase the PPV. It's damn unclear on how to do it on pirate sites or google search for crooked streams. I have subscribed for 1 year to the pirate streams and there's no a link to tell you "hey buy the PPV"...
2020-07-12 07:43
Usman will hold the title till he decide to retire I guess. Unless Colby comeback. He is the one who have the same fighting style with usman but probably usman get more gas tank.
2020-07-12 07:46
yeah, colby and usman are on a different level compared to every other ww, it's really boring to watch them grapple all the time, but that's what wins matches
2020-07-12 08:00
and I stayed up for THIS? Masvidal is the winner here in my eyes and Usman is just boring
2020-07-12 07:47
what did u expect , only casuals believed masvidal stood a chance
2020-07-12 07:49
2020-07-12 14:20
Wonder this performance by usman was only 30% or what xd
2020-07-12 07:48
30% of any other champ 100% of feet stomps
2020-07-12 07:50
Either way, I believe masvidal not even well-prepared for this match. He accept it just because of the money and the trip to fight island xd. Jon Jones vs usman will be the fight. Hahaha
2020-07-12 07:55
i mean the match up makes no sense but if it somehow actually would happend, jon would piss on snoozeman for 25 minutes lol
2020-07-12 07:57
Make sure Jon’s clean .. we need a clean fight ..not with a doping queen
2020-07-12 08:03
usman is too strong for 170
2020-07-12 08:09
usman = welterweight nurmagomedov, who gives a shit that he is winning if it's boring as fck xd
2020-07-12 08:22
khabib - ground and pound making more hits on the ground than any boxer lulsman - feet stomps and hugging topkek8 - khabib=lulsman
2020-07-12 08:33
i know they are both great (usman & nurmagomedov) but their style is just boring to watch - it's like you prefered perfect/robotic astralis over flashy plays by sk/vp or awp static device style over 2016 agressive fallen well everyone has their own tastes = )
2020-07-12 09:02
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