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R5 2600 or r5 3600? Rx 580 or Gtx 1660? Help me plsssss
Japan Sayon4Ra 
R5 2600 / R5 3600 - which one should i buy Asrock b450m steel legend Tforce delta 2x8gb 3200mhz ram Rx 580 / GTX 1660 - which one should i buy Ramsta 256gb nvme ssd Is this enough to play some games like pubg, csgo or gta v?
2020-07-12 08:21
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either way, your build will run those games. You should get more than just 256gb of storage though
2020-07-12 08:25
Japan Sayon4Ra
Any suggestion?
2020-07-12 08:26
Storagewise, I run a 250gb 970 evo and a standard 2tb toshiba hdd in my rig. I need to get a new hdd though as I've filled my current storage. Just start with at least 1tb of space for games you dont want on ssd and you can upgrade when you need
2020-07-12 08:28
I also have a 2600x which has been great
2020-07-12 08:29
Japan Sayon4Ra
How bout rx 580 or gtx 1660? I have a tight budget so i want to buy cheaper components
2020-07-12 08:34
1660 is way goooodddd Not even a competition It comes down to the budget.
2020-07-12 08:37
I'd probably go with the 1660
2020-07-12 08:40
Dont get 256 nvme rn Go for sata and an hdd rn In a mnth or two buy 1tb or 500 gb nvme ssd
2020-07-12 08:37
Japan Sayon4Ra
Honestly i dont know any of that in the list. I just watch some vids on youtube and copied his build
2020-07-12 08:43
tarik | 
Norway MD!
R5 3600 + 1660 I reckon you can get the R3 3300x + 1660s for better value and performance
2020-07-12 08:26
Ryzen 5 1600AF is also great value
2020-07-12 09:23
tarik | 
Norway MD!
I prefer 3rd gen Ryzen tbh
2020-07-12 15:07
Fair enough
2020-07-12 15:15
yes and no
2020-07-12 08:28
Japan Sayon4Ra
2020-07-12 08:30
Iran yashpashar
3600 is miles better
2020-07-12 08:30
get 3600, gtx 1660 and some good ram like ballistix 3200@cl16 and you are good and msi b450m pro vdh max instead of steel legend cause its overpriced shit with fancy lights
2020-07-12 08:39
3600, it is vastly superior to a 2600 same thing for the graphics card, also nvidia has less headaches with drivers
2020-07-12 08:35
Japan Sayon4Ra
3600 with rx 580 is good or nah?
2020-07-12 08:37
Go with 3300x plus 1660s Please .....willl save some bucks and gove you much better performance
2020-07-12 08:39
Pretty similiar to mine r3600 2060 Super b450f 1 tb nvme hyperx 3200mhz It can run any game without any problem at all so your PC should be 100% fine no worries
2020-07-12 08:37
Japan Sayon4Ra
How much does it cost?
2020-07-12 08:38
I paid 1.3-1.5k depending on if you can find a good price. I bought my 2060 SUPER during sales for 400 which was an insane deal
2020-07-12 08:39
Japan Sayon4Ra
Damn u r lucky. Its hard to find good deals here in my country cuz of pandemic
2020-07-12 08:41
Damn u r lucky. Its hard to find goof deals here in my country cuz of is my country :p
2020-07-12 11:05
I got 2 almost same PC: R5 3600 + B450 steel legend (ASRock) + GTX1650 + 3600 8*2 GB G-skill mem and R5 3600 + B450-PRO TUF GAMING (ASUS) + RX570 + 3600 8*2 GB G-skill mem And I found that ASRock one can't run mem at 3600 (3533 max) but ASUS one can. I dunno about 3200 but I prefer ASUS MOBO (it's slightly cheaper and definitely better, more stable). IMHO steel legend is overrated and overpriced af.
2020-07-12 08:52
r3 3300x + 1660s like others suggested for better value-performance
2020-07-12 08:57
United States tylertempo
3600 and 1660. I hate AMD drivers so much, they are terrible. That's coming from an AMD user on both the cpu and gpu end xd. Ryzen 7 1700 works fine for me but will prob upgrade to whatever i7 comes out on the new architecture next year
2020-07-12 09:16
i still didnt update my gpu drivers to 2020 edition because it is so bad lol
2020-07-12 11:22
I use amd as well, the processors are fucking beasts but i have driver problems with graphics card as well....whatever i do, uninstall, clear etc, it just wont properly install new ones 90% of the time If ill ever buy a new pc again/ components i will think twice if i again save money on the graphics card tbh
2020-07-12 11:38
Relatable. I am having massive issues with the 5700 xt. I switched to Linux and now everything is fine so it is definitely a software/driver issue. I am considering returning the GPU and just going with team green for this one...
2020-07-12 15:47
Too late for me to do that i mean most things are fine with it, only game affected by it seems to be cs though whivh sucks since 80% of the time i play cs
2020-07-12 20:32
Try this: reinstall the drivers and chose the options in the driver for a factory reset. When you have them reinstalled and they ask for you profile: gamer, esports, or standard. Choose standard. Hopefully, this will fix it. Please let me know if this worked and what you are experiencing specifically.
2020-07-13 21:18
I think i didnt do a factory reset but i completely cleared my drivers from the pc and reinstalled them and it fixed my problems with cs but still didnt Install them propably, thanks for the tip, ill try it next time i have issues again!
2020-07-13 22:15
I think you should wait for the next Zen 3 core release or 4000 series later this year, it should have an 15% IPC increase and maybe higher frequencies aswell...Also next gen gpu will get released this year and i would recommend waiting for Nvidia since they will have great gpu's perhaps a bit pricey..
2020-07-12 10:49
I think he should wait and then buy the old ones since they will pripably drop in price, depends on the prices of the new stuff though
2020-07-12 11:39
1660 > RX580 but if u are on a budget, then rx580 can be a good option and go for 480gb SSD
2020-07-12 10:52
The 3600 is substantially better but i dont think you should build a pc right now, AMD and Nvidia are about to launch insane hardware in just the next 90 days. In 100 days Ryzen 4000 will be out, RX6000 will be out and RTX 3000 will be out, RX6000 and RTX 3000 will have hardware Ray Tracing that will be much better than what currently goes on in Turing (RTX 2000) so if you hold your budget, you will be able to get a PC that outperforms the PS5 for around 850-900$.
2020-07-12 10:59
the gap between 2600 and 3600 is huge, so go for 3600. For the gpu, pick the one with better heat value
2020-07-12 11:23
Other than money, depends on games and refresh rate you're going to play at. For 60hz/non first person shooter gaming 2600 well suffices, otherwise 3600 is worth a grab. As for gpu, I suggest planning for upgrade few months later, when the next gen gpus will start rolling out. So pick gpu with better resell value. Gtx 1660 I imagine would sell better. And for that upgrade to work, I suggest getting a good power supply in advance (good brand, 550w min) Keep in mind that the ryzen chips have no integrated graphics, so you'll have keep the gpu until upgrade arrives.
2020-07-12 11:30
2600x (of course oc)+ gtx 1660 SUPER = 1337 fps ezz
2020-07-12 11:28
3600, 1660 super
2020-07-12 11:35
r5 3600, 1660 ti
2020-07-12 11:35
if you buy new CPU - ALWAYS - go for current gen, which is the 3600. enjoy 1660 > 580 but AMD card is cheaper and still good. your budget decides.
2020-07-12 15:14
3600 is surely better for "games like pubg, csgo or gta v".
2020-07-12 15:20
if you have the money obv go for the 3600 And the 1660 is more powerful than the rx580 so go for the 1660 if you have the money,.
2020-07-12 15:22
i got the r5 3600, i got some temperature issues with it so if you buy it make sure you have good air flow in your case and maybe even get a better cooler for the CPU because the stock one is shit
2020-07-12 15:24
Israel sbd123
try reducing the cpu voltage the default amd voltages are very high, i reduced the voltage to 1.325 and i get max of 68-69c in 100% utilization
2020-07-12 16:05
i did, because it was going up to 90c while gaming, i want to try a better cpu cooler to be able to use the 3600 as it should be (im not an expert but i guess if you reduce voltage it reduces the performance?)
2020-07-12 16:27
Israel sbd123
it does if you reduce the voltage too much, but as i said AMD's default voltages are too high so no harm is done if you reduce it slightly. btw you dont need an amazing cooler, i have the "snowman" from ali express, its more expensive now but thats about what you need
2020-07-12 16:35
thanks for the info man, ill try to find the cooler in some local shops since packages from ali express or any other place take much longer to arrive nowadays
2020-07-13 00:24
Brazil Arishock
The 3600 is MUCH better than the 2600, but if you're on a budget you might wanna save money for a better GPU or a larger SSD and go with the 2600 or even the 1600AF (it' a little bit cheaper and has the same performance) because it's enough to handle most current games.
2020-07-12 15:35
Go with GTX 1660. AMD is not worth the hassle in terms of drivers at the moment. Get yourself some 3600 mhz memory for a few euros more. Ryzen processors like this extra clock speed.
2020-07-12 15:59
Israel sbd123
r5 3600 is much better also i would buy a 2nd hand rx580 from ali express (they are very cheap there about 120$) just make sure it wasnt used for bitcoin mining i would also just get a b550 instead of a b450, the b550 chipset is a lot more advanced.
2020-07-12 16:10
b550 are very expensive, no need to buy them unless you buy maybe r9 3900x which would need better vrm
2020-07-12 16:45
Israel sbd123
they only have a 30-40$ premium, it is a lot for a lot of budgets but you have a lot of room for future upgrades, better ssds(since they use 4th gen pcie) and same with graphics cards, they also have better junction temps, most boards i saw have 2 m.2 slots and more.
2020-07-12 16:51
3600 and gtx 1660, i own a rx 590 and definitely do not recommend it, nvidia gpus all the way
2020-07-12 16:41
Latvia tibr0
i have r5 3600 and gtx 950 16 gb ram and i have max csgo fps and warzone can 50-60fps soo.. u have really good pc
2020-07-12 16:42
price diff 2600 and 3600 is like 20$ here but the performance diff is insane between these two, get 3600 obv
2020-07-12 16:43
Dont buy the standard gtx 1660, buy the super version. Standard 1660 is bottlenecked by its slow memory, super version fixes that and is only slightly more expensive. Also r5 3600 is a great CPU I have it myself, can recommend.
2020-07-12 16:47
Netherlands Bogdanoff
3300X RX 580 more future proof
2020-07-12 16:50
2020-07-13 22:20
3600 is 40% better than 2600. no brainer lmao
2020-07-13 22:21
Sweden Lingon
R5 3600 and 1660 And yes
2020-07-13 22:22
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