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Denmark Treogtredive The attack happend the 5th of July. I leave this link here if people have missed this or want to read more about it. Currently, the 11th of July: 2 are charged with attempted murder, but that could be changed to murder, but not sure since it was the busdrivers family that decided to turn off his life support because he was basically braindead from the assault, lets wait and see. 2 are charged with "failure to assist person in need", not sure about the exact translation of that though. 1 is charged with "Attempting to hide a criminal/suspect". I hope these f*ckers gets life in prison and rot in their cells. Rest in peace Philippe Monguillot, i feel so bad for his wife and daughter..
2020-07-12 02:16
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France Poloqua
Sad story but braindead people are everywhere
2020-07-12 02:18
Well wtf bro. Why would they beat him so bad because he tells them to wear a mask?!
2020-07-12 02:24
France Poloqua
I can't answer you i also don't understand why they did this
2020-07-12 11:02
I know the district these guys live in because I've been living a while in a rich city nearby (Biarritz). When we were hanging out with my friends, sharing a few drinks late at night in bars of Bayonne it was often ruined by little motherfuckers like these guys. And everything they came from that district called "La ZUP". Girls from there even assaulted one of my friend and his girlfriend. It was a "Girls gang", most of them weren't even 18. It's just crazy how stupid and violent people from that district are.
2020-07-12 11:08
2020-07-12 11:11
cuz they are arab
2020-07-12 13:42
I mean it happened in America too a guy was shot and killed for NOT wearing a mask people are going ape shit over covid-19
2020-07-12 17:28
this isnt over covid this isnt over masks this was a gang attack by criminal migrant thug
2020-07-12 17:36
ah, Britain also suffers from these sorts of things mostly thanks to the European union.
2020-07-12 17:37
2020-07-12 17:50
france = 3rd world
2020-07-12 02:20
nt ruski
2020-07-12 11:07
france is shit bro. youve got macron as a president LOL
2020-07-12 12:57
And you have putin as a dictator
2020-07-12 17:37
Better than loads of presidents
2020-07-12 18:04
United Kingdom mrwhitey998
2020-07-12 02:21
Yes? First English link i could find. Want me to link a French one so 95% of HLTV doesnt understand?
2020-07-12 02:22
United Kingdom mrwhitey998
Anything but CNN
2020-07-12 02:29
2020-07-12 11:07
I've read the whole article and it's quite an accurate transcription of everything that have been said by the french officials.
2020-07-12 11:12
Usually I'd agree but this article seems to state all the facts
2020-07-12 17:26
Ukraine ReanuKeeves
Poor guy, imagine unplugging your father and seeing him die.
2020-07-12 02:26
Yeah :( I hope the people that did this to him gets locked away for a VERY long time, even life.
2020-07-12 02:27
Jame | 
Italy Laxity
2 0 0 6
2020-07-12 02:30
2020-07-12 02:37
im guessing 2006 world cup final, they lost to italy, his flag 😂😂 zidane_1_headbutt_italy_0_headbutts
2020-07-12 17:24
2020-07-12 17:50
Belgium Miiyata
Yeah read about this a week ago, unreal people in this world
2020-07-12 02:41
Expected from leftists What more can I say?
2020-07-12 11:05
2020-07-12 11:15
2020-07-12 13:42
he's right :D
2020-07-12 13:43
I saw this a few days ago... It's awful How can you do that to someone else, especially if the only reason is that he told you to wear a mask ffs
2020-07-12 11:06
" "We decided to let him go. The doctors were in favor and we were as well," the victim's 18-year-old daughter, Marie Monguillot, told AFP." This is soul-tearing , this type of experiences traumatize you for life. The pieces of shit that did this...being fully honest, who fucking thinks they can be re-integrated and re-habilitated??? i dont like facemasks but if that's the law in all of France they knew they were breaking it from the getgo, i wonder if they'll show remorse.
2020-07-12 11:09
Perpetrators are non-whites. Congratulations France with your multicultural society!
2020-07-12 11:11
2020-07-12 11:16
Trust me bro
2020-07-12 11:17
That's my second guess after some crazy old communists that are in abundance in a country like France.
2020-07-12 11:19
2020-07-12 13:33
This is so maddening. The fuckers that did this should be clubbed to death!
2020-07-12 11:17
United States vip3r_k1ng
CNN more accurate about French news than US news LUL
2020-07-12 11:27
France one of the lowest in safety rankings confirmed. This is west? It's a joke.
2020-07-12 13:03
You obvisouly absolutly dont know what you're talking about....
2020-07-12 13:41
Based on : Ongoing International and Domestic Conflict Societal Safety and Security Militarization Number of internal and external violent conflicts Level of distrust Political instability Potential for terrorist acts Number of homicides Military expenditures as a percentage of GDP France is ranked 59th out of 163 countries. (
2020-07-12 13:52
Obviously with those criterias, considering the social movements you got lately, you'll have that kind of results... But with olely what concerns violence like homicide and potential of terror acts, you wont hve the same results. I dont see how for example, Military expenditures as a percentage of GDP is showing how violent a country is. Same for level of Distrust.
2020-07-12 17:15
The ranking you speak of is PEACe inex, not safety index... That would mean nothing just because France is involved in several peace enforcing operations round the world, and need some military equipement to do so. Just for that, that will make the country have a low rating considering the criterias this index is based on. But that doesn't mean the country isn't safe. Also, not to mention that this index is a PERCEPTION index..... Let's just take an European example... France isn't less safe than Netherlands, but netherlands dont get military operations ongoing all around the world, and that makes a difference for this index. Same for Belgium, Germany, and so on, all in top 20 of this rating
2020-07-12 17:23
why ???
2020-07-12 13:35
Unfortunatly, life in prison doesn't exist in our country
2020-07-12 13:41
3rd world things
2020-07-12 13:43
Extremely sad :/
2020-07-12 13:47
"Bayonne, France: Four men kicked bus driver Philippe Monguillot in the head, while he was at work, until he was brain dead. The attackers were four black men: Mohammed, Mohamed, Moussa and Sélim." I will never respect this culture and its religion. That news made me sad wtf
2020-07-12 17:28
RIP, utter respect to him for not letting society be in full control of him.
2020-07-12 17:34
Brazil ;---)
Behold your multicultural paradise
2020-07-12 17:38
Brainwashed Germans crying
2020-07-12 18:00
Denmark Dust_2_Go
Jesus Christ, talk about an overreaktion.
2020-07-12 17:39
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